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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Essay



Abu Dhabi commercial bank is a financial institution that has been facing monetary transfer problems. The bank has been unable to make monthly monetary transfer of salaries to various accounts. This problem has seen customer unable to withdraw their salaries through the bank ATM services. An analysis on the challenges by the use of the ATM machines, reveal that the quality of banking services is always affected. Another major problem is that banks are unable to integrate their banking systems for fast and reliable services. Eventually, the banks are unable to realize reasonable profits and thus have a slow rate of growth and development.

Issues that affect bank’s ability to provide better services can be both internal and external. In most cases, the external factors include cases of fraud through skimming, cash trapping and pin interception. The bank ATMs are always under threat of network attacks and breakages using explosives. On the other hand, internal factors that affect ATM services include computer errors.

Basically, a banks ATM services can be ineffective due mechanical and operation errors becoming prevalent (GRG Banking.com, 2011). Other inefficiencies are caused by software and communication malfunctions. The current banking technology keeps on advancing and lack of consistency in upgrading the system may interfere with ATM services.

The Abu Dhabi commercial bank has problems with ATM services, since the bank and clients are unable to access important information.

A research was conducted to understand the reason for the banks inability to disseminate effective and efficient ATM services. The research also aimed at making recommendations in reducing the bank’s technical problems. The research also seeks measures that will prevent the reoccurrence of the same problems in the future.

The research adopted a qualitative research methodology in collecting data. Some of the research techniques employed included the use of structured and semi-structured questionnaires. The questionnaires were administered to a sample population of the banks technical team and customers. Another research technique that was administered includes interviews in various banks with similar ATM services. The interview conducted was done on bank managers.

The research data analysis used statistical analysis techniques like charts and graphs. This was to provide a figurative perspective of the bank’s predicament on its ATM services.

The research expected results were that the Abu Dhabi commercial bank had problems with reprogramming of its ATM machines. From this perspective, the ATM machine becomes slow in activity. The other possible outcome is that the bank’s ATM machines are counterfeit. Moreover, there is a possibility that the bank’ staff are non-conversant with the ATM technology.

The research made various recommendations towards tackling the problem. According to GRG Banking.com, 2011, one of the recommendations was to use experts in reprogramming the bank’s systems. Another recommendation is that the bank must conduct an audit on its ATM machines. This is to verify their effectiveness in providing services to customers. It is also important that the bank use effective security rules when implementing ATM services.

This will include proper software security maintenance by outsourced software firms. It is proper to ensure a security checklist is created to keep a close watch on ATMs already installed. The security checklist will be critical in tracking the effectiveness and efficiency of a specific ATM machine. It is also important for the Bank to give ATM manufacturers certain specifications that assist the bank in attaining certain service standards.


GRG Banking.com. (2011). Best Practice for ATM Security, Overview of ATM security situation, forecast, and best practices. Web.

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