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The Station Nightclub Fire Research Paper

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Updated: Apr 1st, 2019

This fire occurred on February 21, 2003 and caused a death toll of 100 people in that club. 96 people died on that night whereas the remaining four succumbed to death while undergoing treatment in hospitals in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Investigations carried out revealed that interior finish of the club played made fire ignite easily as well, as spread rapidly within the building.

The investigation also revealed that the presence of combustible interior finish in the area where fire started affected the capability of those inside to egress the building when fire broke out. It is believed, that fire brought conditions that hindered people from reaching the exits, which made them, be overcome by heat and smoke.

Pyrotechnics got considered the initial cause of fire in the Station club. This is because in the evening that this fire broke out pyrotechnic devices referred to as garbs are the ones, which got activated in the middle of plat form. This latter turned into flames, which spread fast leading to spread of fire allover the place (Duwal 14-18).

Following these causes of fire, NFPA codes were modified to curb further deaths that may result from such fires. Some of these changes were as following:

NFPA 1126, which stress on use of pyrotechnics and their standards. This code states that pyrotechnics, as well as open flame devices, are not to be used assembly occupancy places. It says that if they have to be used then they have to compile with standards set out in NFPA 1126. There is also need to ensure no ignition occurs of every combustible substance.

Every assembly place was required to ensure there is a main exit and entrance. This exit and entrance will be of width capable to accommodate one- half of the people within the building and should connect to a stairway, which lead to a street.

New nightclubs were mandated to install fire sprinklers as in the case with assembly occupancies such as dance halls, bars and festival seating according to NFPA 101, 12.3. Building owners are required to have a look at all building egress, make sure there are no obstructions, and keep track of maintenance records of these egresses functioning condition.

A well-trained crowd manager should be present for all gatherings except the religious gathering. Incase the gathering is large then two managers are required to be present. Crowds exceeding 200 persons should not be provided by chairs. They are supposed to use festival seating whereby they sit on floor unless a life safety evaluation has been approved by the authority concerned.

The main entrance and exit for new night clubs was adjusted from one-half to two third of the occupants inside the nightclub. Other exits and entrances should be able to hold not less than one-half of total occupant loads. These other exits should have access to main entrances and exits.

Any decorative materials must be constituent with NFPA requirements and any nightclub willing to decorate its premise must use only decorative materials approved by NFPA. Failure to comply with this will lead to heavy fine and even closure of the nightclub. The clubs doors should always be ajar and open on the outside.

Fire alarms should be connected to the nearest fire fighting stations and should be audible enough for all to hear. Nightclub and other building owners should comply with fire prevention measures not only when applying for certificates after construction but at all times.

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