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The Importance Of Being A Good Critical Thinker Expository Essay

Healthy living habits can be learned with determination and discipline; the habits neither involve strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, nor depriving yourself of the foods you love. It involves eating the right potion of diet at the right time to facilitate feeling great, having more energy, and keeping as healthy as possible.

According to the article by Frimming, Polsgrove and Bower, 2011, the human beings are different and respond differently to different food diets, thus, the most important element when developing the right eating habit is to understand the response of particular food on oneself (Frimming, Polsgrove & Bower, 2011).

Healthy eating habits can be taught to different class of people using the method that can easily access them. The article was researched from a university setting where the role that use of social networks when training or giving information on healthy eating was examined.

According to the research, modern adoption of technology among the youth has become an effective communication tool where crucial information can be shared. The article encourages instructors and teachers to in the digital age to use the increasing access to information, communication and resources to enhance and develop an effective classroom experience.

The article is of the opinion that when technology has been adopted in dispensing information, it is an effective and cheap way through which people can share information among them for the benefit of the community. When technology is used as the mode of communication, it increases the speed of communication and dissemination of course content (in the case of university setting) and facilitates sharing of information among the users of the technology tool.

As a form of interaction, information and news are dispensed using social network sites; the digital age generation are running away from the traditional print work to new models of getting information. Electronic sharing of information and news is taking centre-stage in different communities, thus, it can be an effective method through which healthy living information can be shared.

According to Hill and Moran (2011), in the article Social marketing meets interactive media, current generations can be well met using social networks, and advertisers should have the innovative mind of tapping interactive medias when developing their marketing campaigns.

The needs of current generation are fast and attractive information, thus, to be successful in marketing for the population, business managers need to dispense information in a fast and efficient method to reach generation Y (Hill & Moran, 2011).

According to the article, there are a growing number of social networks that can be adopted to sell or dispense information; the networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Yahoo Chat. With the above networks, healthy practices can be taught. The article challenges health care managers to develop health care marketing strategies that facilitate dispensing information on healthy eating using social Medias.

The rate of information sharing when using social media has been proved to be higher than the rate that information move using other means of communication; this is more faster when dealing with youthful generation. The rate of information sharing using social networks is the advantage that health living campaigners should use to tap the youthful population.

When using social networks to dispense health information, the wordings used should be attractive, for example, an advert may state: “Healthy eating involves “eating smart”, it is not just what you eat, but how you eat. Such phrases are likely to attract youthful population to read such articles (Hackworth & Kunz, 2011).


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