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The Vasa Capsizes Case Study

The management of large-scale projects such as the VASA II in 1629 has real challenges which affect the project. As a project manager one has to be involved in all the logistics of such a large project.

I would assign the job to design the VASA II to a company that is competent enough to deliver the project to the desired quality and deliver the project on time. The selection of the right company has to consider a lot of factors.

The choosing has to look at the organizations ability to carry out such a project without being overwhelmed. Because the VASA II is to be better than the VASA I then the pressure is on the firm that is to get the contract.

Considering the factors that befell the VASA I then the firm has to be ready to work harder in the design of the ship. The firm has to be properly designed so that it will not fail as the VASA I did.

Because the VASA II has to be the largest and most glorious ship on the ocean then it will be designed with the specifications of the king. The firm that will meet these requirements will be awarded the contract to deliver the ship. (Kugeler, M.M, Rosemann, N.A., 2003).

Due to the financial nature in Sweden at this time then the firm has to be able to cope with the risks. Such a large project is prone to risks. These include running out of resources to complete such a project. There is also the risk of running out of time to deliver the project which will result in losses.

These losses suffered will be borne by the people so it is important for the firm to provide the project in the specified time. The scenario in the ship building industry is that the designs are not calculated mathematically in order to come up with the best and stable design. The shipwright has to design the ship.

As a project manager one should ensure that the shipwright uses the design of previous successful ships to develop the best and most stable vessel. The reference from other designs will also improve the aspect such as loading of the ship and its weight ratios. (Miesing, P., 2004).

The process of project management should be followed keenly. After the planning and designing phase then the implementation of the design comes into action. This execution is the most crucial part because of the lack of proper mathematical ratios of the materials.

The shipwright has to determine the displacement volume, its form and weight stability. With such factors as these then the shipbuilder is crucial in the execution of the plan. The proper execution of the design depends on the craftsmanship, experience and professional skill of the shipbuilders. (Martin Stevens, 2002)

Due to the many battles that Sweden is involved in then delivery of the ship is crucial because it is expected to bring victories to the country. The delivery of the ship is crucial for protection of the country.

It will carry troops and supplies to the battlefields. It will also increase the revenue of Sweden by levying taxes on the cargo ships. The ship will also blockade the enemy ships that try to escape from any port.

With such demands on the firm then it will be crucial for the delivery in a timely manner. As the project manager then the delivery of the project is dependent on the organization chosen to build the ship. (Martin Stevens, 2002).


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