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Antichrist in Catholic and Islamic Religion Research Paper


Principally, the term antichrist refers to any kind of opposition that is against Christ. It is a prophesy put forward to indicate the future of Christianity and Islam. It also involves the eventual winning of Christ through his second coming to liberate the world from the hands of the antichrists. On the other hand, art is a way of expressing different ideas and views by use of images, the art to depict the antichrist can be very involving and intriguing. There are many kinds of signs related to it as well as movements that are part of what would be considered as antichrist. According to the bible’s new testament, the antichrist will come before the second coming of Christ and whose aim will be to turn the followers to become non-followers of Christ.

According to the book of revelations in the bible, the antichrist will be destroyed just before Satan’s final defeat. Destruction of the antichrist can be represented symbolically with an artwork, which will show something not so visible, yet important messages of the transition as visualized by the artist. The viewer will be able to get absorbed by the expression of the message that has been revealed through representation.

One of the religions that is thought to be an antichrist is Islam and since the year 622 A.D., Islam has been trying to establish itself as the only religion, completely disregarding the Christian religion. According to past history, most of the early converts of Islam were forced. As a depiction of art, a representation of the process can be brought out symbolically. A lot of brutality was used to make this conquests and the Islam religion has many laws that specify that it is either you believe in it or die.

With most Muslims embracing the holy war idea, (jihad), things can only get worse. Islam that is spread over about 57 nations and having about 1.3 billion followers is striving towards getting more and more followers in the near future. According to the antichrist, the Muslims God of the Koran is a moon God who is associated with idolatry and according to Christians, this is Satanism. With this kind of theoretical depiction of the antichrist as a work of art, it could be depicted using a specific image.

The use of diverse art in this case will be possible by coming up with a true representation of the events that are to occur in future. Although most of the inscriptions that were originally identified the figural groups that hell has won away, two of the top left of the image read “antichrist “and “nicillo”, the figure identified niccolo is being hacked to pieces by demons and is further described by an inscription indicating that he loves Muhammad (Paoletti and Radke155). The writer tries to show how different messages are a representation of a piece of work to depict both good and bad.

Regardless of the numerous attempts by the Muslims to take in more converts, sill Christianity though diversified into various groups i.e. Catholics and Protestants still have a greater share of the majority. According to the bible revelation 17-18, the antichrists are going to take over the world in stages, this will start in the Middle East, and that the Middle East is going to unite to form one big antichrist movement.

Having accomplished that, it will have one united government which will be at Jerusalem, consequently they will start to expand their territories to the western countries and soon enough the western countries will be dominated by the antichrist. The taking over of the western states by the Muslims through war or other means of conversion can clearly be represented into an artwork piece whereby the piece would show the events and the sequence in one quality piece of art. According to the bible, the prediction is based on written scripts in which case the land of magog (Afghanistan) features prominently in this antichrist prophesy.

Antichrists are associated with lack of civilization; this is depicted by the numerous wars in which the antichrists are involved. Civilization is an artwork that can be very interesting to depict given the complexity and the diversity of what everyone refers to civilization (Robert 12). An art depiction of the civilization ideas that are in peoples mind could be very interesting to explore and be involved in. It is believed that with the second coming of Jesus Christ, then along will come civilization to the antichrist who will be forced back to Christianity and to go by the Christian way of life. Even though the Christians have been involved in numerous bad activities, their way of life and religion supports harmonious living through the antichrist theory thus considers the Christian way of life as civilized (The director 52).

The antichrists do not seem to have democracy or to follow any democracy and this is depicted by their way of living. Independence from their families, communities or any other group of people that tiers to guide them on what to do or the way to live their life which inturn leads to constant war with their neighbors

According to an antichrist painting drawn by Maas, ‘Those who have read about the new world order must be familiar with conspicuous symbol of the One-eyed Sun god! The depiction of the Anti-Christ also called The Dajjal! The painting of a student at Rusinga School, Jeremy Ossenberg for his GCE Project published today in a Kenyan newspaper “The painting of the antichrist god dajjal”, is conspicuous yet a revealing message. It clearly shows depiction of the new world order, which is associated with the antichrist movement.

Work in art is supposed to be catchy, revealing and yet contain some hidden message. The antichrist message is showing a very clear depiction in this kind of art. The antichrist theory contains future as well as happening occurrences. As an artist, there are so many things that can be brought out and shown along with very many messages cutting across many areas of life as well as the stages involved in this process (Maas 36).

Illuminati being a representation of both real and fiction way of life that Christians are considering antichrist, can be well-depicted using art. This will be done by depicting its origin as well as the future and way of life of the illuminati. The illuminati use very undetectable means to win over converts. Even though their ways are evil, they use very flattering ways to impress new converts to follow them. Fine art can be used to depict this kind of luring by the illuminati to show their way of life. It will also show how a person gets into the group and the numerous ways that can attract you to the group.


Art expresses different ways of life and conveys different interesting visual appeals. It can also be used by an artist to express future events that an artist feels should be addressed. Artwork is visionary and in most cases, it shows future instances by the flow of a given piece of work. Antichrist depictions can as well have a representation in this form; however, the artist must be very objective so that he/she brings out the both sides of the antichrist depiction.

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