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“The Harvest” by Stan Herd Essay

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The painting under analysis is “The Harvest” by Stan Herd completed in 1994. This work is considered to be the real masterpiece of world art through its individuality and uniqueness in style and manner of presentation.


The Harvest is the painting which can be referred to impressionistic and breathtaking still life being devoted to the bright illustration of the nature being changed with seasons. The author managed to show the richness of the land by natural elements presented. The combination of corn, seeds and lime makes the painting saturated and bright. The work differs from the number of others by its style and author’s imagination who showed the world of nature which seems to be alive on the picture.

It should be stressed that The Harvest is painted in bright and fickle tones in order to underline the changeability of the nature and highlight its richness. Analyzing the painter’s work it is important to note that the colors and shapes of the objects are harmonically combined through the natural texture being characteristic of Herd’s style. The dominant colors are green and yellow; such tones are used to illustrate the gifts of the nature through round and square shapes together with regular lines.

  1. Why is the picture related to Impressionism?
  2. How the richness of the nature is shown in work The Harvest?
  3. What elements are the dominant at the picture?
  4. Why did the author decide to use green and yellow colors in the work under analysis?
  5. How is the nature unpredictability shown?


Taking into account formal properties analysis it should be stressed that the painter did not stick to certain rules and strict manner of presentation. Herd tried to make his picture realistic and imaginative at the same time emphasizing the objects through unnatural brightness of yellow color. Besides some elements of the painting are diminished; it should be noted that the painter did not follow the symmetrical representation to make his work as close to the nature as possible.

Rhythmical variations expressed by the painter are used to emphasize the significance of the things given to people by the nature. The author strived to establish complete harmony between the humanity and environment. It can be proved by the illustration of products of nature such as fruit and vegetables together with bred being the result of human hard work. Besides, the elements introduced are seemed to be covered by movement features through their round shapes and harmonic combination of lines and color. It should be noted that the picture contains the elements of subordination because some objects are presented on the background of the still life.


  1. How did Herb show subordination?
  2. Why are the features of symmetrical representation not vividly shown?
  3. What type of art style did the painter strive to show?
  4. How could you characterize the variations of the colors and objects depicted at the picture?
  5. What is the principal stress and emphasis introduced by the author?


The Harvest is directed to the expression of the fall mood; the illustration of autumn motives can be felt in mixed dull colors without expressive lines. Cold and rainy mood is shown in order to depict the period of harvest; the time when humanity gets the results of its harmony with the nature.

It should be noted that the picture is quite symbolic as Herd illustrated the most important things of nature and human cooperation; the depiction of the bred is the dominant product of still life as this element is the result of combined efforts of people and environment. The symbol of land is presented through food being the breakfast of the farmers. Besides, the picture shows that the products are on the floor; this decision was taken by the painter to make the things be closer to earth being characteristic of the natural still life.

The picture of Herd is a bit imaginative; the lines of the leaves are too thick and vividly expressed by black color. The goal of the painter was to depict the most beautiful thing in the world – the nature; the atmosphere of harmony with it can really bring good results as it was shown by Herd in Harvest.


  1. Why is the mood of the painting dull?
  2. Could you provide the main proves of the dull mood presented in The Harvest?
  3. What are the other symbols used in the painting?
  4. What are the main signs of human interactions with the still life depicted by Herd?
  5. Could you explain the manner of picture presentations and its purpose?


Stan Herd managed to create the real masterpiece of world art. He contributed to the development of still lifestyle of work. The artistic merits are expressed through naturalistic expression of human and environmental harmony. The colors and style used by the painter help the viewers to see the deep sense of the paintings mood. The elements preserved at the picture are symbolic signs of human and nature harmony.

The Harvest is a still life picture though it combines some imaginative features. For example, the lines are emphasized which make the painting expressive and bright. Besides, the author illustrated some things diminished showing the presence of subordinating character. It should be stressed that Herd’s works have always been considered significant part of the art movement; the work Harvest appeared to touch the aspect of relation between the nature and humanity.

  1. Why did Herd select the theme of nature representation in his work? How can it be explained?
  2. What are the most significant features of the painting that impressed you the most?

Art criticism is an integral part of the process of analysis discovered in modern science. Modern institutions are to use the methods of criticism in order to get better understanding of the artworks through:

  • Comparing the works of various artists;
  • Evaluating the quality of painters’ pictures;
  • Visiting true exhibitions to be involved into the atmosphere of art.
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