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Bright House Networks Company Advertising Essay

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Updated: Apr 3rd, 2020


Bright House Networks is one of the largest operators of multiple cable systems in the United States. It serves millions of customers in Florida, California, Alabama, Indiana, and other major cities. Its corporate offices are located in Florida, but customers across all regions can readily access their products and services through their online shop.

The online shop, exceptional customer care services, and excellent control of its processes are all strategies that the company uses to satisfy its customers. This paper will analyze the products and services, TV adverts, and multimedia advertisements regarding Bright House Networks.

Products and services

Bright House Networks offers a wide variety of products and services. It offers residential and business solution products and services. Bright House Networks is an excellent network provider to small, medium, and large business enterprises. It provides internet services, WiFi, Metro Ethernet, video, high-speed data, and automation services.

It has an extensive fiber optic network that enables customers to have internet access. It offers managed security services, wireless solutions and web services to its customers. Bright House Networks uses the Cisco Network coverage to manage and control its operations effectively. Therefore, it has the capability to sell and control cloud services without much difficulty.

Some of the products that the company deals with include business phones, digital cables, and home phones. It offers the Video-on-Demand (VOD) programming catalogs, High-Definition (HD) programming, and Digital Video Recorders (DVR). Bright House Network monetizes and personalizes the products and services concurrently to the advantage of the customers. Although the company deals with a wide variety of products and services, it is able to control its operations effectively, and it is able to attend to billions of customers through its managed information systems.

The most lucrative sector of Bright House Networks is the local news operation channels that offer businesses with advanced advertising solutions. Central Florida News 13 and Bay News 9 are news operating channels that serve the Orlando and Tampa Bay areas. Moreover, the Bright House Sports Network broadcasts local sports news for professional teams and schools across Tampa Bay and Orlando.

TV advertising

TV adverts are crucial in any news-operating channel. Adverts are produced by organizations to convey a message to the audiences of the news channel. The main purpose of TV advertisements is to market products and services of a given organization. Organizations, which are the ideal customers for the media outlets, pay for the airtime that their products and services are advertised.

The cost of airing an advert depends on the length of the advert, the viewership of the channel, and the time of the day during which the advert is aired among other factors. TV adverts provides some significant revenue to television networks, and Bright House Networks generates massive profits from its local news and local sports channels.

The role of emotion in advertising

Naturally, people respond emotionally to everything that they see or hear. Therefore, advertisers have a core role of generating emotional response from their audiences. Adverts that feature heart-rending vignettes are likely to obtain more attention from the public than boring adverts. Every advert should generate an emotional response by eliciting tears or smiles from the audience.

The emotional responses determine the conscious response to the advert. It determines the level of interest to the advertised item, and the ability to recall the advert and buy the item later on.

Essentially, adverts concerning brands do not necessarily need to evoke intense response, but they ought to bring some emotion that triggers the audiences to reconsider their purchasing and consumption choices. Being a video service provider, Bright House Networks is in a position to guide its customers to produce expressive adverts that arouse the emotions of the potential customers.

Multimedia advertising

In the contemporary world, competition is extremely high, and every company desires to win as many customers as possible. Therefore, companies invest heavily in advertising their products through multiple media outlets. The process of conducting advert campaigns through the newspapers, televisions, magazines, radio, and billboards and other media outlets concurrently is referred to as multimedia advertising.

Companies are investing heavily in the aggressive advertising techniques to spread their messages to billions of customers across the globe within the shortest time possible. The internet is also becoming common is most nations, and companies are finding it worthwhile to make adverts through the internet. Companies use rich images and videos in relaying their message to the potential customers that they reach though the various media outlets. With the online websites and the television networks, Bright House Networks is on the forefront in enhancing multimedia advertising.


From the discussions, it is evident that Bright House Networks is such a great company that offers indispensable products and services in the contemporary world. Its growth into major cities is recommendable, and the company should focus on the corporate strategy. Mergers and acquisitions are some of the strategies that the executives of the company should heighten to grow rapidly. Overall, Bright House Networks is a multiple cable system operator that anybody would want to work for, and it is an appeal to other companies to follow its footsteps.

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