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The secular worldview Essay


The secular worldview is the humanistic approach or an individual’s view of the world today. The secular worldview is an inconsistent array of parts, which provide the weakest worldview.

It is a form of religious worldview in which man is the overall measure that is; man is the ultimate judge of truth and also evaluates the values which are to be followed.

The secular worldview focuses on realism, and the secularists do not believe in supernatural or immaterial outcomes in their lives. Secular humanism, therefore, promises what it cannot achieve, since it centers on attaining earthly happiness only.


Secularists mainly base their arguments using the scientific inventions and discoveries as their basis. This can be evident from the evolution and the discovery of other planets apart from earth.

Secularists try and give their case as to why they do not believe in the religious or Christian who believe God as the creator of the earth, and also believe that humans have a soul and spirit.

Today, there are many inventions and discoveries, from weapons of mass destruction to brain surgery, better farming methods and genetically modified organisms.

Weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons and the atomic bombs threaten the future nation peaceful coexistence. Why do we need to create weapons which are so destructive that we cannot be able to destroy?

Governments and countries all over the world are making bioweapons as if gearing up for a war. It has become evident that for a country to become a true super power, it must have nuclear and atomic weapons, and shut any other country that seems to have such technology.

This scenario does not leave an optimistic view in anyone’s mind of the world today. These weapons only show everyone’s obsession with the war that threatens to cause the highest number of casualties; incase war broke out.

In contrast, there are some remarkable, positive inventions with many breakthroughs in the medical field, computer world, the transport and many other fields. The many satellites in space, brain surgery, electric trains, and revolution in the agricultural industry just argue one’s case.

The world is working hard in trying to enhance the lives of its people. People have much fun nowadays due to the many discoveries in the world day. This shows that people have an optimistic attitude towards their future.

There has been a revolution in the political field, with the world moving away from the self-proclaimed leaders to leaders elected democratically. This has ensured that leaders are now answerable to their people for their actions; therefore, enhancing more order and sanity in the world.

People have moved from following blindly what their leaders say, to questioning the negative decisions if they believe them to be so. There is a court to try people suspected of committing war crimes, to help in enhancing peace all over the world both in the developed and the developing countries.

This paper helps argue the case that the world is trying as hard as it can, to ensure a brighter future for everyone; therefore, we are more optimistic.


In conclusion, secular world today is more optimistic than pessimistic. In this paper, it can be seen that, although we may be trying to self-destruct; we have so many other projects and self-determination to make the world a better place for future descendants.

Despite this positive progression, man is building weapons of destruction such, atomic weapons, and nuclear weapons that could further implicate man’s happiness.

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