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The Hiring Decision Case Study

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Updated: Nov 26th, 2019

The hiring decision of the most qualified Deputy Minister of the agency will be based on both the academic qualifications and working experience of the candidates who have applied for the job (Carroll, 1990).

To begin with, it is vital to underscore the fact that the agency deals with setting safety standards and product testing of all environmental emissions and goods produced from manufacturing plants. Therefore, the most suitable candidate should possess a solid background in environmental science. The ideal candidate should be a specialist on environmental pollution control.

Before embarking on the academic qualifications of the candidate, it is profound to highlight the job description criteria that the new Deputy Minister will be expected to deliver while in office.

To begin with, the Deputy Minister (DM) will have to ensure that there is thorough compliance with the local, state and national laws that govern the emission of hazardous materials from either manufactured products or factories. The new DM will be expected to be in a position to perform the following key roles:

  • Management and development of information systems that can be used in the process of identifying various locations where hazardous materials are being released.
  • The ability to update and deliver training programs for employees in relation to the emission of dangerous wastes and materials.
  • Active supervision of active contracts that are being carried out in external locations. Examples of contracts include the removal and testing of materials that are hazardous.
  • The ability to initiate thorough investigations regarding complaints emanating from employees especially in regards to harmful exposure to air pollutants and hazardous materials.
  • The ability to enhance accurate maintenance of records by junior officials in the ministry. Records that should be maintained include transportation of hazardous wastes, complaint investigations and chemical inventories.
  • Updating the Minister on both the proposed and current control measures that are linked to various areas of assigned programs.
  • Initiating field work activities with the assistance of junior officers in the ministry.
  • Facilitating regular sampling of wastes that may be harmful from factories. This duty should go hand in hand with screening of materials that are likely to contain heavy particles such as asbestos.
  • The ability to initiate and monitor the process of maintaining inspection and operation schedules.

It should be noted that while the above roles and responsibilities are supposed to be performed by the junior environmental specialists in the ministry, the DM is expected to possess similar skills and competences so that he or she is thoroughly updated on the daily activity logs at the ministry (Carroll, 1990). As a matter of fact, the DM must have attained various levels of achievements within his or her area of specialization before being appointed in this position.

Required general qualifications

  • The Deputy Minister (DM) should possess adequate working knowledge of environmental pollutants such as industrial gaseous emissions, hazardous pollutants that are manufactured in factories and general harmful materials such as asbestos.
  • The DM should also be in capacity to comprehend and fully apply hazardous materials regulations that have been put in place by the government.
  • He or she should possess ample working experience in relation to the processes of inspecting materials that are hazardous.
  • He or she should be well endowed with excellent relationship, communication and interpersonal skills.

Desired academic qualifications

In addition to the above general qualifications for the Deputy Minister, he or she will also be assessed in terms of the academic qualifications as follows:

  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in either physical or biological sciences from any accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Background in environmental science related subjects like Biology and Chemistry.
  • Natural science specialist will also qualify for this position.
  • Advanced degree certification (masters and PhD) in the above mentioned fields.

Additional skills and competences

  • The DM should be thoroughly familiar with the tools used in environmental science. Some of these tools include digital survey patterns, soil probes, rain water samples, and mercury monitors.
  • The candidate should posses the ability to utilize graphics and compliance software, be scientifically analytical and also be able to use map creation in a skilful manner.

From the above pools of qualifications, it is evident that the Deputy Minister of the agency should be an individual who is adequately conversant with all the critical environmental matters (Carroll, 1990). He or she should have thorough knowledge of the entire system more than any of the environmental officers who have been deployed in the ministry. Therefore, the above criteria will be the most appropriate to use in appointing the Deputy Minister.

Dr. Murray Lee is apparently the most qualified candidate among the three candidates due to his science background. However, he is no longer interested in the position. As an alternative candidate, Gerard Leclerc can be appointed as the DM due to his background in science. He is the director of the Consumer Scientists Association of Quebec and therefore suitably placed to take over as the Deputy Minister.


Carroll, B.W. (1990). Politics and Administration: A Trichotomy?” Governance: An International Journal of Policy and Administration 4(3), 345-366.

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