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Workplace Stress and Mitigating Measures Essay

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Updated: Dec 3rd, 2020

Any form of stress in the workplace can make it impossible for employees to complete their roles diligently. Individuals and leaders should pursue evidence-based initiatives to deal with such hurdles. This paper gives a detailed personal reflection of the common causes of workplace stress and the most appropriate measures to mitigate them.

Common Causes and Performance

There are leading contributors of personal stress that employees should take into consideration. The first one is prolonged or heavy workload. Such attributes will discourage individuals and make it impossible for them to focus on their duties. The second one is that of job insecurity. A person whose employment contract is uncertain might become disoriented and unwilling to pursue his or her personal dreams (Bhui, Dinos, Galant-Miecznikowska, de Jongh, & Stansfeld, 2016).

This means that the worker will perform negatively in the targeted organization. The issue of role conflict will result in personal stress and make it impossible for the affected individual to complete his or her roles efficiently. Trauma, abuse, and discrimination will trigger depression among workers and increase cases of absenteeism and disunity. Such aspects will affect the contributions of different workers.

Stress Management Methods

Although there are powerful strategies for managing stress in the workplace, there are specific ones that I am yet to implement in my unit. Firstly, the use of relaxation techniques can reduce levels of burnout and ensure that I am capable of coping effectively. This approach can empower me to deal with stress and eventually achieve my objectives. Secondly, the use of healthy responses is a powerful method that can deliver meaningful outcomes. Some of the practices include engaging in exercises, reading inspirational books, and interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds (Bhui et al., 2016). The last powerful method for tackling stress is that of therapy. Troubled workers can identify competent psychologists to support them until they record meaningful outcomes.

Enhancing Creativity Practices

There are specific creativity development strategies that I can enhance to support my stress management strategies. The first one is the idea of relaxation whereby I can create adequate time to engage in exercises and meditation. I can also listen to music and read inspirational books. Such a creative process will ensure that the level of stress reduces significantly (Quick & Henderson, 2016). The second approach is that of sleep. A stressed person can embrace this method to avoid the negative aspects of depression. Employees should avoid any form of self-blame, adjust his or her expectations, and embrace the power of humor.

Personal Thoughts

Workplace-related stress makes it hard for employees to pursue the outlined organizational goals. The outlined contributors affect people’s commitment, morale, and responsiveness, thereby disorienting performance. The described mitigation strategies are simple, cost effective, and capable of delivering positive results. For example, relaxation and therapy techniques guide workers to overcome the burden of stress and pursue their roles.

Getting adequate sleep is an effective strategy for minimizing fatigue (Denhardt, Denhardt, & Aristigueta, 2016). People can also involve colleagues and develop appropriate work-life balances. Exercises, reading, and the application of healthy responses will help individuals to tackle work-related stress (Quick & Henderson, 2016). They can also seek social support from friends and organizational leaders. People should go further to have proper time plans for all duties to minimize burnout.


The above discussion has identified stress as a major problem many employees face. With the use of the proposed interventions, every person will formulate new expectations, promote an effective work-life balance, and join groups that can maximize inspiration. The individual will become reenergized and capable of achieving the outlined goals.


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