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Abortion, Its Causes and Psychological Problems Term Paper


Abortion simply means the removal of the unborn baby at any stage of life where it might have developed into a fetus or embryo. There are many views concerning abortion by different scholars, religions, governments on whether abortion should be allowed to take place freely or not. Abortion in human beings occurs due to the three main reasons: to save the life of the pregnant mother, miscarriages, and to protect one’s status, such as when one gets pregnant out of marriage.

In all cases, there is an end of life be it a good reason or not (Kaczor 7). Abortion is said to have some presumed advantages, while at the same time, there are several disadvantages involved inclusive of the risks. The advantages are said to lay more individual gains such as career and protecting one’s status (Gargaro).

Having defined abortion as simply the pregnancy termination by whichever reason, the big question lies on what could happen if all mothers decide to terminate their pregnancies. What also could happen to the population because it means there would be no future generations to live, while, at the same time, no one could be alive if all mothers terminated pregnancies for valid or invalid arguments? Life of all human beings begins at conception as without it no one could be alive and therefore terminating pregnancy at any stage, be it after one hour of conception is simply referred to as murder (Röskamp 9). Abortion, for whichever reason, should, however, never be accepted.

Illogicality of abortion

To start with, it is considered to be illogical when one life is said to be saved through abortion, whereas another life is taken away in the process. Everybody has the right to life, and therefore inability to make decisions of the fetus should not at all cost deny it its rights (Gordon). There are technological developments that have made it possible to detect any complications that the unborn might have. Upon detection of serious health problems that the fetus is likely to suffer for a lifetime, then abortion at this point is considered. It is, however, unfair to abort the unborn if it is presumed to be physically challenged. The disabled too have the right to live while at the same time they carry important responsibilities in society today. Disability should never be considered as an inability as many qualified professionals are disabled.

Psychological problems on abortion

Pregnancy termination is said to be accompanied by several risks. Psychological problems have been reported to women who get depression as a result of guilt. Out of the guilt many have ended up taking away their lives at the end, whereas many have complained about going through hallucinations as they hear voices of the child they might have terminated the life (Robotham). Proceeded miscarriages have been reported after the practice of the first abortion and the worst of it all is when the woman loses her life in the process. Compassionate counseling is also not provided as they are considered an outcast in society, especially where the exercise is considered to be illegal. Most of these women receive poor pain management after the abortion by the fact that they do it in a secretive manner (Kramarae and Spender 4).

Physiological problems on abortion

Infections are also possible as a result of abortion on the reproductive tract. Women who have aborted are have carried out abortion has been reported to be at a greater risk of developing ovarian cancer as well as breast cancer (Reardon). The inability of child conception may also result from an abortion, for instance, when the womb is removed during the exercise. Therefore, a lifetime consequence is likely to be developed from the exercise where many families have broken up when the woman fails to conceive. Whether abortion is done safely or not, the consequences which follow the act may not be completely be avoided. It is quite to deny freedom to protect the life of someone as the unborn hold equal ability as the mature people if they are given a chance to develop


In conclusion, women who normally carry out abortion are never said to have dreamt or held a longing practice for the act. Unwanted pregnancies like them that result from rape, early age, old age, outside wedlock are some of the reasons why women opt for an elective abortion (National Institutes of Health and Hales 283). Career development, as well as protecting family status is, also considered when carrying out an abortion.

Different societies have legalized abortion few do not mind about the issue, while others consider it as a crime that is much dependent on the societal norms (Joseph 189). Psychological trauma is, however, associated with both sides where someone is forced to give birth to an unwanted pregnancy or when one carries out an abortion. To sum it all, everybody has the right to life, whether in good health or not, as even with scientific knowledge the control of life lies in the hands of the creator. For that reason, it is a selfish act to terminate a life to safeguard one’s status, career, or in the name of financial instability.

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