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Attitudes and Managing Diversity Essay

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Updated: Dec 20th, 2021

Attitudes are imaginary constructions that indicate a person’s level of like, or dislike towards a something. It can be said that, attitudes are normally optimistic or pessimistic outlooks of an individual, place, item or an occurrence. On the other hand, managing diversity in nursing is the process of valuing the variations that individuals from different backgrounds bring to the nursing field; through appreciating and nurturing them. Importantly, the workers’ attitudes towards themselves and others affect their interactions and hence influencing their working.

Based on this as a registered nurse, I am thinking on how I can manage diversity with reference to attitudes in a health care unit. Based on this, I have discovered that different individuals have varied attitudes towards others in the nursing field. In this case, managing diversity at work enhances patients’ care, and at the same time drawing as well as retaining individual talents in nursing. Based on this, nurses who properly manage diversity are in a position to provide their highest performance at work. Further it can be argued that, a varied nursing labor force that communicates different points of observations provide a wider collection of ideas and skills.

On the other hand my thinking was challenged by the fact that, a negative mind-set and conduct can make an obstacle to nursing organizational diversity; as these damage working relationships thus spoiling an individual’s self-esteem as well as their work efficiency. From the understanding of attitudes and diversity management, it can be said that employees’ affairs can improved and at the same time labor costs reduced.

As far as managing diversity in a nursing organization is concerned, I am deeply concerned about the tools to be applied in order to have enhanced achievement among the nurses. In this case, specific talents are essential for creating a successful varied labor force. As a nursing manager, it is of importance to restructure cultural unfairness and discrimination, as they create varied attitudes towards the nursing profession, nurses and patients. Further, since diversity is about variations among individuals in a group; managers should be ready to study about the management of diversity at the nursing units for future successes.

Another thing to consider in diversity management is that, diversity concerns cut across gender and race. Based on this, different people may feel that their race or gender is superior to that of others; making them not to expect any gains from the other gender or race respectively. In this case, attitudes toward women labor force should be looked at based on what ideas and experiences they contribute to the nursing organization; rather than on their inferiority.

From my personal experience, there are some methods I have applied in the practice of nursing management including; respecting personal variations which benefit health care units by creating an aggressive edge, and enhancing work efficiency. Another method of diversity management I have applied within my practice; is arranging for social gatherings and training seminars where each nurse must listen and have a chance to air their personal views and ideas.

By doing this, I initiate dialogues irrespective of employees’ culture, race and gender. Further within this health care unit I have executed policies; for instance monitoring programs which help the nurses to have an access to information concerning nursing; and available opportunities. By doing this, I create a just and secure situation where no one is discriminated upon; as far as opportunities and challenges are considered. Lastly, I provide employees with an essential, beneficial and significant feedback for learning about their errors and achievements. In this case, employees are well-informed concerning diversity and its concerns including the rule and regulations in application.

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