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United States’ economy Essay


The considerably biggest news in the past one week is the discussion over the economy of the United States. Though the economy has been a continuous issue in the media, the recent controversy that is associated with one of America’s most popular leader who has maintained his popularity amidst economic challenges makes this the greatest news for me in the past seven days.


Exposing the plight

The extent to which media presents news shows a great deal of expertise as realized with the quality of journalism that is offered to the audience. Some of the features of the media include the capacity to supply a large population as realized with some of the media companies such as New York Times and the Washington post that are globally accessible even through the internet.

The credibility of the media is also realized from the fact that the media groups occasionally present news of similar content creating the impression that the information from reliable original sources. The media is also driven by the need to present the audience with current subjects that affects the immediate needs of the audience (Environment 1).

The news follows a wide dissatisfaction that is being registered among Americans over the deteriorating economic conditions in a majority of states.

Though economic issues have always been attached to citizens’ attitude towards political leaders, president Obama remain to be the favorite candidate in a majority of currently conducted polls. This comes amidst reports of massive unemployment in the United States (Zengerle 1).


New York Times

The New York Times magazine was in the fore front of the media groups to continue with the analysis of the economic and political temperature. Under the headline ‘Analysis: Weak economy shadows Obama in bright areas’, a review of the economic issues such as unemployment are highlighted to reveal the people and the actual situation that they live in (Reuters 1).

Citizens in states such as Virginia and Pennsylvania are for example reported to have given up on hopes of improvement in the economy. Unemployment is sighted as one of the main indicators of the weak economy. The New York Times also enlisted the consumer spending as a factor to the deteriorating economy. This indicator is for instance reported to have had a non positive trend for almost half a year.

This weakness in the economy which analysts claim is normally associated with support for presidential candidates is however not reflected in political views as Obama retains favoritism in opinion polls. This indicates the public’s perception that the economic situation is currently independent of political factors (New York 1).

Washington post

The Washington post had a similar concern over unemployment as revealed in their publication on 29th June, 2011. Thought the post expressed the fact that the economy has not adopted a positive trend, it reveals the fact that the president has been keen in seeking avenues to help in job creation amid admission that the economy was facing a crisis (Washington Post 1).


The economic turmoil in America is equally expressed by other media such as Aljazeera that expresses America as well as other major world economies such as Britain to be facing strains that include budget deficits together with massive unemployment (Aljazeera 1).



The economy remains an important piece of news to every person because it directly affects people’s lives. Such presentations of the news will help is facilitating solution for the weak economy whether through political or economic approaches.

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