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British Petroleum Essay


BP is an organization involved in oil and gas industry globally, its headquarters are in London, Britain. BP is one of the largest global companies and is involved in activities such as exploration, refining of crude oil, distributing, generating power and production of renewable energy among other roles.

The company operates in over 80 nations across the globe and manages more than 22,400 gas outlets globally (Cheremisinoff and Davletshin 443). The United States division is the largest outlet for BP and thus plays a huge role to the organization as far as revenue generation is concerned.

Current Business Problem

With the division in the US being the most important for the company, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has had many negative effects to the company. The oil spill led to deaths of 11 people, loss of trust in the company, destruction of the surrounding ecosystem and a bad reputation for the organization (Farrell 43). Tourism, marine life and the ecology were enormously affected in the coast by the oils spillage.

BP has already spent over $3.12 billion on the spillage on actions such as containing the spillage, responding to the disaster, drilling the well, payment of grants to the states affected by the spillage, payment of claims and costs to the federal government (Cheremisinoff and Davletshin 443).

The spill was the largest oil disaster in the history of the industry in regards to off shore drilling in the United States. The problem is identifying the challenges the company is facing in the United States after the oil spillage and the impact of this event by applying ethical perspectives.

IBP Competition

BP is a global company that faces huge competition from other organizations that deal with oil, gas, and petrochemicals. There exist huge competition within the industry as well as in other industries in regards to the supply of gas, fuel and meeting other needs of the energy sector, commerce, industrial, and for home use (Hitt et al. 50-54).

There is need by organizations to cut costs and management of BP to focus on efficiency and gaining support of the market. Some of the main competitors of BP include Total, ExxonMobil Corporation, Chevron Corporation, Schlumberger Limited, and Conocophillips among others (Hitt et al. 65). These companies are involved in the energy sector in the United States.

Population Sample

The sample population shall be 150 individuals from the areas affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as well as staff of BP. The geographical area shall be mainly in the Louisiana Coast and shall include organizations and individuals in the region. To be eligible as a respondent, one must be a resident of the area.

Steps in the Research Process

The research shall involve the development of the survey, which includes the various stages that shall be applied in conducting the research. This will include use of questionnaires. The descriptive data analysis shall include the presenting of the results after the profile of each respondent has been analyzed and the information recorded.

The measurement scale analysis will evaluate the measurement scale analysis that shall be employed in the analysis of the information. The assessment section assesses the results after the analysis and is essential in determining the recommendations and developing a conclusion for the study. The recommendations and conclusion shall be necessary to the management in the future determination of BP’s path.

Population Sample.

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