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Web Quest of Employee Business Analytical Essay

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Updated: Aug 1st, 2019

Each person searches for self-realization and strives for self-development and a dream job is all about it. Every day you should feel happy when getting up and going to work because your profession is a significant and inherent part of your life. In this our group seeks any possibilities to fulfill our potential in the sphere of finance management.

We sought to find jobs in various companies to be employed at the most respectable and prestigious ones, such the Olayan Group, NCB, or Goodman & Company. We believe that a profession of financial analyst is quite responsible and privilege and we plan to browse the Internet to select the best job where all our skills and abilities could be fulfilled.

Individual Statements

Muneerahrealizes that it is really difficult to find a good job in Saudi Arabia due to the high unemployment rates. She hopes to carry on business in the sphere of traditional cosmetics and sell products online. The company she plans to work for should be the leading one in producing high quality products.

Amnah is fond of psychology because she wants to understand human behavior. So far, she dreamt of teaching psychology in King Faisal University in Alhas. But later she decides to select finance as her major to work in bank. She believes that with the help of websites, it is possible to critically evaluate all benefits and drawbacks of working as a banker.

Esra strongly believes that Human Resource management is exactly the field where she can fulfill herself. Therefore Human Resource consultant is the best opportunity for revealing her talents because this is a chance for her to meet with new people and analyze specific techniques of organizational development. Therefore, she wants to carry out the webquest to find financial company where she could realize her potential.

Fatima seeks to join a big and prestigious organization and dreams of becoming a highly qualified financial analyst. She has chosen this profession because it is closely related to her major and provides people with necessary assistance in making various investment decisions. Some Internet sources were used to research this dream job and to get a clear idea of why the profession of a financial analyst is worth attention and recognition. In particular, we seek to find the company specializing in financial analysis.

Fatima Alarbesh is dreaming to get pleasure from her job, but she believes that human resources are the best and post her work in the future. She believes that webquest will help find valuable information about various professions in the sphere of finance. It is also important for Fatima to find herself in a friendly social environment. She also strives to work not only for personal benefit, but for the benefit of other company’s members.

Group Findings

We use Google for searching the best companies with such key words as “financial companies” and “jobs in finance” and received 404 000 000 and 424 000 000 respectively. Certainly, the result is quite general because it presents various career perspectives all over the world.

Due to the fact that is quite difficult to find the appropriate and more specific information, we decided to present the following rubric:

  • Big Companies;
  • Respected
  • KSA
  • Analyze the best known companies;
Not Interested
  • Searching for irrelevant job; (not in area of interest)

We created this rubric to find six appropriate sites. Due to the fact that our goal is to work in a prestigious company, we have found three websites about opportunities of employment in Saudi Arabia and three sites outside the country. In particular, we believe that such site as the Olyan Group, Guardian Jobs, Careers in Finance, National Commercial Bank, Top USA Jobs, and Financial Analyst (n. p.).

After an in-depth analysis of those six websites, we have chosen the following three websites: the Olayan Group, National Commercial Bank, and Goodman & Company.

We have sorted out these three websites because they provide us with important information about the leading companies in Saudi Arabia and about the basic challenges and difficulties that a young specialist might face while entering the professional terrain of finance.

Hence, we have decided to consider the Olalyan Group because this company is represented at the International level and, therefore, it has respectable partners offshore. The website provides sufficient information about opportunities, goals, and missions that meet our requirements. We believe that this organization can provide excellent perspective for personal growth and development.

The second website infuses information about the major Bank in Saudi Arabia where it is possible to find its private policies and strategies. Our group strives to examine job opportunities offered by this bank. The members are confident that this banking establishment can ensure good professional perspectives. What is more important is that gaining a job in this bank allows to stay at Saudi Arabia and to develop our knowledge and experience in the sphere of banking and finance.

Finally, the third site has been chosen for inquiring more information about the major principles and scope of professions in finance. The article presented on the site outlines the main goals and mission of the company in the sphere of financial analysis and accounting.

The analysis for the Companies’ Websites

The Olayan Group

The site presents official information about the International Company called the Olayan Group, a multinational enterprise composed of 50 companies that are engaged in manufacturing, distribution, investment, and services (The Olayan Group n. d.). The subsidiary in Saudi Arabia participates in the activities of over 40 companies and establishes multinational relationships. At the international level, the company provides global investments.

Judging from the presented information, we believe that the position obtained in this company is a real treasure because an employee is presented with a wide range of professional opportunities that Olayan Company provides it, for example working in consumer product manufacturing, financial and investment services, project management, real estate and property management and supply chain management. Exploring the world market and conceiving the basics of a successful business.

Besides, due to the fact that the company carries out global business operations, a position of a financial analyst is a real dream job for use.

When we clicked the search button, we managed to read the information about latest opportunities for seekers in the sphere of finance and investment, such as a possibility for self-realization and development in the sphere of foreign relations and financial analysis.

National Commercial Bank

We have been attracted by the website page because it has displayed information news about the National Commercial Bank, including their logo and objectives (NCB n. p.). The web site is well-organized and offers such categories for inquiries as Personal Banking, Wealth and Asset Management, Business Banking and Private Banking.

When we clicked the career page, we have managed to see the list of current professional opportunities, such as a number of vacant workplace connected to the sphere of financial analysis. The page also contained the space where could insert our email and apply for a job. The website is very easy to explore because it contains a lot of links and categories.

Apart from registering, the site provides some Job Search sections where an applicant will help a possibility to find an appropriate position in accordance with posted date, job location, and other preferences. It also provides information about student training. There is a section where the viewers can read about various programs and courses for their employees.

Goodman & Company

The website is created not only for finding valuable facts about the scope of the profession (Accounting for Your Future n. p.). It also allows specialists to search for the best positions in this field. What is more important is that the site provides an algorithm of becoming an outstanding financial analyst.

In particular, it informs about the main opportunities the company could provide and steps to be taken for becoming a great financial analyst. Therefore, this site is very helpful for those who have just graduated from a college or university. Young specialists can find much information about career planning and the key components of successful career promotions.


Summing up, our group has considerably benefited from the webquest because it has managed to find a lot of valuable information related to our dream jobs. We also believe that our search can contribute to our faster application for our dream positions and deeper explorations of the major professional challenges.

More importantly, our group has now far clearer understanding what a dream job is. Although our purposes and goals are a bit diverse, we have still enjoyed browsing the Internet and searching for the most prestigious companies and job positions. In addition, each member of the group has now clearer ideas about their professional preferences and goals in life. Finally, we believe that the sites selected by us will enrich our experience and narrow our requirement for our dream jobs.

The webquest has provided us with valuable experience and knowledge about recent trends in promoting careers in the sphere of financial analysis. In the process of searching for company’s website we have also found various possibilities for self-development. While analyzing the chosen sites, we have found that there are a great number of opportunities for online application and checking you professional skills at home, in front of you monitor.

Therefore, if we work as financial analysts in the above-presented companies, we could provide work at the international level and gain experience while communicating with other international partners.


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