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Algebra and Business Essay


Today our society lives in the world of numbers because it became so important for people to value everything in numbers. A lot of modern information is perceived and analyzed not according to its qualitative parameters, but according to its quantitative characteristics.

To understand the peculiarities of many phenomena, it is necessary for people to focus on the data presented in numbers, but not in words. Now it is rather difficult to determine what influenced the increase of the effects of algebra on the modern society. It is possible to state that the processes of the development of our society and the progress of the role of algebra in it are interdependent. Thus, algebra has influenced the development of modern business, and it has been actively used for the progress of our digital world.

Our modern society develops according to the business principles. The quantitative data and bookkeeping materials determine the process of the business strategy’s working out. Algebra is used by businessmen on every stage of the development. The business organization of the company is a complex process which is connected with such spheres as bookkeeping, economy, and finance.

The elementary rules of algebra used by specialists can combine all these fields in a strong structure. Thus, business managers use the algebraic rules every day for providing the elementary calculations, for accounting the profits and ratios, for presenting their business reports (Larson).

Algebra is one of the oldest sciences in history which has influenced the development of all the other sciences and spheres of scientific knowledge which depend on definite kinds of calculations.

Algebra can be considered as the fundament for providing the effective business because the usage of the algebraic rules and formulas is an efficient way to solve such everyday business problems as the counting of the taxes, costs, and prices. It is impossible to control the effectiveness of the business affairs and the company’s income without using algebra (Larson).

Nowadays many researchers state that our contemporary society becomes the digital nation for which computers and electronics is the main part of the everyday reality. Nevertheless, it is significant to note that the computer science which progress gives people the opportunity to use all the advantages of the digital world and information technologies was developed with basing on the principles of algebra. Modern computer technologies are the result of using the peculiarities of the linear, abstract, and geometric algebra (Gilbert).

These branches of algebra are not elementary and cannot be used effectively by non-specialists in the field. However, professionals and inventors in the industry have achieved the highest results in the progress of information technologies and computer science which depend on algebraic models.

Moreover, the process of working out more and more inventions continues. Specialists use the algebraic rules and principles which were developed earlier. These principles are in most cases stable and that is why they guarantee the effective results which it is possible to predict.

Furthermore, this steadiness gives the opportunities for the researchers and inventors develop new approaches to examining and using different variables and diverse improvements. The whole digital world with the variety of computer programs, computer technologies and electronics depends on the principles of algebra. All this digital world functions according to the basic rules of algebra and its development influences the development of our modern society (Gilbert).

That is why it is possible to say that the usage of algebra determined the progress of two main spheres such as business and computer science according to which the modern society develops.

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