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The Rise of the Macro-Nationalists Research Paper

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Updated: Apr 27th, 2019

Anders Berring Breivik was the man accused of the terrorist attack that took place in Oslo. Through his document that he posted on the website on July 22 hours before the attacks took, we get to learn that he had a fair standard ideology of far right. The document which he named 2030- A European Declaration of Independence evoked several themes in central movements and mentions numerious ideologies of the right wing (Chesterton 2011).

However, after close inspections, it was found that Mr Breivik’s view of the world did not match any of the established ideologies of the right wig which include Christian fundamentalism, Ultanationalism and supremacism. Rather his worldview revealed new doctrines to the civilizational war that represented the Chrristian version of an Al Qaeda. This was revelead through his statement when he exclaimed that he feared extinction of Nordic genotypes.

This meant that his main agenda was not racial hygiene, but rather he wanted to expel but not kill muslims who were in Europe. He did not mind about the non-muslims Asians and the Jews. Mr Breivik is not a Norweign nationalist but he is extremely proud of his Norwign/ Odinistic heritage and that is why he declares independence for all Europeans.

He publicly declares his religion of being a Christian, however, not a very religious one. Mr Breivik wants to change his views concerning Western Islamazation in Europe. He actually views himself as a defence war soldier against Islamic imperialism. Breivik views muslims as colonized Europeans who were helped by multicultural doctrines and high birth rates which were advocated by the European elites (Hegghammer 2005).

Mr Breivik view muslims as an extisting threat to European civilazation and that is why they must end up their existance by all means. Waging war against them was the best way to counter them since they were traitors who allowed colonization to occur. According to Marxists muslims are European intellectual and political elites and that is why they are considered as traitors.

Despite the exceptional violent acts of Breivik, he does not have enough knowledge of Islams (Huntington 1996). His manifasto is mainly inspired by new intellectuals of the right-wing which is currently referred to as counterjihad. The roots of the movement can be traced back in 1980s but it only gained momentum after the occurance of 9/11.

The internet has become a home to Breivik where different views are aired in blogs like Atlas Shrugs, Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch publications and written by Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Fjordman and Bat Ye’or for Norwegian blogs. Many counterjihad writers replete Breivik manifestos which is a sign that they were inspired by him.

Mr Breivik also advocates mass murder of most prominent European politicians. He gives details information concerning the issue and his main manifesto contains information and ideas that no counterjihad existing ideologist has ever discussed. Mr. Breivik provides an extensive piece of advice on building bombs and the way to plan terrorist attacks.

However, he was condemned by the leading counterjihad writers for advocating violence; they actually condemned Breivik for his actions. Breivik openly announced that he was a member of knightly order known as European Military Order and Criminal Tribunal. He describes the group as a reincarnation of Knights Templar which he himself found in the year 2002 in London with some activists from eight countries across Europe (Hegghammer 2005).

Mr. Breivik has a similar ideology with the Al Qaeda’s since they both see themselves to be engaged in civilizational war between West and Islam that actually exceeds all existing crusades. They both fight on behalf of existing transitional entities refered to as community or ummah for Europeans and Al Qaedans.

The phrase Ummah also known as one Community mainly refers to Islamic unified world (Hegghammer 2005). The nation should produce the mankind who command righteous and forbid anything that is considered as wrong. Both Breivik and Al Qaedas frame the struggles they face in the wars as defensive war survivals.

They actually both hate their former governments for collaborating with those they refer to as outside enermies. Both Mr. Breivik and Al Qaedas use matyrdom language; Breivik calls those who attacks him as matyrdom operation. They also both call themselves espouse medieval ideals and knights of chivalry. They also lament partriarchy erosion and women emancipation (Hegghammer 2005).

These numerous existing similarities between Mr. Breivik and Al Qaeda only mean that Mr. Breivik is mainly inspired by Al Qaedas or he is simply trying to emulate them. However, Al Qaeda’s actions suggest that they manifest the same generic ideological phenomenon; a macro-nationalism which is a varient of nationalism used to cluster nations or states held together by similar notions like ummah or the West (Hegghammer 2005).

Great Macro-nationalists actually view their own people to be low in attacks and fights when it comes to defending themselves. Pan-Islamism which is muslim world has got a long history and they have always been inspired by militance since 1980s, a period when Arabs used to travell to Afghanistan to fight their fellow Muslims against the Soviet occupation. However, the West lacked similar movements in comparison to those of Pan-Islamism (Praveen 2000).

Nevertheless, it is expected that this could change after the appearance of Breivik manifesto and the rise of counterjihad in 2000. In case a violent anti-muslim movement emerges in West, what we expect is a division on the question who the target will be. Some members of the movement would prefer to punish European elites with the same reason which is the treason just like Mr. Breivik did. Others will prefer to attack the muslims directly just like they did it with the snipers who injured and killed several immigrants in Malmo in Sweden last year.

One of the greatest tasks that the country has is countering macro-nationalists like Breivik and Al Qaedas. This is because they normally get popular support even if they are involved in mass murder which is something that is universally rejected.

Mr. Breivik is a relatively large reservoir of European anti-muslims sentiments just like the AlQaedas exploit widespread Muslim oppossition policies in Middle East. However, many hope that Breivik’s actions will be horrific and undermine his major cause since one Al Qaeda is more than enough. Breivik hopes that countries such as Phillipines, Thailand and China will succeed him in the fight.

In conclusion, it must be mentioned that this article looks more at the broad view of civilisations in violent struggles for survival and supremacy. It clearly defines what macro-nationalists think of the views and adeologies of confessed Norwegian mass murder Mr. Breivik. He struggles much in trying to implement the democratic regimes.

Breivik apprecites those Hindu groups which actually do not sustain the injustice; they carry out riots and attacks on Muslims whenever things worsen but their main ideology is that their attacks are counterproductive. However, they do not attack the muslims directly instead, they target consolidate millitary cells in India with the aim of overthrowing the cultural Marxist government.

Breivik envisages that future organizations would actually hand out multi cultural force which will bring military cooperation with the Buddhist, nationalists, Jewish and Hindu. He believes that these forces will help fight against the cultural Marxist forces (Clark 2011).

This article also advocates how many Neo-cons in America are in need of global war with the radical muslims Mr. Breivik’s worldview does not fit into established categories of the ideologies of the right-wing just like fundamentalism, supremacism and ultranationalism. It however reveals all the new civizational war doctrines that represent how Christians view Al Qaeda since Mr. Breivik himself is a christian though not a strong one.

This article clearly shows how people view muslims and what they can do within their power to see that the Al Qaedas stop terrorizing Western countries. However, they use almost the same tactics as those of the Al Qaedas to stop the killings. This article also clearly shows what America turned into after the incident of 9/11 which left many people injured while some lost their loved ones.

Based mainly on ethnicity , religion and cultural essense, they all try to unify all the members of pan-groups that are beyond the nationalist boundaries. The above ideologies have been ignored by many governements and states.


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