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Time Management Problem Essay

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Inasmuch as people wish to perfect virtually all the areas of their concern, virtually all fail when it comes to perfecting the area of time management. Almost everyone seems familiar with the adage ‘time is money”. However, time means different things to different people with some valuing it more than others do thereby utilizing the precious asset keenly by following suit to certain guides and requirements.

Time management is an art or rather a process or a behavior that a person inculcates and disciplines himself to abide by. At times, I have failed to keep time and ended up paying dearly for that. Am I alone? Many other people are notoriously poor time managers like me. As a result, they have succumbed to the various consequences associated with this uncouth behavior. However, one might ask, ‘Why the poor stewardship of time?’

Main idea

Therefore, the main issue in this essay is finding out why people I included cannot keep time as required. Time management has been termed as the most detrimental of people achieving their goals and has been attributed as a sign of poor planning of goals and lacking objectives in life or in our daily per takings. Hence, this essay is meant to some extent change the perception and attitude of people towards the issue o f managing their time well.

Time is an asset that every person who has a vision and a goal needs to consider it as a precious commodity. It is therefore important to all aspects of our lives and equally everybody raging from student fraternity and everyone who wants to achieve certain objectives in his life should value it.

Surprisingly, people want to achieve things after a given period. However, they seem to disregard the input therein in ensuring that the time provided for the accomplishment does not go in to waste. I am not an exception. While in my elementary school, our class teacher required every student should to be sited at his desk at seven o’clock studying and preparing for a class. I was the last person to enter the class and this occurred on a daily basis despite the many strokes I could receive as a result.

When asked by my teacher why I was a notorious timekeeper I used to answerer, “my home is the furthest and I could not make it early as my colleagues”. This answer made my colleagues laugh and ridicule me as a lazy student. Furthermore, I earned myself funny names of characters with which no one wished to be associated. I really felt bad and angry to my fellow students especially who called me these names. My class teacher then introduced a mechanism that could deal with students who did not pay attention to their time. Can you guess who the first person to test the mechanism was? Definitely, no one else could do it but me.

These are the repercussions faced by poor time stewards. The teacher introduced a punishment in which all the latecomers were to miss a class as a sequence. It therefore seems evident that I might have missed as many classes as possible. These punishments really annoyed me and guess what, the next day I was the first person to reach the class. This experience in time management since then has taught me lessons in my future life and specifically managing time.

I learned that time management is a process that requires a person to put in efforts in ensuring its success. It requires individual’s self-discipline. Without self-discipline, it proves very difficult to manage time. When one is disciplined, he/she will be able to show commitment availing his/her own self at a given place at the required time. Therefore, as a guideline to my poor time manager, I have learned to be self-discipline.

The consequences of poor time management are enormous and rife and can easily lead to failure to achieve your goals and objectives in life. I remember well that when I changed my behavior, I managed to improve in my performance as I could be at the classroom at the required place. I also changed the negative perception that had been painted to me. My colleagues began respecting me as I had changed my behavior.

The negative perception faded away as I could manage my time well. My teachers also applauded me for my improvements. My failing to keep time at this early age and the ridicule I received coupled with the harsh punishments made me to change the habit s I thought was indispensable come a reality. To me, it was a good experience, which has shaped me in becoming a time conscious person.

This discipline has come with its own advantages as I plan my schedules and plans, what I want to achieve after a given duration of time. It has enabled me to be organized and even appreciated by my colleagues and other people of my time consciousness. Despite this, there are a lot of people who have been identified as poor time managers and even this has led them to failing to achieve their goals, failing to be promoted as this has indented their personality.


In conclusion, time management is indeed a great resource that everybody who has a vision must treasure. Without planning your time properly, it could be like sailing a boat without necessarily knowing the destination to which you are heading. Time management should be practiced and made an intrinsic aspect by everybody wishing to excel in life. Without discipline and having a goal, time management is impossible. Otherwise, some strong strokes of cane and funny names will follow you like me, in one’s endeavor to make you seize the precious medal; ‘time’ that waits for no man.

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