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The Peak by Four Seasons Franchise Report

Property Description

Zermatt area has many magnificent hotels that are family owned and does not have enough space for accommodation of long staying tourists. The proposed residential apartments within Zermatt are likely to boost the number of tourists visiting these exotic sites.

The Peak by Four Seasons apartments will offer accommodation to visitors of the hotels in Zermatt. This project will ensure that targeted clients will enjoy the best services within the location of their preferred hotels within Zermatt since the residential units will be constructed within the Zermatt location.


The residential resort has facilities such as free Digital TV – Apple TV, B&O Television Sets in all living rooms and bedrooms, Blue Ray and DVD disc Library, private cinema room, high speed villain in all apartments and lobby, apple computers in the apartments and laptop PCsare available upon request, library and open fireplace, ski room and heated lockers, internal elevators, ski in and out facilities, breathtaking views on the Matterhorn and the surrounding peaks from all balconies, fireplaces, geothermal heatingand direct access via private tunnel and elevators.

Besides, the recreational services include an indoor and outdoor pool usable 24/7, wellness area with sauna, flower steam bath, caldarium, large rainfall showers, sundeck, massage and beauty treatment available upon reservation, and large state-of-the-art fitness center.

Franchised Services

The Peak by Four Seasons residential units will franchise the beverage services to hotels such as Mont Cervin Palace, Riffelalp Resort, and the Omnia hotel.

Included in the Peak by Four Seasons franchise investment are:

  • Beverage services
  • Culinary equipment/Furniture
  • Personal effects such as towels, dishes, and toiletry
  • Marketing the Peak by Four Seasons by these hotels

Housekeeping and Inventory Systems

The Peak by Four Seasons provides basic services in housekeeping for all its clients despite the size or the cost of these residential units. These services are of quality and in line with the health regulatory standards in Zermatt (Harrison & St. John 2010; Janus 2008). The in house housekeeping inventory system controls all these services (Williams 2007).

Reservation Systems

The Peak by Four Seasons uses the Computer Reservation System (CRS) program to store information its intangible and tangible assets. Besides, the system is critical in eliminating the physical gap that might exist between the franchises and customers (Schneider, Chung & Yusko1993; UNWTO 2009; Weitzner & Darroch 2010). To put in place this system, we intend to incorporate KeepMeBooked, and Olxbooker for international and local clients.

Olxbooker System

Olxbooker software is essential in making a specific reservation especially for a long period of stay. The system handles payments made in advance and cash payments.In addition, this software provides an online module that downloads reservation requests from the website directly to reception with a thirty day trial. The complete package goes for 900 USD per month.

KeepMeBooked System

KeepMeBooked is moderately priced web-based software designed for business such asapartment residential. The software does the same function as the Olxbooker though it costs five dollars for each room within the residential unit. It also comes with free thirty day trial. However, its functions are limited to cash reception.

After comprehensive research, the Peak by Four Seasons adopted Olxbooker since it is more reliable and is affordable in the long run.

Investment in Technology

The Peak by Four Seasons being a global-born business, it is our priority to start gathering data to increase our knowledge management and capabilities. Technology integrated management will play an important role in the Peak by Four Seasons operations and strategies.

Technologies today are successful in improving customer value, internal business processes, internal growth and learning, sustaining a competitive advantage, and improving the long-term financial standing of a company (Kaynak 2003; Kew & Stedwick 2005).Thus, we intend to invest in the following technology.

Customer Value and CRM

The Peak by Four Seasons offers guests a range of technology, including wifi capabilities, automatic key cards, and a high-tech hassle free online reservation system. In order to minimize costs, the company will utilize the free system offered by Google Analytics program in offering CRM services.

Competitive Advantage

The capability of the Peak by Four Seasons to periodically collect data will ensure that it remains competitive in the market.

