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Web Content Analysis Process Review Essay

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Updated: Oct 13th, 2021

Web Content analysis is a very dynamic field of advertising with interactivity; it requires a new dimension and thinking, giving the customer the power of information at the click. A successful website must have a clear message, a convincing content, which is targeted at a selective audience with interactive tools which help in communication and experience. The advertisement should aim to focus the content in relation to the specific buyer who may be lured by the key benefits to make a decision in favor of the product.

This has been very impressively done by this site which I have selected for evaluation Apple site for iPod and iTunes (). The design of the site is businesslike and elegant with a nice harmony of text, color, and information. The interface is very user-friendly and presented in a very sleek manner which is an essential characteristic of all major Apple products. It displays the variety of iPods and iTunes products in a whole array of colors and features. The website demonstrates harmonious use of the – context, commerce, connection, content, community, customization, communication which are essential factors for an effective website.

The primary context of the website is to raise the awareness level of the probable client visiting the site. It is a corporate site with business information that is presented with a minimalist approach to words and a wide range of digital entertainment experiences. The context is again high tech with a tough of user-friendliness which invites participation from the viewer. Space is utilized very effectively with easy access browsers and a nice mix of images with video clips. Every aspect of Steve Jobs’s persona is presented as an invisible mark on the website-intelligence, innovation, music, and video and movie clips from Pixar. There is a unique blend of Apple and Pixar presented in a bundled package with a video clip of Steve Jobs presenting the iPod in his keynote speeches.

The commercial aspect of the web page is very inherent in the movement and experience which viewer achieves through interactivity and connectivity. The eye follows the top and bottom link which is very well balanced by iPod information and iTunes on the left and right. The features are the lure, it seems the design is in the praise of the product rather than a hook to entice the viewer. This is very subtle marketing, where the commercial aspect is underplayed so that product highlights the performance and lures the customer.

The content is clear, direct, and very convincing. Marketing is subtle and experiential rather than persuasive. The content has direct appeal to the product, which is the highlight of the website, and very subtly describes the inherent features which complete the information. There is the logical progression of content from display, to visual experience to interactivity. The content is just a touch of subtle words to support the visual.

The connection is very accessible with QuickTime support and the video clips are interesting for the community experience. The connection is the vital link with the community. The visual, the content, the interactivity, and the connection allow for maximum community exposure.

This is a highly customized website where Apple Company’s mark is essentially present in every phase of the presentation. The web page begins with an apple logo icon and incorporates a video clip of Apple founder Steve Jobs and stretched throughout the space with movie clips and showcases that are highly visual and entertaining.

The overall effectiveness of the site is very impressive as the essential features which are the promising elements of any successful site are very harmoniously balanced and used with the finesse of the mastermind. The variety of content in the well-balanced use of the space is the characteristic feature of the site. The additional features of music, video clips, and movie trailers make it more interactive and enticing. It is a site that can have appeal to any age group and gives a feeling of credibility and quality. The user-friendliness and the clarity of direction will allow for people to try out new features and spend time at the site. The information and visuals are much attuned to new-age demand. It indeed is a very effective website from all perspectives.

There is one element that strikes me as missing in the link of the information, visual, and digital experience. There is a little information overload in consideration of a mature audience or viewer. As you move to deeper layers of the website through various links; there is an inherent message which seems that the targeted audience is more of the new age youngster, who is high energy, fast-paced and dynamic. It is a site that would be a perfect fit for a high-energy and young teenager. The colors symbolize that and the style is trendy. Besides this small element missing in the link of connection and communication, overall the site is professional. It achieves its targeted marketing without appearing to be persuasive. The advertising is done beautifully with subtle messages hidden in the content, there is a very classic use of space balancing the images and text. The colors and the harmony of content are professional and give credible corporate appeal.

The simplicity, clear and concise content, a dash of color, and efficient connectivity will entice the viewer to use the site for further exploration. Steve Jobs has again achieved his masterstroke in marketing, marketing without propaganda is the essence of the website.

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