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The Model of Bringing Personal Device Case Study

As the matter of fact, society has already entered the modern era. Technologies and innovations become an integral part of our life. It is worth stating that there is hardly an organization in the world that does not use technologies to improve the effectiveness and productivity. The model of bringing personal device to the workplace seems to give the companies a competitive advantage and solve particular issues; however, is it so? The main purpose of the paper is to highlight the pleasures and pitfalls of bring your own device model and examine whether the system is adjustable to every organization.

Mobile network and smartphones are the essential elements of life not only of every modern human but corporation as well. Taken into consideration that every employee has a mobile device and brings it to the workplace have inspired some businessmen who created the system of BYOD. Without impressive investments as it is costly to provide the workers with gadgets and not every company can afford it, some enterprises decided to encourage the workers to bring their own gadgets. The ability to get access to the worker anytime and anywhere contributed to the improvement of the employees’ performance.

However, according to the statistics, some companies are sure that the BYOD creates problems as well as solves them. Despite the fact, that it can increase the satisfaction from the workplace, the BYOD model contributes to the issues with the support of the personal devices. Moreover, the safety of the information is also questionable. In the case, the employee changes the phone number, or the smartphone is stolen, it seems to be complicated to secure and protect the information.

The variety of operating systems and brands of the mobile devices makes it difficult to keep track of the gadgets and fix them. If the worker buys a new gadget, the company should be flexible and quickly adjust to it. The organizations should keep track of who and from what device gets access to the company’s data. The BYOD model demands the higher level of control and advanced supervision. Mobility is significant for the company’s success. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that such flexibility makes the information more sensitive and puts it on the risk. The possible way to secure the information is to develop the system that will wipe the information remotely from the smartphone.

The case with IBM proves that before implementing the BYOD model, the company should take into account possible risks and manage them appropriately. The IT department faces challenges, and, in addition, the company did not save money by following the BYOD model. The problem is that the employees tend to use personal storages to keep the company’s data, which is a crucial issue. IBM banned the usage of the cloud storage and does not provide the workers with access to the company’s network from the personal gadget.

Although a number of companies face problems while the implementation of the BYOD model, the example of the company that successfully uses it is Intel Corporation. More than a half of the electronic devices are personal. The organization developed the rules for different types of gadgets that work beneficially. In fact, the fundamental aim of Intel Corporation is not to reduce costs, but encourage the workers and make them more productive. BYOD saves the employees’ time, almost an hour a day, which is impressive.

To improve the work and increase effectiveness, the companies with the negative experience of BYOD model should implement the same strategies that were developed by organizations that have already succeeded in it. As the result, developing rules for the devices, advancing the sphere of control of the information, and appropriate support can contribute to the eliminating of the problems associated with BYOD.

Advantages and disadvantage of BYOD

Using personal device in the work can save time, increase effectiveness, job satisfaction, and, in addition, contributes to the reduction of money the organization should spend providing the workers with the electronic equipment. However, it should be stressed that the company should take into consideration the following disadvantage of the BYOD model. First and foremost, it is difficult to support gadgets of different brands and operating systems. Moreover, the IT department will face the problem of security of the company’s data. Several programs should be developed to eliminate the disadvantages of the BYOD.

Management, organization, and technology factors that that should be taken into consideration while deciding whether to allow employees to use the personal devices at work

There are different operating systems of mobile devices. Personal smartphones are complicated for support. Moreover, allowing the employees to bring their devices to the workplace will change the strategies of the company as the security of the information will receive the priority. IT department needs to develop ways to wipe the data remotely in the case the device will be stolen or lost. The systems for keeping track of gadget and access should also be improved and advanced. Managers should make sure that the workers have the appropriate electronic devices that will not be an obstacle for the successful performing. Moreover, the employees who cannot afford to buy the gadget should be provided with the equipment. The BYOD model can be successfully implemented only in the case all the challenges are taken into consideration.

BYOD experience of Intel organization and IBM

The system of BYOD model can function successfully in one organization and fail in another. The major problem is that not all the companies need mobility. IBM aimed to save money by allowing the workers to bring their devices to the workplace. They were not ready to the challenges that the system brings along. In contrast, Intel did not make the system mandatory and developed the set of rules for access in accordance with the type of the gadget and responsibility of the employee. The primary objective was not to save money but to help the workers to feel more comfortable and increase productivity.

Is it beneficial to keep to BYOD model? Does it save the money?

I do not profess to be an expert regarding the subject, but I am strongly convinced that the BYOD model is not the appropriate tool that should be used for the cost-cutting. As the matter of fact, the implementation of the BYOD model leads to certain challenges of the IT department. The company will not spend money on the devices; however, developing rules for the usage, programs to protect the information, and keeping track of the gadgets is a difficult task that also needs investments. The model should be used to encourage workers and increase the job satisfaction. Following these concepts can lead to the prosperity.

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