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Values Congruence: Personal Skills for the MCT Team Report

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Updated: Jul 9th, 2021


I think that the choice of an organization where a person wants to work considerably depends on how well its core values and mission are understood. It is not enough to read the list of ideas and demonstrate personal awareness of the information that can be found online. It is necessary to evaluate each point and check if background knowledge and experience suit the demands of a company.

When I found Mountain Counseling & Training (MCT), I was captured by its mission and strategies to work with different people and, at the same time, support the staff and collaborators. Sometimes, a person or an organization may be in need of thoughtful support and effective motivation to discover their abilities, and the values of MCT are not only to do right and well or to grow and focus on strengths, but also to identify the worth of collaboration, innovation, and community building.

Worth of Mountain Counseling & Training

MCT is the company where “why” values prevail over “what” or “how” values. My practice in child care services and supervising proves that people of different age groups may face certain difficulties due to various reasons, including mental health disorders, personal uncertainty, or the lack of knowledge. The task of any community and a company is to assist people in need with life skills management and discover their potential. MCT is a perfect place where my knowledge and experience can be used and improved. I want to believe that my aspirations can play out its seven properly developed core values.

Do Well

In the intentions to help people to do well, WCT focuses on three main issues – professionalism, wellness, and excellence. Being a manager who supervised ten staff at a time and a residential counselor who implemented different treatment plans to support children in the development of their skills, I define this value as a strong one in work with the youth. The basics of effective communication and the worth of punctuality or responsiveness cannot be ignored by people who want to find out the right place in this life, and my task is to show the way of doing something well.


Personal and professional growth is also a significant aspect of work with young people. I have a number of ideas of how to develop a passionate commitment to growth and think that my contribution to the MCT mission will be evident because I am ready to work in several directions at the same time, including self-improvement, cultural harmony, and organizational excellence. It is never too late to start learning or improve the already gained skills and knowledge. MCT is the company where growth never ends, and services are equally offered to one individual, a whole family, or an entire organization.


My work at several companies and the necessity to complete different functions of a front desk clerk, a manager, a delivery partner, and a counselor showed how it is crucial to trust people and learn from them in various situations. Collaboration is a gift that is not always properly identified by the staff. It may exist in different forms and include cooperation among sister companies, stakeholders, and ordinary workers. I have already recognized several benefits of repeat business and want to use similar tactics in my cooperation with young people. Collaboration is the possibility to exchange experience and remove barriers.


Regarding the recent technological progress and the possibility to find a solution or an answer to any question in several seconds, the importance of innovation in any organization has to be underlined. MCT is able to apply to various mission-driven systems and create changing solutions for the staff, as well as for its clients. I find myself a proficient user of Microsoft and Apple pages. However, this experience is not the limit that I can achieve. Therefore, MCT with its value of innovation is my chance to become a better worker, offer reliable recommendations, encourage children, or give better options.

Do Right

Nowadays, not many people who work in organizations or develop their own business understand what it actually means to do right. MCT aims at improving our understanding of accuracy and integrity. I want to try myself in doing the right things for my family and people who trust me and ask for help. To be right is not always easy, but individuals have a number of qualities and can use observations to realize when their actions bring good results, or when something goes wrong. Every person deserves another chance, and I hope that MCT shows a direction to be followed.

Build Community

Team-building is the core value in many companies, and leaders must realize how they can support this activity. In MCT, much attention is paid to the promotion of knowledge about how to identify personal strengths and weaknesses and change something for good. I would like to contribute to community-building by using my skills in developing customer relationships, handling individual problems, and ensuring continued business. It is not always possible to use the same methods while working with different people, and the experience of MCT workers may be used to improve my professional growth so I can work with young people.

Focus on Strengths

One of the best values in MCT is the focus on strengths and the development of applications and specific tools. People cannot ignore their strength in searching jobs and engaging in different activities. This approach helps to increase productivity and demonstrate high-quality performance. There are many resources on how to lead with personal strengths, and MCT is able to open the doors to various credible courses and training programs. When I was a manager and supervised employees and clients, I tried to discover as many helpful programs as possible. The stronger people’s intentions are, the better results they can achieve.


In general, I hope that my goal to work as a youth counselor in MCT can be achieved because I not only understand but also respect the core values established by this team. Young people have a variety of personal problems and concerns that may be solved in case an expert gives several pieces of advice and demonstrate his/her support. Behavior management, stress control, and recognition of mental health disorders have already become a significant part of my specialty.

Now, I want to develop my professional skills in a new, improved way that can be perfectly matched with the core values of MCT. Safety, coaching, and family support are the factors that have to be recognized in work with children and young people. MCT is a sufficient example of how to combine innovations, strengths, collaboration, and community-building in order to do well and right.

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