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Team Interactions Essay

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Updated: Apr 21st, 2021

Reflection Paper

Diagnosing team interactions

The issues, concepts, and learning methodologies adopted in this course have been of great contribution to my professional and personal development. One of the learning methodologies in this course entails project-based learning through teamwork. The course required students to work in teams. This aspect provided an opportunity for understanding the fundamental aspects in the successful integration of teamwork. The group incorporated several aspects aimed at entrenching effective team interaction to achieve the intended learning outcome.

One of the issues that the group ensured in developing team interaction entails setting the stage for teamwork. First, the team ensured that a clear mission was established. Therefore, all the members understood the purpose of the team. Secondly, the team recognized that achieving the common outcome depended on the level of collaboration amongst the members.

The team members focused on the development of trust-building activities to establish effective collaboration. This aspect was achieved by organising frequent meetings amongst the team members. During the meetings, the group members were urged to face their personal challenges and focus on the overall team goals. Due to the trust-building activities, the team scheduled the available tasks by delegating and assigning team activities.

The delegation of activities fosters the ease with which project tasks are completed within the stipulated timeframe. The trust building activities enabled the members to complete the assigned activities hence achieving the overall team goals.

Despite the group members’ success in completing the project tasks, the group would have enhanced team interaction by integrating the sense-making technique. Sense-making advocates the integration of a comprehensive framework to succeed in fostering interaction within a multi-cultural team. Currently, the society is increasingly becoming multi-cultural. Therefore, it is imperative for individuals and organizations that have adopted the concept of teamwork to develop knowledge on how to establish multicultural team. This goal can be achieved if the cultural diversity is perceived as a source of strength.

Case study

Scandal at Murdoch’s Factory

The News of the World [NOTW] ranked amongst the leading selling newspapers in the United Kingdom for 168 years. News Limited, which is a well-reputed media house, owned the paper. The paper dominated the UK market from 1843 to 2011. The scandal occurred while Robert Murdoch served as the managing director. The paper was renowned for publishing scandals such as sexual escapades, criminal activities, and drug abuse involving politicians, celebrities, and ordinary citizens.

The management team at the NOTW adopted unethical practices to succeed in publishing such stories. The firm hacked and intercepted the individuals’ communication data. Another technique that the firm employed entails encouraging its journalists to ferret for information using any technique regardless of the ethical or lawful repercussions involved.

During one of the hearings on the activities of the NOTW, Paul McMullan, a journalist with the firm, asserted that he could pose as a prostitute, hack phones, pay off tipsters, bribe the police, and steal photographs to create a financially rewarding story. Therefore, the firm’s motivation to hack and intercept personal communication data was to sustain its customer base. It is estimated that the paper’s readership per week amounted to 5 million. The firm engaged in this unethical practice for over a decade.

One of the core responsibilities of journalists is to discover, analyze, and disclose information. The stories created by journalists usually form the basis upon which the target audience develops its views. However, media houses must ensure that journalists establish a balance between the need to publish and morality. Despite the much-advocated freedom of press, NOTW crossed the boundaries by invading people’s right to privacy. The phone hacking practices perpetrated by the firm’s journalists illustrate the NOTW’s ignorance of the legal stipulations outlined under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. The Act was enacted to promote the UK citizen’s privacy.

Furthermore, the contravention of personal privacy through phone hacking illustrates the lack of professionalism within the media house. One of the core responsibilities of NOTW was to act in the best interest of the society. Thus, the firm was supposed to position itself as a good corporate citizen. However, the unethical practice within the firm has caused immeasurable damage to some parties. One of the most notable cases relates to the disappearance and death of Milly Dowler.

NOTW intercepted and deleted phone communication between Milly and her parents, hence giving them false hope that their daughter was still alive. Furthermore, one of the subjects investigated by firm through its unethical means committed suicide while another had drug overdose. This aspect shows that the firm was only concerned with maximizing profitability at the expense of the people. Such practices are unsustainable and firms risk closure just as the case of NOTW.

The UK government has stipulated several limitations on the freedom to publish. Some of the areas that the government has limited freedom to publish relates to issues associated with the invasion of personal privacy. In the course of its publishing activities, NOTW should have sought informed consent prior to carrying and exposing the personal stories. One of the guiding principles in journalism is ensuring that information is garnered using ethical and legal ways. Therefore, the firm should have desisted from publishing information collected through phone interception and tapping.

The firm’s approach in gathering news by private means is unethical. Journalists should adopt straightforward means in gathering stories. Thus, they should be honest, open, and straightforward. This approach is not applicable in gathering stories that cannot be obtained through straightforward means for the public interest. The issues depicted in this case illustrate ignorance of the principle of gathering and receiving information. Some of the stories that the firm chased using its unethical practices cannot be classified to have been motivated by clear public interest.


The media industry constitutes a fundamental pillar of the society. The majority of the industry players are profit-oriented. Thus, the need to increase their viewership or readership has increased substantially. However, media houses have a duty to uphold ethical standards in gathering and reporting stories. The case at the NOTW illustrates ignorance of ethical standards and principles in undertaking its reporting activities.

The firm was only concerned with increasing its profitability at the expense of different members of the society. Due to its unethical practices such as phone hacking, the firm was forced to close down its operations. One of the lessons that can be derived from this case is the significance of ethics in achieving sustainable business operations. Companies should be concerned with becoming good corporate citizens by observing ethics in their operations. The greed for profit and popularity should not overrule the pursuit of the common good for all the stakeholders.

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