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Cultural Studies: the Saudi National Day Essay

Rituals are an important part of cultural traditions established in various countries or regions. It is believed that they include two important elements, namely, aesthetics and playfulness. However, one can also argue that joy plays an important role in various rites. In particular, they enable a person to experience moments during which this individual can feel that he/she is a part of something successful or great.

This is the main thesis that should be elaborated in greater detail. This essay is aimed at discussing such an event as the Saudi National Day that is celebrated in various parts of the country on 23 September.

In this case, the feeling of joy takes its origins in such aspects as the sense of belonging as well as pride, emotional reunion with close friends or relatives, and deviation from the established routine. These are the main questions that should be examined more closely.

First, one should note that such holidays are usually aimed at showing that a certain nation has achieved political independence, self-sufficiency as well as peace. There are several aspects which are important for joy. This experience originates from the sense of belonging to a group or community that has achieved prosperity, success, or harmony. One can say that such events produce a change in the identities of individuals or groups.

In turn, at such moments, a person tends to associate this success with one’s actions or character traits. This is one of the details that are important for understanding the origins of contentment that people can experience during such holidays. Thus, it is possible to say that joy is closely related to pride for one’s own country.

Certainly, national holidays are not the only moments when people can feel this pride, but this experience is much stronger in various rituals.

One should also remember that the National Day is a chance to showcase the peculiarities of the national identity to the representatives of other cultures. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia is frequently visited by a great number of foreigners who can get a better idea about the customs and traditions of this country. Hence, such events play an important role in the life of groups and individuals.

They want to underline their uniqueness, and this opportunity can also give rise to joy because individuals often want other people to appreciate their achievements or successes. Therefore, national holidays are critical for people’s awareness of their cultural identity, and this awareness can also be a source of joy or fulfillment. This is why this aspect should not be overlooked.

Similarly, individuals can feel joy if they believe that they contribute to the strength of this national community. Therefore, one should not forget about the celebrations that are organized by the Saudi defense troops. As a rule, these people ride on horse or camels; moreover, they hold antique car rallies.

To a great extent, such parades are supposed to symbolize the cultural uniqueness of the Saudi people and their willingness to protect their country. In turn, the spectators can look at the popular cultural images that are associated with such values as courage, power, or strength. Each of these qualities can be of great value to spectators. More importantly, the participants can take on the roles that can be appealing to them.

Consequently, one can say that an individual can experience joy when he/she witnesses or participates in the country’s cultural life. This experience can also be very fulfilling, and it can produce long-lasting effects on a person who can feel more empowered. This is one of the main effects that should be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, joy is also derived from the reunion and ability to practice some of the cultural traditions. It should be noted that in Saudi Arabia, people view the National Day as an opportunity to see their old friends. For example, old people often meet their friends at Shisha cafes, where they often smoke pipes. Likewise, the holiday is also important for young people who value socialization.

Nonetheless, they usually prefer to meet at coffee shops. So, various people can have different attitudes toward cultural traditions; in each case, people value socialization as a source of joy. Overall, one can say that this socialization can highlight people’s sense of unity or attachment to one another. Apart from that, such events can reduce a person’s alienation, and this effect produced by rituals is also closely linked with joy.

Moreover, the opportunity to depart from a daily routine is also important for joy. This deviation can indicate that a person’s life is not monotonous or boring. On such occasions, a person can be engaged in the activities that they enjoy. For example, in Saudi Arabia, many people prefer to play football.

This is a form of deviation from the routine, and this behavior appeals to various people. Certainly, a person can try out other activities, but in case, joy is derived from the opportunity to perform the roles that differ from the daily routine. This is one of the aspects that are important for the analysis of such rituals as national holidays or other events that unite various individuals and groups.

It should be noted that rituals consist of three stages, such as the loss of identity, transition, and reintegration. As a rule, joy manifests itself at the third stage when the new identity of an individual is shaped. At this point, a person can experience contentment with one’s social role or individual achievement.

This is one of the issues that should be considered. Nevertheless, one should not forget about such stages as the loss of identity and transition because they enable people to play new roles and adopt more enjoyable lifestyles. For example, they can establish better relations with their friends or relatives.

Furthermore, they can be engaged in activities that they find interesting, entertaining, or funny. Thus, one can say that joy be found at various stages of the ritual.

This discussion suggests that joy is a significant part of rituals. Such a holiday as the Saudi National Day is an eloquent example showing that joy can have several aspects, for instance, the feeling of belonging and pride, emotional reunion, and the deviation from the daily routine.

Such rituals enable a person to play new social roles and perceive oneself as an inseparable part of the community that he/she admires or respects. Apart from that, such moments intensify a person’s confidence in his/her future achievements or prosperity. These are the main points that can be made.

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