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Human Resource Organizations’ Comparison Report


This report entails the comparison of four dissimilar human resource organizations at varied regions of the world. However, in generating these comparisons, the main area of focus is ascertaining the major benefits that these bodies enjoy, together with their deficiencies.

Additionally, the question demands an establishment of an analysis of its cost benefits not forgetting the key requirements for the membership qualification. The entire process of generating the report entails an examination of the organizations solely, but simultaneously making comparisons.

Chartered institute of personnel and development

CIPD is a body of professionals committed to ensuring that people venturing in management and development at diverse regions attain success. The organization is committed to its functions and works tirelessly hard in instilling managerial knowledge to the membership. In an endeavor to achieve its stated aspirations, CIPD formulated a policy in its mission statement forbidding the unscrupulous practice in both management and the development fields.

However, serving its members interests takes the central part in its daily operations. However, the organization enjoys numerous benefits in its daily running of the business (CIPD, Andrew, & Millward 2002, p. 24). Foremost, the individuals undertaking tutoring responsibilities are highly competent; therefore, efficiently facilitate the entire education program effectively.

They therefore, instill students with the crucial knowledge on management hence yielding proficient and individuals. Secondly the students highly benefit from the assessment style used, which is majorly based on the program’s work. Therefore, it is seemingly easy for the tutors to conduct the assessment since no external bodies come in thus bringing inconveniences experienced in other bodies.

However, upon the program’s completion, learners gain the opportunity of furthering studies in human resource. Additionally, learners do not fully spend their precious time only in studies, because the management has integrated a program that allows them to utilize some of their time doing some paying job. This program is of much significance in equipping students with the experience required in the job environment.

In addition, the availability of advisors who are accessible motivates the students. However, the program demands no specific requirements thus offering a wide opportunity for a range of individuals to join. Even though it demands no specific requirements for the membership, they advise that entities interested in becoming members need to have knowledge in resource management.

The program encompasses a range of individuals ranging from CIDP certificate holders to degree holders. Despite the benefits that CIDP enjoys, there also exist various challenges or deficiencies in its operations. The management lacks adequate strategies for deciding the correct member.

Therefore, it would be essential to develop mechanisms to aid in gauging the competency for the applicants for a successful and efficient recruitment (CIPD, et al 2002, p. 26). Another deficiency present in CIPD is inadequate funds for running its operations. However, the organization ventures in a variety of activities that cost it much money. But on analyzing the benefits and comparing them on the costs incurred, these activities are worth undertaking.

Society for human resource management

The SHRM is a professional association on human resource based at Virginia. Studies describe it as amongst the largest associations of its type. When it was first founded in 1948, it offered volunteering services until it acquired much support, therefore, its spread globally. Statistics confirm that SHRM has representatives in 140 countries.

The reason behind its success emanates from the availability of the soaring numbers of members currently estimated at 250, 000. The SHRM employees enjoy many benefits. A recent research conducted in 2010 confirmed that, among the varied factors leading to employee satisfaction, the employees’ benefits took the central role.

Opposed to the CIPD the SHRM professionals, are entitled to many benefits ranging from health related benefits to retirement benefits. The incentives offered acts as motivating agent and this result to efficiency in all the activities undertaken. Additionally, SHRM provides mobile phones and other technological devices thus enhancing communication among the professionals.

The question on whether their investment is worth undertaking is highlighted through comparing the magnitude of their benefits against the dimensions of the losses incurred. The society invests huge cash in technology and in maintenance of the employees’ wellness. However, the output resulting from investing all these funds is greater than the overall costs involved thus the benefits outweigh the costs.

Australian Human Resource Institute

AHRI is an Australian based association, which has a membership of more than 12,000 members. Compared to SHRM, it has less membership despite its establishment time that was almost the time with that for SHRM. It has operated for 60 years since its initiation. The institute incorporates a broad range of individuals, starting from human resource trainees to the professional directors (Borger 2006, p. 27).

AHRI benefits from its competent management allowing offering of many beneficial services to the members and to the community. The overall membership of the institute delivers many benefits to the community; the surrounding community obtains all the institutes publications, any findings obtained from the research usually conducted thus keeping the community informed on any current issues in human resource.

Additionally, the membership usually holds events that help them in creating networks with other professionals across the globe. These events therefore, serve in marketing it to other interested individuals who later join it. It also works really hard in ensuring that its members are professionally recognized globally. AHRI also benefits the community because it offers lessons on human resource.

The two courses it offers are easily afforded thus the inflated development of human resource professionals in Australia. AHRI has three membership levels and for an individual to fit in any of these levels; they need to show variety of qualifications (Borger 2006, p. 29). In attaining a full membership a person ought to have completed an under graduate course in human resource or must have knowledge along with skills in human resource.

Dubai Human Resources Forum

DHRF, a body established back in 1970 by individuals proficient in human resource has intensively aided in networking with other individuals thus promoting knowledge among professions at diverse locations. DHRF usually organizes seminars, which enhances networking and sharing of any available vital information.

DHRF is a constituent of CIPD and it is committed to offering professional services aligned with the CIPD requirements. However, despite the many services it offers it fails in attaining its purpose fully because of inadequate funds and membership. Compared to the CIPD, its costs recorded while undertaking its forums are costly than the eventual benefits.

The decision undertaken and the supporting reasons

Although each of these bodies contributes highly in enlightening individuals on matters of HR management, the benefits of CIPD are much more. Therefore granted an opportunity I would join the CIPD because of many reasons. As a committed member, I would be entitled to the opportunity to learn under the command of distinguished tutors possessing much knowledge on human resource.

Secondly, the institute has established programs for the interested individuals to further their studies in HR thus enhancing their competence in their field. Despite the scarcity of resources because of the many activities the institute ventures in, the management organizes for the learners’ part time working programs. In addition, the organization has international representation thus easy access of services.


Clearly, it is factual that the bodies discussed above portray similar goals and objectives. The particular goal common in all the organizations is networking with other like minded individuals globally. Conversely, the proportion of membership differs depending on locations and the time when established.

However, CIPD’s diffusion to diverse countries has tremendously increased its membership alongside the programs offering different unique services. The services provided by these organizations, provide more benefits to the membership together with the immediate community. Finally, I would opt joining CIPD if granted an opportunity because of its numerous benefits.


Borger, H 2006, Human resources (Australia wide), Career FAQS, New York.

CIPD, Andrew, J & Millward, N 2002, The growth of direct communication, CIPD publishers, London.

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