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The Human Component of Company Essay

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Updated: Sep 13th, 2021

Human relations refer to having good interpersonal skills with others. It is often said that those who are quiet in work places normally have human relations problems. These people are normally lonely and nobody knows what actually they are thinking about. Their emotional needs are not addressed. These people feel depressed in the work place and others always misunderstand them. They cannot stand up when their right are being violated by others in the work place. For example these people when discriminated against will not come out to express their feelings to their leaders in the organization.

Individuals in an organization do make mistake and be responsible for them. When a person is quiet it means that his mistakes will not be identified and in the long run he will not learn from the mistakes. Quiet people in the society and in organizations are always being manipulated by others. It therefore means that being quiet may make a person develop a low self esteem and he/she may feel neglected in the work place.

I strongly believe that the problem of keeping quiet can get in the way of personal and professional progress. When an individual has a behavior of keeping quiet from the childhood the behaviour might be extended even up to the time when he/she is a grown up. This behaviour or problem may also disturb him or her at work places when in a big position for example public relation officer of an organization. As a person he will not be able to speak out his or her mind and may have problems but it will be difficult to be helped. Just for instance an employee may be discriminated against in the work place because he or she is a black that is from a minority ethnic group. If she or he does not report the problem to the HR officer then he will still be discriminated against.

In professional growth the problem can be dangerous. For example a quiet HR will not be in a position of addressing the individual differences of his employees. If the needs of employees are not addressed then they might go in strike or they would not work as a team (Douglas, 2006).

Today human relations are more important than it was thirty to forty years ago. In business or in any organizations, the public relations officer has to initiate a sequence of behaviors that will lead to the achievement of organization’s objectives. Changes are nowadays created in almost every organization because of the introduction of the new technology. The public relations officer therefore has to posses good communication skills in communicating the changes to the employees. He needs to reinforce the opinion through persuasion for the new change to be effectively implemented in the organization.

The current or modern public relations professionals must be familiar with the attitudes and concerns of consumers, employees, public interest groups and the community in order to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships. Without good human relations skills then all these cannot be addressed in today’s business world.

In the modern world people need each other since we live in immensely complicated networks of mutual obligations. It means that we may not be able to survive corporeally without other people. In addition to this public relations professionals need to impress other people favorably in order not to be rejected and discarded.

I can also say that thirty years ago the human relation skills was irrelevant as people could shout at others without exactly delivering the correct message. Today people are enlightened. They need things to be discussed on the table. A lot of problems have emerged in the society we live in today including places of work, social places and even institutions.

For example racial discrimination, bullying and harassment have emerged that used not to be there before. Having god human relations skills is the only way by which these problems can be addressed.

Employers who lived in the past did not realize how workers needs affected productivity. As a result, few managers paid attention to good working conditions, workers motivation and safety precaution. Hours were long and pay was low. It therefore means that good relationships must be built among individuals and within groups of an organization. Even through this is not an easy task; success without good human relations is not possible. Every individual must be prepared to meet the challenge.

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