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Pro Advertising Company Mission, Vision, Values and Ethics Essay

Business mission, vision, core values

Upon completion of studies, a business in advertising and marketing will be established. The advertising business will be given the name Pro Advertising Company. The company will provide communication and marketing solutions to diverse clients from different backgrounds. The mission of the company will be to build up ideas that develop and sell the brands. Pro Advertising Company’s vision is to receive recognition and reverence as a local company with global ideas through creative ideas.

The company will dwell on a strategy to deliver creative designs that provide adequate solutions in communication. The core values of Pro Advertising Company include high regard to creativity and development of talent. The company values team work and trust. The company will be dedicated to developing and creating communication strategies. Moreover, the company will be actively involved in planning, handling advertisements and promoting brands as designated by the clients.

Ethical issue

Advertisers have a wide range of requirements to consider when developing advertisements. If a company ignores ethical issues, it may end up being deceitful, offensive and cultural distasteful. One of the ethical issues which have caused a dilemma to the public is the seductive advertisement of hazardous products like alcohol and cigarettes.

In the past, advertisements have been blamed for causing people to believe in goods that are not essential. Consequently, consumers ended up buying products they did not want after getting convinced by an advertisement. However, nowadays people are more informed and are no longer convinced to buy goods or services they do not want. Although entertainment in advertising is important, consumers need to be given captivating advertisements that have truthful information.

Failure to do this, consumers have the right to hold the companies of the brands sold accountable. Consumers are responsible people who need all the necessary information about the goods or services being advertised in order to make informed decisions. Although seduction may cause some consumers to buy, the truth about the product being advertised is what is important to the consumer.

Hazardous substances are a major concern to consumers. Substances considered good have been pronounced hazardous in some cases. The company that produces and the advertising company are accountable in case a product is hazardous. There are legal implications in a situation whereby something is advertised as good whereas it is hazardous. The company has a social responsibility of being honest to avoid such life-threatening cases.

The producer, the advertisers and the consumer have desires. The consumer reasoning is one of perspectives to consider. The producer makes products that consumers need and the advertisers sell the products without observing the hazards. As human beings, people struggle with reasoning and desires.

Advertisers should strive to remain responsible, despite the strong desire to sell products hurriedly in order to make profits. Advertisers have to beware of ethical issues as they create advertisements while remaining interesting and relevant for consumers to purchase the products.

Accountability ensures that better products, truthful information, human dignity and honesty are practiced. It is necessary to recognize that an advertising company has to maintain its integrity, reputation and credibility. It should maintain its accountability while preserving the quality of the advertisements.

Ethical issues have been addressed in different states through legislation. There are clear rules and regulations that have been outlined for advertising companies to observe. They stipulate what can be advertised and to whom. Pro Advertising Company will adhere to ethical issues and remain neutral.

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