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Web and Networking: Main Questions and Features Coursework

  • How does your organization rely on the Internet to foster and enhance communication for distributed knowledge workers? (I work at the Defense Health IT System).

Today, the Internet is fundamental in enabling any organization to run daily operations. The Internet connects every department and member within the organization to have coordination and effective communication. In the Defense Health IT System, the employees are able to access to programs, files, data from a database and documents elsewhere, while being in different location in the organization.

Information is transmitted to the intended recipients immediately as it is produced. Information is secure with network security systems. The data transmitted through the Internet are backed up or duplicated on a networked storage device shared by others. The Internet makes it possible for employees from different locations to communicate using e-mail or “talk” services in liaising. Teamwork is enhanced through the use of groupware to work together on projects or any task (McNurlin et al. 2009).

It is often desirable to share valuable resources, such as printers, a large disk facility, programs, or a database, among two or more computers, or programs which are connected through the Internet. Network enables the organization to tap into numerous databases, whether private company databases or public one available, online through the Internet. As such, employees may connect their computers to powerful computer resources, such as CompuServe, Dow Jones News, other on-line services, the Internet, or computer bulletin boards to access and retrieve information, obtain support services, conduct business, purchase goods, discuss common interests, play games, or simply socialize (Brake, 2008).

The Internet enables computers to be used together to increase system reliability by providing redundant processing. Two or more CPUs are used to execute the same program, and the results are continuously compared in the computers. Connecting computers together through the Internet by virtualization and cloud computing also makes it possible to switch processing to a backup computer in the event of failure of a CPU. These systems are called fault-tolerant systems which provide redundancy on other devices, such as disks, etc. Through the Internet, cloud computing enhances conservation and increases the computer power since multiple computers work together. Grouping multiple CPUs means that multiple processes can be executed simultaneously (McNurlin et al. 2009). As another approach, a program may be executed more rapidly by distributing its execution so that each connected CPU or computer may be executing the different parts of the program.

  • Review the literature on the use of social networks in business. How may social networks be used in a business to enhance communication and team building for distributed and co-located knowledge worker teams? What are the downsides to the use of a social network within a business organization?

One social network is effective in a system that endeavors to keep track of all the communications with customers and other third parties. This is because modern data communications networks are composed of many and varied components, which must intercommunicate and share data and resources. In some cases, it is critical to the effectiveness of an application that the communication over the network is done within certain performance limits. Performance management of a computer network comprises two broad functional categories, monitoring activities of the Internet and controlling permanence management, to make adjustments to improve network performance.

Social networks are prone to security breaches. For instance, even the account of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was hacked. The hackers were able to post profile updates on Mark’s account, which was communicated to many Facebook users in the world.

The Hawaiian word wiki means “quick.” A wiki represents a repository of data, information, and knowledge that can be created quickly because it relies on input from all users. There is no review and control of the data that is placed on the wiki; however, errors detected by users are quickly updated and modified.

  • How might a wiki be used in your organization, your department, or a project that you are involved with?

A wiki may be used by organizations as an innovation and improvement tool since it contains suggestion of many applications done by other companies or new ideas.

  • What are some advantages and disadvantages to using a wiki?

One can find any kind of information concerning almost everything on one site that includes commentaries, reviews, facts, conspiracies and a lot more. This means that information and knowledge can be created and shared quickly because it relies on input from the users. However, one is never certain of the authentication and reliability of the information gotten from a wiki site (FitzGerald & Dennis 2008).

Review one of the blogs from a Fortune 500 company described at the Socialtext website (http://www.socialtext.net/bizblogs) and answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of a blog? How is a blog different from an advertisement?

A blog is a personal journal published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries that are posted and typically displayed in reverse chronological order so that the most recent post appears the first. A blog plays a significant role in providing a unique flavor to the websites concerning an information and advertising tool. Again, blogs enable businesses to thrive since they attract traffic of readers to one’s website.

A blog aims at giving important information about a product or a service promoting the business and attracting more customers. Again, blogs include the links to the websites that are found in search engine optimizers which enable them to traffic browsers to the website. A blog is more of a review that focuses on a subject with the aim of informing or warning the readers about its unique features and giving recommendations, opinions and suggestions (FitzGerald & Dennis 2010). A business can announce new products and services, discounts, discontinued items or holiday promotions on their blogs.

Families are able to keep in touch with of each other across the globe by posting to a family blog. Blogs can be used for political purposes; for instance, the presidential aspirants may influence the public by posting the achievements and political activities of the candidate online. It helps tourists access information about a particular site before visiting the one. Moreover, it enables customers to choose one particular product from a variety of goods and services offered by different organizations (Kendall 2009).

In an organization, blogs develop personality in many ways. It is seldom the case that one can find a niche market where there is little or no competition. This means that in an organization management you have to do something to make your organization stand out from the crowd. It gives people a reason to buy the products or services offered. There is only one reason people visit the organization’s website, and that is to use a free sample of the organization’s product or service; for instance, a software developing company gives a free trial version software to be used by potential customers to see that the software meets their needs (Stallings & Slyke 2011).

Such companies go for the complete version of the software through information accessed in the Internet. It helps in search engine rankings. A standalone website is pretty much an advert in a sea of other adverts. Moreover, if three is no structure, meaning no search engine optimization, then the organization’s website is alone in an ocean without a lifeline. Blogs offer clients the opportunity to converse.

The customers are able to communicate with the management regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the products and services offered. The purposes of blogs are immense, cutting across creation of the organization public image and making public and other stakeholders get involved within the organization. Ultimately, it creates authority, therefore, through the blog, the business can gain credibility with prospective new business partners (Whiten & Dittman 2008).


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