Internal Business process

Information sharing in the Peak by Four Seasons project is significant in improving efficiencies and effectiveness.Thus, sharing information within the departments of the Peak by Four Seasons is anticipatedto help the business to adapt to the Zermatt’s business environment.

Internal growth

Olxbooker system can create and manage standardization throughout the organization (Evans & Collier 2009).Thus, the Peak by Four Seasons seeks to introduce this system to manage critical information about clients and communicate with its departments. Since this computerized system is accurate in revenue collection, the Peak by Four Seasons will incur minimal losses in revenue collection.

Financial Aspect

Olxbooker will remain important in the billing, payroll, procurement, and HR departments of the Peak by Four Seasons project hence reducing the cost of operating the business.

Human Resources

The Peak by Four Seasons will function as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), but purges the need for corporate maintenance.

Labor Laws

According to the Zermatt’s legislations, employee and employer relations are managed by the following regulations (Peng 2009; Murphy 2010).

  • Legal limit of regular working hours: 8 hours per day or 44 hours per week unless there is a written agreement between the employer and employee
  • Vacation: Within twelve months of work, employees are entitled to a paid one month leave from work.
  • Overtime Pay: Employees in Zermatt are entitled to overtime pay of at least 50% of the hourly rate


In order to maintain a community oriented establishment, all front-line personnel will be indigenous to the Zermatt’s culture. All employees will be carefully selected, with qualifications including experience in tourism and hospitality and keen understanding of the Zermatt’s culture (Armstrong 2006).

Due to the type of establishment, we find it necessary to employ accounting or human resource personnel in addition to a general manager who will encompass the knowledge and capabilities to manage the necessary functions (Beardwell & Claydon 2007; Corporate Watch UK 2003).

The teams of the residences are full time employees groomed following the four seasons’ philosophy. The team comprises of a residence manager and 6 concierges, a front office manager, two drivers, an executive housekeeper, twelve housekeepers, a chef de cuisine, a sous chef, three chefs theparty, and atechnician. The outsourced staff will include a ski instructor, baby-sitters, and massage service providers.

Job Descriptions

General Management-Work Activities:

  • Promoting and marketing
  • Planning and organizing accommodations
  • Setting targets for the business
  • Financial planning and recruitment of staff

General Management-Job Requirements:

  • University degree
  • Language skills: Fluent in English and the local language
  • University degree
  • Five years experience in senior management position
  • Proficient with the latest CRM and Reservation systems

Reception-Work Activities:

  • Registering and receiving guests
  • Control advance bookings
  • Collecting payments
  • Controlling advance bookings
  • Answer questions about facilities and amenities

Reception-Job Requirements:

  • Fluent in local language and English
  • Well organized and good at multitasking

Housekeeping/Maintenance-Work Activities:

  • Laundry and general cleaning
  • Disposing wastes and replacing household supplies

Housekeeping/Maintenance-Job Requirements:

  • Physical and medical fitness
  • Cleaning equipment usage knowledge


The Peak by Four Seasonswill offer full-time employment opportunities. Employees in the Front-line will be paid 700UD per month consisting of 22 working days. Housekeeping and maintenance will receive 500UD per month.The chefs will be paid a salary of 1500UD per month. The drivers earn a salary of 700UD per month.

The technician will earn 900UD per month. However, the outsourced personnel’s salaries will be negotiable and will depend on the demands of the market(Blyton & Turnbull 2006; Burke & Cooper 2008).

Training Personnel and Data Keeping

Employees will be periodically trained on the modern services and systems in this business to remain competitive. Training programs will be tailored to fit the specific demands of the market.


Outsourcing has benefits such as improved service for guests, reduced cost of labor, and minimized risk(Zhu, Hsu, & Lillie 2001). Outsourcing services for thePeak by Four Seasons is critical in filling the positions that may not attract local labor(Brink, Fruytier& Thunnissen 2012; Cole 2006; Knight & Cavusgil 2006). These positions include babysitters, ski instructor, and massage providers.


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