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Business Environment of Turkey Report

Abstract: The environments and culture of a country are the major aspects that influence business and people’s readiness to get involved in one. The following paper will focus on the development of businesses and corporations worldwide and how it has created a market that is property and rights oriented. Turkey will be the main focus of the business environment in relation to the UAE’s product.

Intellectual property rights

Also, as there is a lot of scheming and fraud that governments and private companies have to develop protection for in a form of copyrights and patents, intellectual property rights and ethical considerations will be examined. Not only are there ownership rights for products and physical property but also, for ideas and potential goals, plans and strategies. An idea is worth much more than the finished product because it is the basis for all production.

But there is also the matter of usage of already existing material and the contracts that are drawn up by companies to make a profit. Often, these contracts come with a pricy tag and are thought to be unfair by people who want to use information available to the public. The environment has become very efficient for opening and operating in Turkey. Because the soil for development is becoming very rich with possibilities, the economy is estimated to grow exponentially.

Tourism, shopping and the culture itself are very alluring to people and potential businesses, so the UAE’s jewelry business would be very much accepted and demanded by the growing economy. The federal capital Abu Dhabi, the center of UAE has a lot of dealings with Turkey, so it would be very progressive to align businesses and establish contracts and ventures (Doing business with the United Arab Emirates, 2006).

Political ideology

Turkey is a unique place that has its own qualities of life and business expectations. ARJMST Jewellery of the UAE is one of the most famous products, thus it must be carefully and legally protected from any illegal copies or idea “borrowing” (ARJMST, 2007).

Even though there are differences present between the two nations, but mutual businesses unite environments and cultures for reciprocal beneficial future. This has led to a significant increase of migrants, who are developing and contributing to the nation. This resulted in the rise of many projects within Turkey, including infrastructure, residential construction, education and manufacture.

It is considered a “rising star” among other countries in Europe, thus the need for patents and proper business conductions has grown geometrically (Dereligil, 2013). The establishment of companies involved in sales and services created opportunities for business to move into the region and expand their success. The communication systems and internet have aided in the coordination of businesses and people’s involvement in small companies and corporations.

Stability of government

Security and stability of the environment have been at a constant increase, as the government is becoming more tolerant and has been implementing policies that help for businesses to be successful. An example would be the taxation system and allowance for specific “zones” where ownership and operation is fully given to the owner of the land. Even though the business seems to be on the rise, there is some instability due to the recent riots.

In 2013, people have been outrage by some of the government’s decisions, and participated in peaceful protests. The police had to disperse the protesters, as people gave the government a scare. In reality, people demanded things similar to those of the “Occupy” movement. Protesters demanded their public properties be kept public, end police violence and give people human rights. This added great instability to the government.

The government welcomes new businesses and has lowered tariffs on the imported goods. The system and administration also protect any investments and ideas, such as trademarks and intellectual property. At the same time, the government has designated for a portion of the profits to be contributed to the budget and development of the local economy (Chaudhry, 2012). The benefits of the general Turkey’s environment and the conditions that the government offers create a strong foundation for business and further expansion.

The constitutional rights and laws that are centered on proper regulation of the society help businesses to prosper. The government has made its regulation one of the major benefits, as it provides the necessary transportation, production, communication and property distribution (Taplin, 2010). Taking its business worldwide, and particularly to Turkey, it must be aware of the local laws and regulations regarding the distribution and sale of products.

The need for agreements and laws that regulate trading and property possession are a necessary attribute of the global economy and businesses. Governments, private corporations, as well as individuals, all participate in the establishment and continuation of fair and respectable trade. Even thought there is minimal difference between classes and incomes, most recently, Turkey and UAE have been considered the land of opportunity where business will prosper.

Type of economic system

Turkey has greatly contributed to the growth in the United Arad Emirates, as the cooperation within businesses is very beneficial for both sides. Turkey’s government welcomes any international partners, especially from friendly and has close relations with the UAE. Establishment of joint ventures and other partnerships have allowed for easier export and import transactions.

Turkey’s finances are becoming stable with loans given by the government, banks and credit companies which have low interest rates, and provide healthy environment for business both domestically and internationally. The policy makers have oriented themselves to allow for more opportunities and more cost efficient trade with companies outside Turkey and European Union. As such, Turkey is a great partner nation that can be especially aligned by people and culture.


The government has played an important role in the progression of business. The time needed for the preparation and process of documents were largely decreased.

The customs have been adjusted to better aid in clearance and technical support, as well as handling of the products and services. It is very much involved in the domestic but also international transportation and handling, in relation to any business. The overall costs and days needed for the transactions have been lowered, so that the businesses have an opportunity to receive significant gain.

The environment in Turkey is thought to be one of the most beneficial, as there are specific laws that observe and support fair trade. People’s rights are one of the necessary aspects of any business and the authorities make sure that everyone abides by the same rules. This enables individuals and business owners to expect certain things and adjust, as well as predict tendencies beforehand which allows for better control and manipulation of the business (Clesse, 2004).


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