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Anatomy of Leadership and Inspiration Essay

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Updated: Mar 21st, 2021

Leadership and inspiration

An animator is a person that seeks to introduce new ways of thinking in life. This is instrumental in ensuring that there are development and improvement in the lives of people. Being an animator requires undivided inspiration to achieve the goals by continuous thinking and acting (Spiro, 2011). In essence, being a leader of the organization requires inspiration and concentration on an organization. This idea has helped a lot in my endeavors as a leader.

First, it has helped me find better ways of dealing with situations, both in conversations and inactions. As an animator, I have to keep thinking and acting to bring improvement in the lives of people I work with. For instance, we take the initiative to perform complex duties that may arise. This is in line with the reduction of time lag, managing resources, and improving efficiency. Without the three instrumental ingredients, it will be hard to achieve the stated goals.

Change in the world is inevitable. However, leaders have to find better ways of instilling change based on solidarity. Since organizations have different workers working at different levels, leaders have to find ways of organizing all the employees to work in unity. This could be a hard task, especially when they are too many workers. For instance, some workers are adamant to change. As such, they would not have the right mindset to bring “new life” to the organization.

To counter such a situation, a leader should consistently converse with all the workers to instill change (Senge et al., 2008). Secondly, a leader needs to amass the required resources for change. Change is a process that involves innovation and agility.

As such, there will be a need for massive resources. These are garnered from the organization since it has the financial strength to instill change. Sustaining change is another process that leaders should observe (Senge et al., 2008). This should be done by constant evaluation. With constant evaluation, the leaders will know the appropriate approach to sustaining change. Similarly, there is a need for division of labor when instilling change. Division of labor will ensure the change in the organization is sustained.

Professional learning communities and continuous improvement in an organization

Professional learning communities are prevalent in the modern world. They have various strategies for making an impact on the lives of people. The first big idea that is realized from the professional learning communities is that they are focused on learning. With focus and commitment, they can achieve their goals at the appropriate time. In many cases, people who are focused and committed have undivided attention, which results in success. Secondly, the professional learning communities have the idea of persistence. To mark an improvement, a person should apply knowledge to the whole cycle (DuFour et al., 2006).

This has enabled many professionals to achieve their stated goals in the meanest time. Though at times they do not reach their optimal goals, they are better placed. Similarly, there is the idea of turning aspirations into actions. People who would want to improve must engage in all the activities that will improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Several ideas can be related to organizations across the world regarding PLC. First, there is the use of the acronym SMART (DuFour et al., 2006). All objectives must follow this acronym. For instance, all objectives must be specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic and have time limits. Organizations that use such criteria in plotting objectives will not come up with unrealistic goals, which can never be achieved. Similarly, there is a need for strategy in implementing ideas.

There are wide ranges of ideas, which are appealing. In many cases, organizations that instill discipline in implementing the strategies are better prepared than other organizations that do not have consistency in their strategies (Hord, 1997). Therefore, an organization will need ample preparation, planning, and strategizing to achieve the objectives. Under such circumstances, the organization will mark an improvement in its activities.


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