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A Bite of China Film Analsysi Essay

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Updated: Apr 10th, 2020

There is a great number of peoples in the world. Being settled in different regions of our planet, they adapted to existing conditions, having created their own lifestyle. Due to the diversity of landscapes and conditions which are peculiar to our planet, it is very difficult to find identical lifestyles. That is why cultures are also different. In the process of development, different folks established their own rules and traditions which suited the best existing environment.

Peculiarities of these processes are the main factor which distinguishes one folk from another. That is why it is always interesting to get new information about different regions of our world and the peculiarities of the culture of people who live there. This interest could be proved by the fact the there is a great number of different definitions of the term culture.

Every science has its own definition of this term. However, one of the most generals is the definition that culture is “the full range of learned human behavior patterns” (ONeil, 2006, para 1.). Being rather universal, this statement, however, is close to the truth. Culture of people develops under the influence of the environment. It serves as a teacher, who says what skills and approaches to develop in order to survive and become prosperous.

Taking it into account, it is possible to say that such main aspects of our life as clothes, behavior, and food are determined by the peculiarities of culture. Moreover, even the character of a person is said to be influenced by this phenomenon. Tastes and preferences of a man are formed under the strong influence of the culture of his parents, that is why, it is no wonder that Italians loves pasta, while Chinese people prefer tofu.

Besides, food preferences and habits are one of the main aspects of culture. The movie A Bite of China is devoted to the description of the peculiarities of Chinese traditions. The plot of the film centers around different food preferences which exist in this giant and overpopulated country.

Beginning with the description of the process of preparing tofu in one region, it then focuses on other ways of preparing the same dish which exists in other regions. Underlining the great importance of tofu as the main product in the ration of Chinese people, the movie shows peculiarities of its consuming and appreciation all over this huge country.

Pointing out the differences, which exist within the country, the movie shows how culture is influenced by the place where people live. The film also touches traditional Chinese vine and soy sauce, describing the process of their concoction. The movie ends with the image of a pickled cabbage, which is one of the main dishes for people who live in Siberia (ChinaHDTV001, 2014).

Having watched this video, it is possible to come to certain conclusions. It becomes obvious, that not only every country but even each region within the country, has its own unique cultural peculiarities. Being a big state, China has very bright and diverse traditions. Historically, different regions of this country developed under the influence of different factors, which promoted the appearance of certain peculiarities.

Cold areas of Siberia promoted the development of the habit of eating pickled vegetables, while rich soils of Northwest China influenced the development of a unique way of preparing soy sauce. It is obvious, that the more different landscapes and climatic zones a country has, the richer and brighter its traditions are.

Taking into account the characteristics of food, which are peculiar to certain districts. it is possible to say that these traditions can serve as the indicators of a persons origin (Cultural Differences in China, n.d.). What is peculiar for one district is strange for another, that is why food and everything connected with its consumption and production can be taken as the main trait which distinguishes different cultures within the country.

Moreover, it does not just show differences between people from different regions, it also helps to save these unique traits and give them to the next generation. It is a very important process from the salvation of culture. All processes of food production or its consuming are inherited by children from their families. They will also try to teach their descendants to do the same. In such a way, the great diversity of cultures is achieved and preserved.

Having watched the film and analyzed the data, it is possible to come to certain conclusions. There is a great diversity of different cultures in the world, and every one of them has its unique features which make the life of people easier, as these features were formed under the influence of environment in which people lived.

Food is one of these unique features. Traditions connected with its production and consuming differ from region to region, showing a great diversity even within a country. It is possible to say that food serves as one of the main factors which help to determine a persons identity and understand what region of a country is native to him/her. Being a very big country, China has a great number of different regions, and each of them has its own unique culture which is interesting to investigate.


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