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Subway: Marketing Mix Essay

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Updated: Jul 17th, 2021

A marketing mix allows one to identify the four main aspects that distinguish a company’s product from its competitors, helping one build a marketing campaign that leverages these strengths. Subway is a large fast-food chain that has restaurants across the US and outside the state. The primary competitors of Subway are Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mikes’s, and Publix. This paper aims to present a marketing mix for Subway, including the products, price, place, and promotion.

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the primary product of this restaurant chain, which is a sandwich. The submarine sandwich commonly referred to as a sub, is a bread roll split lengthwise and filled with meat, vegetables, and cheese. There are 18 variations available to the customer, including the New Southwest Chicken and New Steak Club introduced recently (“Subway”). In addition, options such as seventeen wrap tastes and fifteen salad variations are available to health-conscious customers. Moreover, the Fresh Fit options are a source of protein, and vegetables made out of whole-grain are offered with the special Fresh Fit sauce (“Subway”). The menu developed for kids includes small sandwiches with low-fat milk and apple sauce, and breakfast sandwiches are also a part of the list. Some variations to the menu can be present based on the specific country where a Subway restaurant is located. Catering services are available to customers, with food corresponding to that available to regular clients.

When compared to other sub sandwich restaurants such as Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mikes’s, and Publix, the price of Subway food is higher. The justification is the low-calorie content and quality of the products. The place of Subway restaurants should be examined with a consideration that this is a global franchise network operating in both the US and outside. The chosen model allows the company to open new locations quickly, and in 2016 there were 26,982 Subway restaurants in the US and 44,702 globally (“Number of Subway Stores Worldwide”). The promotion that Subway uses targets the freshness of the ingredients that their restaurants use to make sandwiches. For instance, currently, the company promotes its “making change for good” and “fresh veggies. Quality food. Smarter nutrition” campaigns, emphasizing the corporate social responsibility focus, and emphasis on healthy eating habits (“Subway”). Finally, the process of implementation, evaluation, and control of the marketing mix requires one to outline the steps necessary for achieving the goals set in the marketing plan. Currently, Subway carries out its promotional activities by informing customers through advertisements on digital platforms, TV, and via the Internet.

To implement a new marketing plan, Subway will have to use the information presented in this paper as a marketing mix to distinguish its original features enabling differentiation from competitors. Next, the company will have to choose one marketing tactic that corresponds with the identified characteristics and develop steps for achieving the aim. The process of evaluation for Subway will consist of examining quantitative metrics, such as sales, number of people on the restaurant’s website, the number of online orders, and email newsletter subscribers. The control process will involve comparing the achieved impact to the predetermined benchmarks, for instance, Subway may want to increase sales of the three new sub sandwiches by 10% across the US through the marketing campaign. Overall, this paper presents the marketing mix for Subway, including product, price, place, and promotion, and offers strategies for implementation, evaluation, and control.

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