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A Chance Musical Encounter: Flamenco Essay


The musical or artistic preferences of a person are not likely to change due to some unexpected event. However, it can certainly produce a strong impression on an individual if he/she can appreciate the skills and techniques used by composers or performers. In this paper, I would like to speak about a chance musical encounter that took place in the shop where my friend decided to purchase a guitar. I agreed to go to this store because I usually enjoy looking at various musical instruments.

However, I did not expect anything special from this minor trip. Yet, this encounter did help me to learn more about the beauty of music and its various forms. This is the main argument that I can make.

When we were walking in one of the departments, we heard a person who was playing flamenco. At that time, I did not know the exact name of this musical genre. Only later I learned it is a variant of the folk music in Spain and many Latin American countries. He was also purchasing a guitar, and this three-minute performance was an attempt to test this musical instrument. Yet, it is also possible that this person also wanted to showcase his skills, which were worth showcasing.

To a great extent, this music can evoke the image of a breathtaking dance in which one almost becomes oblivious of the surrounding world. Moreover, this melody makes a person more emancipated and confident. It is one of the effects that can be identified. This experience is one of the reasons why my attention was attracted to this composition. At that moment, I did not want the melody to stop. I did not expect to listen to such a performance even in a shop where people buy musical instruments.

On the whole, this music enables a person to recollect those moments when he/she does not have to think about the daily routine or minor problems that can upset an individual. It is another impact that this composition produces on a person. To a great extent, flamenco is a kind of music that helps an individual feel a sense of freedom. In my opinion, this sensation can be valued by every listener even if he/she does not take interest in Spanish folk music. It is the main reason why flamenco should not be disregarded by people who want to learn more about different genres or styles. I believe that this experience is very fulfilling.

Moreover, my attention was also attracted to the virtuosity of the player. I have seldom seen a person who could so skillfully achieve agility and very subtle tone colors. It seemed to me that he could effortlessly change tempo, rhythm, and tone. However, this ease is usually achieved through long years of training. By looking at this performance, one can feel admiration for the excellence attained by a musician. It is one of the sensations that I experienced while watching and listening to this performance.

Another important aspect is that this performance had the elements of improvisation, and it is impossible to find the records of the musical composition. It is the thing that I regret very much. In my view, a person, who wants to become skillful at playing guitar, should pay attention to flamenco because, in this way, one can learn more about different techniques that distinguish a virtuoso from an average guitar player. So, this musical encounter proved to be of great value to me.

Certainly, this musical encounter did not make me an avid fan of flamenco music. Nevertheless, I did try to learn more about Spanish folk music, and some of the melodies that I came across were enjoyable. Moreover, this chance encounter encouraged me to gain a better idea about various guitar-playing techniques that are used in flamenco. Some of them can be incorporated into other musical genres that are not related to flamenco. So, to some degree, this performance increased my knowledge of music. I can certainly say that I did not regret going to the shop because I was rewarded with several captivating moments that cannot be easily forgotten.

Overall, this discussion suggests that a person should be open to new ideas, genres, or techniques to discover beauty. Such a perception of music or art, in general, is much more enriching. Moreover, this outlook is critical for the professional development of a musician. The performance that has been described in this paper is one of the events that can widen the musical outlook of a person. This is one of the main arguments that can be put forward. Yet, I can still say that chance musical encounters can profoundly affect a person, only if he/she is confronted with something innovative or flawless otherwise such events are more likely to go unnoticed. The situation examined in this paper is only an exception, but not a rule. This is one of the issues that should be kept in mind.

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