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Wearable Computing in Dubai’s Future Essay

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Updated: Oct 28th, 2020

Any ubiquitous wearable technology must have hardware that is inexpensive, durable, and has low power consumption with the ergonomic design, which would allow it to be worn at all times. There must be appropriate software support that can provide a range of functions. Finally, a fast and complex network infrastructure should be in place to ensure interconnectivity amongst systems, databases, and the Internet with a constantly accessible and reliant signal (Weiser, 1991). Therefore, a citizen of the future in Dubai would be able to connect to a mobile or wi-fi signal from every device at any location to access information and services.

A typical day of the citizen will begin with waking up to an alarm. It can be integrated into wearable technology by sending a physical stimulus to wake a person up. As the day begins, the person can send a signal for the preparation of breakfast to home utilities interconnected on the same network. During preparation for the day, a citizen would be able to use wearable computing for access to the Internet of Things.

Through interactive patterns, a smart device would be able to present any requested information as per the user’s request. The information would be retrieved and observed without a significant human input, as the interaction would occur with eye movements, voice commands, or possible thoughts. Therefore, the person would be able to seamlessly switch amongst social, cyber, and physical realities (Cirani & Picone, 2015). After leaving home, wearable technology can be used for security purposes to grant entry to only people with authorized devices and to maintain surveillance of property from any location.

Wearable computing can be used for medical and wellness purposes. A person may choose to attend a physical workout in the morning. The device would be able to accurately track any movements, which would calculate caloric deficiency and set target goals. In addition, the technology integrated with the human body can accurately monitor vital signs and other critical health components, which can present beneficial information for health treatment at any given time. After the workout, a person can quickly utilize the device to call a taxi or access public transportation schedules, which can be used to get to work. Quick access to various means of communication is a critical component of wearable computing.

The seamless nature of wearable computing allows it to be a critical component of work and life. It can be used to display information comfortably and keep track of any measurements and calculations. Virtual overlays would allow working without tools. Meanwhile, the accessibility of data would make any process much more efficient. After work, a person may choose to go shopping with their family. Interactive reality would allow visualizing an item of clothing or painting and how it would look.

It would also be an efficient method of payment via NFS or Bluetooth technology. In the evening, while having dinner, wearable technology can alert a person that their caloric intake or blood sugar has spiked and present a reminder to take medication. During a relaxing night at home, a person can use it to access social media and serve as an entertainment control center. Overall, there is a myriad of practical applications for wearable technology in every aspect of life and business, which can be implemented through the interconnectivity of sensory and network data.


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