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TechFite Company Adopting Emerging Technologies Proposal

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Updated: Jun 2nd, 2021

Adoption Plan Proposal

The comparison of emerging technologies to find the most effective solution for a company can be a challenging task. In the case of TechFite, the focus is not only on resolving the issue of monitoring and storing logs but also on the security of all processes and operations. The purpose of this proposal is to support the selection of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an appropriate technology solution for the discussed company depending on its needs.

Organizational Need

Although TechFite uses a two-firewall system to promote the security of operations, it needs improvement because of the amount of traffic passing through the firewalls. Thus, the company’s CIO is focused on resolving the issue of the existing infrastructure security implications to address further increases in data traffic related to companies collaborating with TechFite. To guarantee secured collaboration, it is necessary to implement an effective system to make scanning logs and log correlation for all appliances automatic, referring to open source models.

The company also needs to increase the storage space for all log files related to existing and potential partners from different parts of the world during a long period of time. Additionally, the proposed solution should refer to NIST as a required security framework and be complied with FISMA. Thus, real-time log scanning is also required for monitoring possible hackers’ attacks, and the system should be appropriate for installing honeypots. All these requirements are associated with TechFite’s focus on expanding secured collaboration with the government and partners from European countries, Canada, and Japan.

Emerging Technology Solution

To address the determined organizational need, TechFite is recommended to implement AWS that is produced by Amazon. The justification for using this technology is that it will solve all the issues mentioned by TechFite, and it is in compliance with FISMA. As a cloud computing platform, AWS provides TechFite with large secured storage space for log files. Furthermore, AWS allows for effective automatized log management and analysis that is also complied with an open-source model, and it is possible to apply centralized logging solutions (“Centralized logging,” 2019).

It is possible to apply Amazon CloudWatch as the part of AWS for monitoring log files and security, and AWS is compatible with government cloud offerings. The usage of AWS also guarantees real-time log and anti-malware scanning, the prevention of intrusion, and it makes alerts. Additionally, AWS is also used for installing honeypots to catch hackers if required.

AWS is discussed by Gartner and experts as a leader in the industry of cloud computing that provides the most innovative technological solutions for corporate users, and it is the best choice for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). This technology is emerging as AWS is continuously being developed and improved to provide users with a set of the most advanced tools for business (“Centralized logging,” 2019). Therefore, AWS is used by about 30% of users in the world to address issues similar to TechFite’s ones (Cook, 2018). From this perspective, this solution is recommended as the most appropriate one for the company.

Adoption Process

The process of adopting AWS should be based on Gartner’s STREET process, where the key phases include scoping, tracking, ranking, evaluating, evangelizing, and transferring. The first stage is associated with scoping or determining the organizational need. The second stage is related to tracking as identifying emerging technologies to use. The third stage is connected with ranking or specifying the advantages and disadvantages of identified solutions. The next stage is to evaluate solutions and choose the most appropriate one. The other stage is to evangelize AWS as the solution for TechFite’s issues and needs to promote its implementation in the company (Cook, 2018). The final phase is to transfer the solution for its direct implementation.

At this final stage, it is necessary to focus on the risks and benefits of adopting AWS early or later. Risks of early adoption are associated with the impossibility to evaluate and evangelize the solutions appropriately and choose effective ones. The benefits of early adoption are to address the issues and concerns as soon as possible to guarantee secured collaboration. Risks of later adoption are associated with potential hacker attacks and insecure operations. The benefit of later adoption is the implementation of the most appropriate emerging solution to address all the needs. For TechFite, scoping should last two weeks; tracking, ranking, and evaluating should last two months; evangelizing and transferring should last about three months to respond to identified risks.

Technology Impact

Positive effects of AWS on TechFite include the absence of limitations related to capacity and the ability to handle a large amount of data. Additionally, AWS is a set of tools for log management and work with data. Consequently, it is possible to purchase other services proposed by Amazon that will be compatible with AWS. Thus, using AWS, TechFite will improve all processes associated with analyzing data and monitoring logs securely. Negative effects are associated with the cost of this technology as it can be higher in comparison to competitors. However, AWS is easy to use, and no additional training will be required (“AWS vs. Azure,” 2018). TechFite will be able to use available resources for training to purchase and implement AWS.

Technology Comparison

AWS can be compared to Azure by Microsoft, Symantec Cloud Workload Protection, and McAfee Server Security Suites. The reason for selecting AWS is that it combines the features of cloud platforms and security suites. Therefore, the functions offered by AWS directly address the needs of TechFite. On the contrary, Azure does not provide enough storage space and advanced security options (“AWS vs. Azure,” 2018). Additionally, Symantec Cloud Workload Protection is integrated into AWS as a set of instruments. AWS’s security function can be compared to McAfee’s Suite, but this suite cannot address other issues declared by TechFite. From this perspective, AWS is viewed as a complex and appropriate technology solution for the company.

Adoption Metrics

To measure the impact of AWS and success in relation to adoption, it is necessary to refer to such metrics as the number of logs (log correlation data) and the number of stored log files. Measurements also include the number of identified and prevented hacker attacks and threats. The analysis of these numbers indicates how successfully AWS responds to the company’s needs. The first conclusions will be made after the first month of using AWS, and additional evaluations will follow. If this technology appears to be ineffective, an alternative variant will be applied in the context of a fallback plan.


The offered emerging technology solution for TechFite is the application of AWS. This technology will benefit TechFite while addressing all its needs determined by executives. Thus, the impacts of implementing this technology will be mainly positive as the storage space for log data will be expanded, and security of operations for collaborating partners will be ensured. Amazon provides the most comprehensive solution in this context, remaining the leader in the industry.


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