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What Is Breast Implants and How Are They Used? Essay

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Updated: Nov 5th, 2021

The use of breast implants is versatile and widely discussed in the social and scientific circles problem. Its significance touches not only upon the surgery procedure to make a woman more attractive but also the risk to health which is hidden under such manipulations. The choice of a woman to follow the proverb “Beauty knows no pain” requires quick and safe medical care before during and after the surgery, and it is interesting to guess whether such a sequence of care and safety is proved or not? Furthermore, the content of implants plays a great role. Women should be better surveyed with the tendencies and current experience of implanting silicone or saline into the breast and how this procedure should be maintained before, during, and after the surgery. Here the whole evaluation of things to be followed in a discussion can be helpful and grave for the paper under analysis.

The point is that such a vivid and attractive service needs more attention on the afterward possible effects of using silicon as the main material for a flamboyant breast with flexible shaping and additional beauty aimed to make the form of a woman more magnificent. There is a psychological explanation of why women urge to have a big bust. It concerns mainly the inferiority complex and an intermediate feature of character at all. One cannot but realize that in the world of men being more privileged in contrast with women there is too hard for the weaker part of mankind to find the place under the sun without splendid appearance. However, there is also another universally stated point which claims that more attention is paid by a woman on the size of breast in order to compete with other women and show personal prevalence over them. This is undermined by mutual competition of women in a social framework when everyone needs acknowledgment from another woman in her irreproachable seeming and beauty as well. In addition, it also touches upon the sphere of inner discomfort of a woman in order to feel free and convenient with a small bust due to less attention of men, and in return, it may cause a psychiatric disturbance. In the sphere of show business, it is a matter of pathos and glamour that makes women adhere to vogue tendencies and appropriate seeming, so that, for example, to provide photo sessions or movie-making initiatives, or top-model performance. In this world of fashion and style, there is no place for inner values and higher priorities than those concerning the shapes of a woman’s body and her general beauty. The reality is so cruel that intends women to use surgery for resolving their internal as well as external problems.

With regards to The Columbia Encyclopaedia, breast implant is a “saline- or silicone-filled prosthesis used after mastectomy as a part of the breast reconstruction process or used cosmetically to augment small breasts.” (The Columbia Encyclopaedia 6991) Continuing this issue it is remarkable that the implants are filled with gel-like fluid to make the breast tight and rounded. This product became popular and desired for many women especially in the period of 1990s when plastic surgery drew to a head in its development and had a wide assortment of requirements and types of surgeries including the best wishes of patients. In this period the world was ashamed with plastic transformation within plenty of celebrities, namely: Michael Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Lolo Ferrari, Cher, etc. Since that time it became even more popular to save beauty as long as possible notwithstanding the process of aging.

Since the 1980s there was great anxiety as to the issue of implants’ safety and from that time many types of research showed different data with facts fulfillment and scientific argumentations. As it may be made out, the parts alien to the organism can be felt by it inadequately and promote negative reaction with troubling symptoms. The problem of such disease emergence as “lupus, arthritis, scleroderma” (The Columbia Encyclopedia 6991) pays more attention to the producers of implants and materials which are used in contemporary medicine for this purpose.

When traditionally choosing between two types of implants, saline or silicone, many scholars, surgeons, and producers are inclined to recommend silicone due to its more reliable qualities and after-effect of brightly shaped forms of the breast. Moreover, the gel of silicone is incorporated into a so-called sack, so that to prevent and predict the cases of silicone migration in the organism of a woman. (Bloom, p. 85). Saline implants, on the other hand, can be described as less effective for the after effect and risk of leakage and rupture of the implants. Such implants once were described by one eminent surgeon as “ripple and hang like a bag of fluid.” (Bloom, p. 85). What is more, silicone is widely used since the 1960s, and surgeons, scholars and other people involved in the sphere of plastic implantation and injection have more points as of the use of silicone because of multiple data collected on the basis of scientific experience and thought on the whole.

Appropriate age limits of breast implants’ use vary within the mature age. Many women are inclined to provide such surgery because of problems with health and tumors in the area of bust caused by cancer, for example. The frequency of women having used implants for this purpose is only twenty percent out of the general mass of so-called customers looking for these services. (Bloom 85) That is why not to destruct the after-surgery procedures of avoiding an injured part of the breast doctors recommend using implants for their patients in order to restore the symmetry of the breast. Women who take care of their appearance and neatness of distinctive and significant parts of their body will not hesitate to make the implantation of silicone by means of injection.

The risk of cancer can be achieved due to different factors, mainly it is connected with harmful habits and provoking penetration of foreign bodies into the organism system and its constituent parts. People are anxious about the effect of using silicone implants as a stimulus for further cancer appearance. This is a debatable issue with a hard-to-strictly-recognize background and lack of knowledge needed about cancer facts after use of implants prevention. Preventive initiatives concern mainly not physiological but psychological aspects according to the problem. It is vital to ask yourself for what reason it seems so needful for a woman and why can it be altered by means of another way of problem-solving? The main obstacle which, unfortunately, cannot be omitted is the idea of outer perfection of body motives and medical along with governmental proved legalization of silicone implants with points on tested and approved safety data as of implants towards breast: “The use of silicone-filled implants was again approved by the FDA for reconstructive surgery in 1998 and for cosmetic surgery in 2006.” (The Columbia Encyclopedia 6991).

There are also multiple facts when women followed the instructions of implant care in a wrong way which caused leakage, rupture, and reconstruction. Such examples served for an argumentation base of peoples’ outlooks on the hazards which implants bear and this was often reflected into trials and cases of mostly far-fetched character embodied in the emotional expression of what public opinion thinks about these products for women and those males, curious to relate, who have decided to change their sex.

…experience suggests that the risks associated with rupture and leakage vary from individual to individual. (114) Consequently, there is no medical basis for distinguishing damages between claimants on the basis of whether they have experienced a rupture, or simply leakage, of an artificial breast (Bloom, p. 85).

Thus, the use of breast implants is approved from the medical point of view and is safe enough, as surgeons say, to recommend them to patients with different reasons of making up their minds in terms of silicone injection, as a result. These products are used for medical, aesthetical, and the purpose of cosmetology. So many people, so many views. It is so, especially, in the era of high technologies and innovations that surgery suggests for potential and current patients. One should not worry about the after-effects of suchlike implanting when it was procedure and operated in proved clinics with the outstanding surgeons being internationally qualified. This measure will definitely change the way of women’s prejudices.


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