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The controversy behind the 9/11 tragedy Essay

In relation to the September 11, 2011 attacks, people from all over the world are still in similar dilemma. The big question is whether to believe the explanation being offered by United States government. Most people still do not perceive how this tragedy could happen. The media, both print and electronic have been on this case, trying to establish what exactly happened prior to the tragedy.

Much has been written by scholars but in all these cases, the assertions made by the government that the tragedy was caused by terrorists allied to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda have been the least of their concerns. In fact, sources reveal that most people believe the contrary that is the allegation that the US government initiated the attacks as a strategy of gaining control of oil in the Middle East.

This has attracted a lot of controversies in all kinds of media such as the television, internet and newspapers. New intriguing theories are being developed everyday concerning this issue, making it more difficult to know what is true and what is not. What was initially an inquiry into the truth of the matter has been converted to intimidating explanations of the strategies to attain world sovereignty.

These ideas are developed from the pictures of the tragedy especially that of the plane striking the towers and the explanations given by eye witnesses. Regardless of all these controversies, there are still those people who have hauled this boundary and gotten into serious investigations of the whole issue, in a rational manner.

Popular mechanics is one of these organizations which brought together nine qualified researchers to establish the validity of these conspiracy theories. It also employed many other professionals to assist in the research, in the team comprising of military personnel, engineers, aviation specialists and intelligence officials.

This research brought about a debate which was based on the quest to bring out the reality of the 9/11 tragedy coupled with supporting evidence obtained through scientific analysis and scrutinized through rational reasoning. It was discovered that most of the theories put forth previously were based on errors and misconceptions made during reporting.

This however can be sidelined since they were as a result of the confusion experienced on that day. Other opinions are considered as thoughtful attempts to mislead the people. There are yet other opinions that cannot be neglected since they give some evidence on the invalidity of the government’s explanation. No one has however come out to speak the perceived truth despite not believing the explanation offered.

The debate is surrounded by uncertainties, since both sides have doubts surrounding the events but none has mustered the courage to speak what they consider as the truth. Some of these conspiracy theories include the previously mentioned oil case, the government’s foreign policy, involvement of the intelligence officials including CIA, corporate imperialism as well as world politics.

None of these theories has however been supported effectively, making them just that, theories. There are also other arguments related to the events on the ground such as the temperature of the fire, laws of physics in relation to the collapse, and melting steel but none of these still bring out the real suspicions.

The biggest problem faced by these investigations is that the number of theories is increasing exponentially especially on the internet. This debate is therefore aimed at clearing the air and separating myths from facts in an attempt to come up with the truth. Of all the theories, it has been impossible to get evidence against the theory that the United States government has something it is not telling its citizens.

This debate has however tried at its level best to remain neutral at least until they get substantial evidence. Everyone is therefore being called upon to bring out what they perceive as the truth in this issue in order to bring the controversy to an end.

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