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Valuing Diversity: Publix Essay

Diversity and inclusion are arguably the foundations of any business organization. The success of any organization is dependent on the diverse background of its employees in terms of race, age, gender, religion and ethnicity. This paper will therefore discuss how Thompson Hine, a business law firm, and Procter and Gamble are embracing diversity in their business operations to achieve success in the United States.

Thompson Hine law firm is considered among the most successful law firms in the United States with respect to services rendered to its clients. The firm boasts of a pool of over 350 lawyers stationed in Washington, D.C., Dayton, New York, Atlanta, Columbus, and Cincinnati (Thomson Hine, 2011, p.12).

On the other hand, Procter and Gamble is a global company that produces leading household brands such as Aerial, Always, Duracell, among others. These brands generate sales in excess of a billion dollars every year (Procter &Gamble, 2009, p.8).

It is quite evident that both firms value diversity as the driving force for success. For example, Thompson Hine relies on a pool of diverse lawyers from different background and race to drive its operations. Women and minorities form part of executive committee members, committee chairs and office partners-in-charge (Thomson Hine, 2011, p.3).

The law firm’s policy on diversity is also manifested through the implementation of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative and its partnership with community organization that promote the same values.

Some of the diversity programs that Thompson Hine plan and fund include: Organizing diversity leadership seminars in collaboration with Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati; offering support to Stonewell Bar Association for Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) lawyers in Atlanta; providing financial and technical assistance to the ‘walk, rock and run’ program in recognition of diversity in Ohio; and collaborating with the Cleveland Commission on Economic Inclusion on diversity policies Thomson Hine, 2011, p.6).

The firm also supports the retention and development of a diverse labor force for its business operations. Thompson Hine law firm has put in place several programs to achieve this goal: giving equal healthcare benefits to its workers, attorneys and their families; promoting actions that draw attention to the diverse culture manifested by the law firm; and creating a conducive and alternative work program.

Moreover, the firm has put in place Spotlight on Women initiative to provide professional growth for its women lawyers. Junior minority lawyers can also benefit from the firm’s Minority Associate Advisor Program where they work with senior lawyers to gain more experience (Thomson Hine, 2011, p.8).

Similar diversity programs are also implemented by Procter and Gamble. For example, the Human Resource at the firm has initiated diversity programs that aim to benefit all workers. These support initiatives include: assignment plans, promotion plans, and career discussions.

The firm also has a mentoring program that offers guidance and informal support to all workers. Procter and Gamble’s Harassment Policy aims to create an enabling working environment free from harassment. This policy enables the firm’s diverse labor force to work to their optimal potential (Procter & Gamble, 2009, p.56).

Although there are several good diversity programs that promote social cohesion and integration at work place, there are certain diversity- related activities that are sometimes neglected. Granted, employees with disabilities form an integral part of the success of any firm. However, most of diverse policies fail to address issues facing the physically challenged workers. Just as much as there are policies that protects LGBT employees from harassment, the effectiveness of any diversity program must also address the rights of the disable ones


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