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Aircraft maintenance Essay

Aircraft is a name commonly used to refer to an airplane, helicopter or any other machine capable of flight. When carrying out aircraft maintenance, the main factor that is put into consideration is its evaluation. Effective aircraft evaluation results in the determination of its existing state and the probability of the failure of its body and engine parts. This thus leads to accountability of the entire aircraft’s lifespan. The evaluation can be done mathematically as shown using the three case studies below:

Maintainability allocation of a series component

An aerospace system consisting of four subsystems namely 1,2,3,4 and having maintainability MTTR of three hours will have a load reliability that corresponds to the reliability of each of the four subsystems.

To determine this load reliability, one takes into consideration the success or failure ratios of the subsystems. In the case at hand, the constant failure rates are: 0.002, 0.004, 0.005, and 0.001 respectively. If these figures represent the failure ratios then the success reliability ratios will be: 0.998, 0.996, 0.995 and 0.999 respectively.

Subsystem 1 Subsystem 2 Subsystem 3 Subsystem 4 = Load

(0.998*100) * (0.996*100) * (0.995*100) * (0.999*100) = 99.7%

(3hr/yr) + (3hr/yr) + (3hr/yr) + (3hr/yr) = (3hr/yr)

From the above tabulation, it is evident that the aerospace has a 99.7% chance of completing a year successfully and requires only three hours maintenance duration for the first three years. However, the frequencies of services the aircraft gets in a year are not considered (Alexander 57).

Equipment availability

Catering for the availability of resources in the maintenance process will require the determination of the fleet size. In the scenario given, the fleet size is twenty, B 737 type aircrafts. Each staff has eight hours of active labor a day and works for 225 days a year, which translates into: (8*225) = 1800 hours a year.

On the other hand, each plane has 3600 flight hours a year, but the flight hours between servicing is 1800. This means that each plane spends (3600-1800) = 1800 servicing hours a year which is equivalent to the average single staff hour. If that is so then the total number of employees required will be 20 i.e.: (20*1800)/1800.

Each plane takes 1800 hours a year out for maintenance; this is equivalent to 75 days (1800/24), which consequently are 11 weeks (75/7) a year. The hanger space required for all the twenty aerospace is determined by multiplying the hanger space for a single aerospace by the total number of planes which is: 75 cubic meters multiplied by twenty, the number of planes, the product of the two figures is: 1500 cubic meters (Richard, 243).

Maintenance logistics analysis

The table provided alongside is one which seeks to establish the MTBF of a product. Using the figures in it, the mean down time is determined by: adding all the values then dividing them by the total sum of the frequencies: (1461/12) = 121.75 hours. The inherent availability and the achieved availability are, 28 and 118 respectively. The inherent availability is the most frequent figure from the data which in this case is the figure 28 while the achieved availability is the figure from the data provided that has the highest value.

Several management groups are consulted in the simulation of the table, some of these include, the maintenance group, the logistics team and the administrative department. All these departments are affected by and thus included in the data, their heads must, as result, be the ones to come up with the sheet.

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