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The consultant’s duty Essay

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As a primary consultant, of the company one should stay and see the recommendations of the project improvement plan at end. The consultant’s duty is to ensure that the proposals he is making for the company are good and can help the company improve their projects.

He or she has to be there to oversee the implementation of the proposals and then weigh the outcomes to see if they are the ones he was expecting. In this case, therefore, the primary consultant has to stay in the company until the proposals he has are implemented and the outcomes of the proposals evaluated.

The consultant will have to change his relationship with the team he or she is working with, and develop a collaborative relationship where the team members do not rely on him to do everything. As the consultant, I have to act as the team leader and treat the others in the team as associates. They have to contribute to the project by sharing ideas and making recommendations, ( Garner, 2004).

The consultant should recommend the systems thinking project as a change program in the company in order to improve their design and development projects. The system thinking is necessary in inter-relating the different parts of the organization to work as a unit. The system will help the organization to interrelate with each other especially the tram the consultant is working with and the president of the company. The system will also help the company work together as a group and help them have common goals and objectives.

The consultant can do this by advising the team to utilize communication and come together to create a common vision and objectives. The organization development can provide a more accurate solution to an internal primary consultant than an external primary consultant can. The reason for this is that the organization development acting as, a primary consultant is aware of the root problems of the company and how best to handle colleagues, (Tonge, 1986).

His work will be more efficient and effective because he can design a proposal that is more realistic than that of an external consultant. This is because he knows the strength and weaknesses of his team than the external consultant does and knows how to control them. The OD partners with the team and provides a plan to initiate learning and change in the daily operations of the company.

To make the relationship between me and the other team members independent, I will have to change the rules and procedures we use when designing the proposal. To do this, I will have to concentrate on the job and stop using casual language when we are doing the job than we were doing before.

This will change the perspective that the team members have of me. The other thing is to be strict with them and delegate duties to them. Delegating duties will make them responsible as they have to submit their work at a given time. After implementing the changes, I will wait and see whether they will still be casual with me and whether they are doing the different tasks I gave them, (Gray, 2004).

Consulting groups should work in any project that help the client improve the management of their company. The job they take should be related to their specialization. The amount of pay should be directly proportional to the work they are doing. This depends on the kind of work they are doing and the time they spend in the organization.


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