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The Judicial System in UK Essay

The judiciary is a configuration of courts which interprets and puts in action the decrees in the state. It gives a means for settling disagreements among people. It neither formulates nor enforces laws. Its duty is interpreting the law and applying evenhandedness to the information offered in a court case. Lawyers, the police force, panel of judges, jury and state officials are caught up in the cyclical judicial arrangement.

An unbiased and well thought-out chain of control is an extremely significant key to the accomplishment for this structure. Having courts at different local levels makes it further professional. Every district has is in possession of its own court which can in actual fact satisfy the desires of the neighboring inhabitants; no organization is ideal but the judicial system is the weakest compared to the legislature which participates in making the law and the executive which ensures enforcement of the law.

Judges have varied roles concerning the different locations of courts they oversee. They use their information and practice of the law to make sure that a trial is conducted in an officially authorized and just approach. In the UK grave criminal cases are heard by a judge and jury in the Crown Courts in England and Wales. Decisions in relation to the law are made by the judge while the jury considers the data and comes to a decision in relation to the guilt or innocence of an accused criminal.

Regrettably, judge’s decisions are not absolutely free from the government, the law enforcement agencies or prominent ministers. These forces from time to time have power over and manipulate the decisions that judges formulate. Those who can meet the expense to sway the judge’s judgment are also at an advantage. Many people who are on the wrong side of the law end up going without charge for crimes they committed.

A number of criminals receive a lesser amount of serving time than others who committed a similar offense. A lot of very important evidence which can find an accused criminal in the wrong or above suspicion can be misplaced. A few files of court cases vanish. Some cases take to long while some appeals are not well thought-out.

Another main limitation of the judiciary is the infrequent lack of the stipulation of appropriate information to the other members of the system. The police force, FBI, or state troopers may from time to time have disagreements in control of their jurisdiction. Some cases of these overlapping jurisdictions have resulted in conflicts between the different law enforcing agencies.

Lawyers in the United Kingdom play a less important role to judges. This as a result calls for less need for official set of laws of evidence; hence the need for cross-examining a witness is not significant.

The inquisitorial arrangement is not in favor of the unjust conviction of the guiltless. The presiding judge is not just an inactive receiver of information, rather he or she is supposed to supervise and gather evidence required to make a conclusion on a case. The consequence is prolonged delays in advance of trial and inefficiencies in assessment.

Its weak point is that if some facts are not in the benefit of any party they may by no means be heard, for this reason the right of the defendants is probable to be allocated inadequate weight. The most important aim is to get the genuineness by questioning those well-informed on what occurred resulting in the differences

The judicial system can be held responsible for some of its weaknesses. The courts have not received financial support similar to the police. Ensuring cheaper and quicker justice necessitate more financial support from the government. Failure of witnesses to turn up in court has resulted in the postponement of cases.

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