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Victoria Secret Show Report

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Updated: Jun 19th, 2019

1. The sender of the advertisement is a fashion retailer known as Victoria Secret. The company is recognized as the leader in lingerie and ladies undergarments.

2. The advert was on You Tube. It was posted on 9th November, 2012, shortly after the fashion show event (Fashion TV). It was also aired on several television stations. The premier station was CBS, which aired it on 4th December 2012.

3. An advantage of this form of advertising is that it generates a lot of publicity. Audiences and enthusiasts have become fans of the annual Victoria Secret fashion show. They even have their favorite Victoria ‘Angels’ or models in the event. This often translates into heightened sales for the concerned company from older clients to new ones. Usually, the show has a fantasy bra that sells for millions of dollars.

Therefore, the fashion retailer has an opportunity to sell its prices at exceptionally high prices. Additionally, the event creates a strong image about the company’s products as buyers will always associate it with high-fashion products. Generally, the show exposes the brand, sells prime products and increases purchases of ordinary lingerie, as well.

On the flipside, the event is a costly affair as the company has to set aside $14 million for a one-night show. Additionally, the products on the runway are not the typical products that Victoria Secret sells in its stores; that is, they are all custom-made for the show.

Consequently, the firm may make money on the limited products on the runway, but it will not sell its regular items as much. Brand confusion may result if buyers assume that Victoria Secret only sells the fantasy items displayed on the runway. Lastly, feminists, parents and other associations are offended by the nudity of models in the show as they believe it is degrading to women.

4. Victoria Secret has only made moderate use of white space in the advertisement. In certain portions of the show, one gets the impression that too much is going on. For instance, three or more models may be strutting across the stage, while a busy background may be displayed.

This may be backed by the presence of a celebrity singer on the stage. Audiences have to divide their attention between the eye-caching lingerie designs, the magnetism of the celebrity performers and the intensity of the stage backdrops. It would have been better to separate these activities in order to appear more organized. This would have de-cluttered the stage and given the product (lingerie) the visibility it deserves.

The advertisement had a headline as the Victoria Secret 2012 fashion show. It employed a lot of visuals. On the flipside, it was difficult to identify a caption as well as a signature as these were pictures in motion. Audiences would be captivated by the visuals to the point of investigating other elements of design from magazines, internet articles and other sources.

Typefaces depended on the theme of the moment. All Victoria Secret shows are divided into five parts, and the typefaces in the stage background conveyed the theme. For instance, dark and conventional fonts were used for the devilish theme while pink ones were employed for the girls’ theme.

The figures in the show predominantly consist of women, although a few men also performed in the event. These women appear carefree, cheerful and confident. They have gorgeous bodies that make the lingerie look even better than it is. All the women had long wavy hair although hair colors differed; some were blonde while others were black and others were brunettes.

The women appeared young, although some of them are over thirty. The ladies in the event treat modeling as their career. A number of them are married and one of them even had a baby a few weeks before the show.

5. The Denotative meaning of the ad is that Victoria Secret lingerie is stunning. The products appear well made and the models who display them also look spectacular. The celebrities who sang in the show appear to endorse the product, as well. The connotative meaning illustrates a different message. For instance, a person watching the show probably does not look as perfect as the models, so the person should feel pressure to use material things in order to feel better. This is commercialism and antifeminism at its peak.

6. The intended receiver is a young female, probably between the ages of 18 and 30. This is illustrated by the revealing nature of the lingerie; an aspect that resonates with young people. It is for females because the apparel is designed for that gender. The purpose of the ad is to create awareness. A person who sees the product would know about the availability of the lingerie and thus purchase them.

7. The advertisement was successful because it attracted a lot of attention before and after the show. Many internet bogs, magazines and televisions stations talked about the event. Furthermore, the public has always bought fantasy bras worth millions of dollars. The targeted group would probably want to buy the product in order to boost their self esteem. They would want to look like the models in the runaway. It is easy to dislike the ad owing to the indecent exposure of women in it.

8. Victoria Secret has successfully used integrated marketing communication because images of the event portray the Victoria Secret ‘Angels’ promoting the product by wearing the lingerie. These images of the show can be found on magazines and out of home.

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