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The Value of Your Education Research Paper


Education is of great significance in human life. As a matter of fact, the present state of the world can only be explained using the appropriate knowledge acquired through education. As evident from its demand in all sectors of life including humanity and economy, one can judge that the value of education is absolutely incomparable to anything else within the surrounding environment (Ehrenreich 35).

In everyday life of man, education plays a major role, especially in various processes that demand decision making and which may have limited available options. A typical example is when companies recruit human resource. Usually, education levels of those being hired are quite often the top consideration made.

Even though past experience of the applicants is integral and equally important during such exercises, it is worth to note that experience may not be acquired in any given profession if education background does not meet the needed threshold.

Needless to say, the education levels of individuals quite often correlated with their success. Additionally, there have been recent extensions of this necessity to social circles whereby education has become a prerequisite in socialization (Ehrenreich 48).

This may happen either directly or indirectly. With this kind of demand, the importance of education continues to skyrocket as its value becomes enormously indispensable.

Due to these and many other implications attached to the acquisition and application of education, it is without doubt that education a great necessity in life. The latter is a factor that can only be ascertained after an in-depth examination of the benefits of education and some of the demerits associated with lack of education either to an individual’s life or society in general (Kriengsak 63).

The value of education

To begin with, it is vital to emphasize that education is of great value largely due to the fact that it makes it possible for an individual to acquire requisite knowledge, skills and competences needed in tackling daily challenges in life. Companies emphasize the importance of relevant education in running their daily activities.

According to Morris and Emanuel (16), a good educational background ensures that one can secure employment in a reputable company within the job market. Owing to continual pursuit of education to higher levels, one is bound to perfect in his or her career and thus acquire job security.

Once this step has been achieved, stable income is guaranteed and thus there is creation of financial security. On the other hand, limited educational qualifications may grossly lead to difficulty in any attempt to secure employment in organizations.

It is not definite that limited educational background is a real setback not only in economic development of an individual. The community where such individuals dwell is also equally affected in a negative way. In addition, lack of proper education diminishes the rate at which employment opportunities could be created.

Secondly, education processes thoroughly prepare an individual towards developing critical thinking skills, which are usually required for decision-making and consequently acquiring the right sense of judgment.

Education provides mental liberation from personal biases arising from serious logical errors and societal influences in conception of reality. When one goes through a right and demanding education system, there is a general tendency of developing a sense of perception that it is critical.

As a result, there is general improvement in the nature of final decisions made. With these skills, socialization becomes easier and observation of facts becomes crucial, making it possible for an individual to fit in any society in the world. Poor education or lack of it is characterized by reduced reasoning abilities and meager judgment skills. These in turn, lead to poor social skills and hence communal isolations creating barriers in different communities across the world.

One of the reasons why the latter may be a serious problem can be explained by the fact that emotional intelligence and acquisition of formal education is highly likely to improve emotional intelligence of an individual.

Without education, an individual becomes less intelligent and often makes wrong decisions. With social misunderstandings arising from misjudgments, one ends up becoming a burden to it and either become isolated or incarcerated (Scott 56).

Through an education system, one is able to explain nature using factual information. Before civilization of man, nature was considered as a dogmatic concept with no attempts made towards understanding it. Since its introduction, science has explored it and made individuals able to explain nature according to discovered facts.

With these, people have continued to make great discoveries and innovations that have dramatically changed infrastructures such as roads, railway lines, airlines and houses, making the world a comfortable place to live.

This is a great importance of education in the life of an individual today when he gets one. In its absence, an individual would still explain the world but from distorted and misplaced perception. Without education, one becomes unable to explain nature even in small correct detail and would thus live in beliefs and great environmental ignorance.

Also in its devoid, the world would be natural meaning that only basic housing and transport would be available and thus the world would not be developing as it is now. Discoveries of these great architectural designs would be inexistent, implying that the world would have remained conservative as regards architecture.

Another importance of education is discovered when handling our natural environment. Human beings live in a complex environment that demands special attention. Through an education system, one can correctly handle the environment in a non-destructive manner (Peterson & Morrison 25), conserving it for continual support of human, plant and animal life.

This is extremely important since catastrophes that arise from mishandling of an environment may lead to bio-extinction. For instance there are great efforts currently in progress to conserve the environment and save the world from future hazardous consequences of global warming.

This is not final conclusion that without education it is automatic to mishandle the environment. Handling the environment may be without intent to harm. Great ignorance coupled with enormous innocence, impact of human activity on the environment is not evaluated, creating room for possibility of harmful activities.

With continual harm inflicted on the environment innocently, destruction expands and catastrophes loom- also without human knowledge. Eventually, animal and plant life will be subjected to total extinction. Generations may pass without notice of such future catastrophes and animal, and plant life will meet with great surprise towards the end (Peterson & Morrison).

Education becomes of great value when solving immediate life-saving problems encountered in society. With a good education, one is able to give solutions to instant challenges and thus save lives.

For instance, due to daily human interactions with machines and locomotives, accidents are prone to happen unexpectedly. With an education, an individual can help save lives of those involved through either by application of first aid or delivery of medical services (Smith 71).

But in its absence, one would find it difficult to implement a life-saving action and thus many lives would be lost in the process. Small accidents would lead to great damages to human bodies and consequently lead to definite deaths. This implies that human populations would continue to decline from causal of minor origins that would otherwise have prevented by general presence of general or slightly advance education.

Scott (35) argues that the world lives at a time when power plays inevitably vital role in society. Excellence acquired through decent education would transform societal perception of individuals and society at large.

Moreover, education offers pieces of advice in all challenging dimensions, which include social, political and economic circles and thus greatly influences the decision-making process in these dimensions. Since these domains are greatly affective of human activities, decisions made on them should be fair, accurate and focused.

An individual with a good education is perceived as powerful in providing accurate information that would be influential in decision-making processes. Consequently, countries with highly educated individuals readily access accurate information for making accurate and appropriate decisions and thus gain power over other nations with respect accorded to them from other nations.

On the contrary, lack of education does not imply failure in decision-making; rather there are possibilities of wrong-decision making processes. Without good education systems, countries without good education systems misplace priorities and continue to lose track of their goals and thus continue to remain inferior over countries with an advantage of a good education system.


In summing up, it is indisputable to reiterate that, it is highly evident that education is vital for individual existence and thus one should acquire it. Education is of great value because it makes it possible for an individual to acquire a job. Companies emphasize the importance of relevant education in running their daily activities.

Although not absolute, without educational qualifications, it is difficult to secure employment in any organization. Education processes make an individual build up critical thinking skills imperative for decision-making and consequently acquire a right sense of judgment. Poor education or lack of it is characterized by cheap logic abilities and meager judgment skills.

A well-devised education system is also a wealthy source of information that can be described to be both factual and empowering. In other words, it is possible to explain nature using raw data obtained from the field.

Without education, one becomes unable to explain nature even in little correct detail and would thus live in beliefs and great environmental ignorance. Again, education makes one to correctly handle the environment in a non-destructive manner.

As already mentioned, a firm background in education, irrespective of the field of study, is in a position to employ the best analytical and problem-solving skills.

In any case, accuracy is of great importance when making decisions in general. As such, a well-educated individual is a vantage position to offer the best and most viable solutions, especially during challenging situations. An individual with a good education background is perceived to be powerful in providing precise information.

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