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Analysis of Galatians Coursework

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Updated: May 31st, 2022

Galatians is a letter that was written by St Paul to certain early Christian Roman churches. In the book, Paul addresses the existing controversy between Mosaic Law and Christians who were gentiles. The entire piece is a reflection of the original writings of St. Paul bearing in mind that the themes and styles used are unique. Moreover, they are only evident in the major letters that were written by Pauline Corpus. Consequently, the description that Paul gives regarding the Jerusalem council is distinct from the one given in the book of Acts.

Further analysis reveals that Paul went to Jerusalem as a result of spiritual revelation. During his apostolic ministry in Jerusalem, he preached to the gentiles to convert them to Christianity. As such, it was the Holy Spirit that guided Paul in his mission. Hence, it is upon modern Christians to spread the good news since they will be always guided by the power of the Holy Spirit.

When Nicodemus is used as an example, Paul emphasized the importance of Christians seeking God privately just like Nicodemus who went to seek Jesus at night. Moreover, in his teachings, he pointed out that other Christians should not be present when an individual is seeking and inquiring about spiritual matters. This is indeed vital bearing in mind that God values calmness and a serene environment when conversing with believers.

In his teachings, Paul encourages Christians to avoid false believers. For instance, when false believers were brought to him, he simply ignored them especially when they argued about circumcision. The latter teaching is vital to the life of Christian believers bearing 9in mind that God does not separate gentiles from Jews. He loves them equally. Indeed, this provides yet another salient reason why Christians should study and understand the book of Galatians. In addition, it is evident that God does not make mistakes and therefore in his kingdom, there are no errors (Matera, 2007).

Paul’s letter further emphasizes the importance of Christians correcting fellow Christians who go wrong and do not live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Using Solomon as an example, Paul encourages Christians to listen to any form of rebuke that comes from the wise than to listen to fools singing. While we may fully not ignore those whom we perceive to be fooled, it is imperative to treat them like our brothers and sisters in Christ as we correct them whenever necessary and possible. Paul does not mention that we reject them.

In his teachings, Paul differentiated grace and law and modern Christians should put this into consideration. According to him, he was taught law by a Hebrew scholar called Gamaliel but his grace was revealed to him by Jesus Christ. Based on this modern Christians believe that grace is received from Jesus Christ and it cannot be taught like the law. Grace assists Christians to move away from sin and do what is right according to the Mosaic Law. According to Paul, observing the law does not save an individual (Matera, 2007).

Galatians urges Christians not to perceive Christ’s death as a loss of possession or love. In addition to that when Christians lose material things he or they should not perceive the same as a loss but as a means through which an obstacle is removed and divinely revealed to them.

Finally, Paul in his letter pointed out the importance of faith. Thus modern Christians should be faithful to Christ and their fellow Christians. Using Abraham as an example, he pointed out that the latter had faith in God and this made him obedient. Therefore modern Christians should demonstrate their faith in God by being obedient to his teachings.


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