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Urban Plus Infrabuild Company’s Marketing Essay (Critical Writing)

The main long-term goal identified by Urban Plus Infrabuild is turning into one of the leaders in the real estate sphere. The company sees itself as one of “the top five developers in India”, and “one of the top three brokerages in Gurgaon” in five years (Singh and Pillania 6). As the main problem of the organization is trust (both with employees and clients), the best strategy for it is to build trust with customers by maintaining efficient interaction and transparency.

Before implementing the strategy, it is critical to develop a strategic plan. Thus, Urban Plus should focus on its mission and vision and alter it no tell potential clients that they are focused not only on future achievements but on the excellent performance and clear communication with consumers. Then it should conduct a SWOT analysis to find out the current state of things and have a basis for changes. It would be critical to assess internal and external environment to develop particular goals, taking into consideration best practices.

Urban Plus should consider how to improve trust and transparency to make the employees fair and encourage potential clients to believe the company. Finally, a tracking plan to evaluate the way new strategy meets the expectations should be created (“Strategic Planning” para. 1).

The organization should position itself as the most trustworthy real estate brokerage in the region focused on new bookings that operates according to client’s needs and expectations, encouraging clear communication and transparency. This concept will provide it with the opportunity to emphasize company’s reliability.

Such approach is likely to bring the most benefit to Urban Plus because it reveals the things the customers are willing to see in the organization. Potential clients are not willing to work with firms that have recently entered the market because they are not sure if they can be trusted. Communicating with them, Urban Plus will have an opportunity to show that it is ready to explain all operations and work on the case till the best option is found. At this moment, the parties can find a common language.

The company should be ready to provide documentation and information that interests the clients and comment on it. In this way, the relationships will improve, and the employees will vividly see the necessity of maintaining transparency and being trustworthy, which will help to solve the problem of cheating. Finally, such approach will give an opportunity to receive more information from the client. The company should constantly focus on the customers’ needs and requirements so that eventually it will surely meet their expectations.

As a result, a positive vision of Urban Plus will be created and communicated among the targeted market. At the same time, customer feedback should be received, as it allows to find out how the clients perceive the company and its operations, identify strength, weaknesses and opportunities that can guide other advantageous changes and make clients feel involved and influential. In the context of India’s real estate industry, this strategy is beneficial as it provides an opportunity to solve some perennial issues, for example, improve reputation.

Not so long ago international standards and best practices entered the India’s real estate brokerage industry, which made the clients more educated and demanding. The emphasis made only on transparency turned out to be not enough. Online portals became popular. “Inventory, personal time, trust, network, brand, referral, and technology” started to drive the business (Singh and Pillania 3). In this perspective, Urban Plus does not yet have a well-educated personnel, it poorly utilizes online portals and technology, which prevents from saving time; the brand is also not yet recognized.

Trying to solve such problems, the company can not only provide training but also motivate continuous learning, sending the employees to conferences, etc. It can encourage the workers to receive required education in the higher educational establishment while working and hire expatriates. Urban Plus can pay more attention to online real estate portals, online advertisement, and promotion. It can hire a training team to utilize new technologies for business purposes. The schedule may be improved as well as the way operations are maintained. Advertising can be focused on roadside hoardings, banners, journals, and newspapers.

If Urban Plus encourages continuous learning and assists with it, it may increase expenditures, and its employees will be less focused on work. Still, this is the best way to have experienced and efficient workers who obtain up-to-date knowledge and can successfully utilize new operating approaches and technologies (Husbands para. 4). Focus on the digital world may entail additional expenditures (for the website, infrastructure, and advertising), be insecure and make it difficult to create a trusted brand name.

However, allows to save personal time for both the agency and its clients, improve access to the market, and streamline growth (McCoy para. 3). It can also widen the range of clients and give more information about their needs and feedback. Classical advertising may also give a chance to reach new customers, as it can be reached by anyone but the costs are rather high, and interaction with clients is not maintained (Higuera para. 4).

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