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Business Communication in Customer Services Essay



Business communication plays a vital role in customer service (Poskey Para. 2). To explain the aspect of business communication within Xelxel bank, the above-outlined questions are answered separately in the below discussion.

The effect of the tone and the content of the memo on team members

Effective business communication requires reverence among the team members as well as between the distinct workforce levels. However, this requirement is frequently violated within organizations, a factor that contributes to organizational crises. From Ronald’s memo, the tone did not impress the team members at any cost since it is reported that they roared after receiving this message.

The tone used expresses anger, in that he uses the punctuation mark used at times when people are arguing against each other (Krizan, et al., (2007). Moreover, the words that are utilized suggest some sort of a command to the team members, i.e, and come on chaps…! Also, this creates some negative feelings on the memo on the team members. The language he uses also demonstrates a lot of pride since he disregards the contribution of the other members. A sense of pride comes out as a result of word usage in the whole memo, a character that is not worth for a leader (Harvard Business School Press 64).

On the other hand, the content of the memo is written rudely. The utilization of language is wrong, bearing in mind that Ronald expects to be listened to by his colleagues. Referring to them as his old mates demonstrate the feeling of superiority that is in him, having been promoted to another level. The fact that he has already decided on the meeting issue eliminates the other team from participating in the decision-making process, demonstrating him as a final figure in the whole issue (Nambiar Para. 1).

Moreover, he is out to show them that their failure has contributed to the departmental failure by telling them that they can do better. Calling for a meeting means that they would discuss the agenda; however, he already portrays his response in the memo. Furthermore, he does not apply courtesy in any sentence, which means that what he has said is final and mandatory. The issue and content create a negative impression on the team members (Minges and ASM International 125).

A rewritten memo from Ronald

Memo: To All team members From Ronald Armstrong
Date: 6 March 2011

How are you, my colleagues? It is my sincere hope that all of you are doing fine. As your new team leader in the department, I hereby wish to move the extra mile in executing my duties, by taking some positive action that would enhance our performance. Therefore, I kindly request your attendance for a meeting whose main objective is to discuss our progress and lay down strategies that will help us process the new business. The meeting will take place at my office on Friday at lunchtime. Please carry your lunch and I will cater for drinks.

Agenda for the meeting to follow
Goodbye for now.

The importance of business communication on customer service

Business communication plays a vital role in customer service. It entails the provision of information on products, an organization in addition to communication within the organization. The effective running of an organization is highly affected by the mode of communication utilized by its employees (Borade, Para. 4). However, modern organizations fail in customer and employee retention strategies as a result of a failure in communication, where employees are inadequate in using business communication language. Moreover, prominent communication exists between organizational managers and their teams, which require the employment of effective strategies to overcome (Andrews Para. 7).

First, the language used in business should be precise and professional (Taylor, Para. 1). Effective communication enhances employee relationships who are servers of organizational customers, thus extending this etiquette to the consumers. Good business communication is also a vital tool for enhancing customer relationship management as well as for reaching organizational target consumers (Hartley and Bruckmann 11).

It is also important to note that effective business communication promotes employee retention strategies, which in turn reduces the rate of labor turnover within an organization. Moreover, good communication within a business promotes corporate social responsibility, since a good business is largely defined by their involvement in the immediate societal issues. Employee morale is also boosted by appropriate organizational communication, making them results-oriented as a result of working with a positive mind (Guffey and Almonte 4).

On the other hand, employee morale acts as an instrument that enhances organizational productivity, also, increases an organization’s value. It is also important to practice appropriate business communication for the sake of improving organizational performance in the entire business community. Change and new strategies implementation is enhanced by the fact that good communication thrives within an organization. Whenever employees are on good terms, each person gets an opportunity to reveal his feeling concerning project handling, implementation, a factor that creates employee participation (Robin Para.6).

Furthermore, the invention of new items and methodologies is easy when employees have the freedom to maximize their skills and talents, which is only possible in a peaceful environment, which emanates from good business communication. More vital, business communication is a strategic tool that enhances organizational effectiveness in the utilization of social media in marketing communication strategies, which are geared towards gaining more consumers. Thus ruining departmental communication paves way for a ruin of organizational-consumer communication. Thus, every team member must play his role in the restoration and adoption of the best business communication skills (Namita 145).

Agenda to be circulated before the meeting on Friday

The following agenda is to be circulated in the department before the meeting takes place on Friday (Smith Para. 1).

Team Meeting Agenda

Team Meeting Agenda

Notes that are meant for the meeting

Meeting objectives: The main objective of this meeting is for us to study the importance of business communication in customer service. It is also important to understand effective leadership skills as well as roles. Moreover, a discussion on the new business progress is crucial (Heller Para. 2).

Second, it is good to discuss the action to be taken upon employees who are not responsible in addition to treatments for those who perform well. Participation in departmental members is also important. Also, how members can overcome communication barriers for improved performance. Discussion on the responsibility of each person in the department is also ample (Rosensweig and Joyce, 25).

Thirdly, we will inform the team of the plans that the department has for the future and allow.

Barriers that exist between managers and their team, and how to improve the situation

Organizations are governed and run through a hierarchical system of leadership. The top management determines the direction of an organization in its following years after its inception. Nevertheless, due to a difference in personality and character, it is not always easy for one to cope with an ever-changing environment (Rampur Para. 2). At the same time, it is not always easy to lead a group, since every team leader has his/her uniqueness, likes, and dislikes in addition to values and personality. Therefore, for everybody in the top management, it is always easy for them to flex their hearts to overcome barriers that exist between them and other lower-level employees (Ksingh, 2010).

A variety of barriers has been considered pre-eminent within many organizations, which are a major source of organizational crises (Brodie, Para. 1). First, a feeling of superiority dominates in one’s mind whenever they are promoted to higher positions, due to the consideration that they are wiser than those other colleagues are. This is a barrier that has caused many crises within organizations, causing many middle-level employees to resign their jobs in the feeling that wide gaps are in existence between them and top management. In this case, the solution for this lies in the top management (Kotelnikov, 2005).

Any person in the management should not disregard others, instead, it is ample if he should take it as a privilege to learn new skills, exercise his management knowledge as well as an opportunity to rise higher than that. Additionally, one should be careful not to take the organization as if it belongs to you, lest failing in your duties. Focus on feeling that you have not achieved the best that you still spire to achieve more shortly (Kichaven Para. 2).

Secondly, there is always a likelihood of jealousy having its way in the organization, because those in the lower levels would also like to rise to higher positions (Stennes Para. 8). The fact that you also get a higher salary than them also makes them hate you and others also feel that you do not deserve that position since they are better than you are. In this case, you ought to be cautious and wise so that you do not torment yourself as they torment you. It is advisable that you understand the kind of people you are associating with and train your heart to be accommodative, regardless of their character (Gregory, Para. 4).

Most organizations are affected by barriers arising as a result of a lack of participation. Most top management does not recognize the potential that is in the middle-level employees, and thus deny them a chance to make strategic management decisions. As a new team leader, it is good to be unique in your operation by creating and adopting the spirit of participation (Cesta and Tahan, 166). Whenever you make decisions, avoid being a commander or even strict on your ideas as long those beside you are human beings. It is good to come up with a first-hand suggestion but not let it dominate, give others room to make theirs too.

Moreover, entrusting some of the roles to trusted team leaders is a good idea. Furthermore, the language barrier is a problem within organizations. Therefore, it is good for you to train to utilize good communication skills even as you address your colleagues to eliminate all forms of crises (De la Vergne, Para. 27).

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