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The New Science by Vico Critical Essay

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The book ‘The New Science by Vico gives a view of the human nature and what is associated with humans; on the other hand, Carlo Collodi’s analysis of Pinnochio expresses his definition of what is considered to be animal. These two authors clearly express their views concerning the various perceptions on this subject; this paper will clearly outline the definition of these two authors on the animal and human perceptions and the relationship between the opinions that they express.

Vico’s definition of what is human

In the publication entitled New Science by Giambattista Vico, the definition of the human nature is given in a new light in the perspective of the historical happenings. This story was published in 1744 but the views expressed clearly affect the nature of the human race and reasoning even up to date.

Vico draws on the wisdom expressed by the various poets of the ancient times to express the nature of the human beings; he compares the views that have been expressed by the poets as well as the philosophers regarding the human beings and wisdom all in relation to the human nature.

There are various explanations on the perceptions of the wisdom and the intellect of the human mind, Vico outlines how the nature of humankind is expressed by one of the greatest philosophers Aristotle; he says that a human mind can only get a clear understanding of a concept or any other form of expression only after the human senses have been able to perceive what is under consideration (Vico, 136).

Humans cannot be in any way separated from the concept of wisdom because ultimately, it is wisdom that creates perfection for the human beings. In discussing wisdom, Vico clearly outlines that the issue of the existence of God cannot be overlooked and therefore since Theology is the foundation of the nature of God, the theological perspectives have to be considered to be able to understand the true nature of human being minds.

The genesis of humans is noted from way back to the ancient biblical times of the sons of Noah; he defines how this experience led to the dispersion of the human beings. Vico further outlines how the life in the forests and the subsequent human dispersion led to the trends in human life and how it defines the nature of some of the subsequent races even up to date. The nature of the existence of some of the present races such as the Latin, the Romans and the Aborigines is outlined in this aspect (Vico, 141).

The other aspect that is used to express the nature of the human race is the issue of the poetic metaphysics and how this influenced the issue and practice of poetry and the role that it plays in religion. In this aspect it is clear that the position of the author is that religion plays an important role in defining the human race.

Carlo Collodi: Pinocchio’s definition of what is Animal

In this book, the author gives his perception on animals as well as expressed in the form of an animated marionette that is named and the father who is a woodcarver. This publication was done between the years 1881 and 1883 and although it is classified as children’s literature, it gives a general feeling of the definition of animals. Although this story is animated by giving life to inanimate things, it also includes other expressions such as boys who are shown to turn into donkeys as well as other fairy tale devices.

The origin of the story begins with a woodcarver who intends to use a piece of wood but this piece surprises him by speaking to him and therefore emerging as an object with life. The Author explains how master Cherry is astonished by this development and ultimately he sells the piece of wood to his neighbor, Geppetto who uses it to build a marionette (Collodi, 5).

Geppetto carves the puppet and teaches him how to walk and this emerges as the beginning of a long history whereby the marionette is portrayed to be a live animal and it influences very many decisions and circumstances in the neighborhood.

In the fox and the cat, the author outlines how the marionette, Pinnochio is deceived by a fox and a cat and he believes their story that he can plant coins in the Field of Miracles that was located outside Catchfools and that would grow into plants that would produce gold coins. In all this, the Author is able to portray the cunning nature of the animals and how they are able to deceive the marionette who in these circumstances could be a representation of the human beings (Collodi, 67).

The relationship between the perception on human beings and that on animals

Although the authors express different perceptions as pertains to the human race and the animals, there is a common understanding on the relationship between the two.

Human beings are perceived as having varying nature of wisdom and the animals are portrayed to be of a cunning nature; ultimately the level of wisdom of the human beings is seen as being the determining factor in the kind of lives that they lead. On the other hand animals are shown as having the ability to cause deception to human beings with a low level of intelligence and thus reduced wisdom.

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