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“Winning” by Welch Essay (Book Review)

The book “winning” is an all-inclusive guide targeting all the aspect of any business. The author emphasizes on the importance of being the pace maker in a particular business discipline. This book gives business managers, owners, average employees and associates advice on how to relate amongst themselves in order to create a conducive environment for business growth and stability.

Welch illustrate with mild and reasonably balanced opinions on how to create a better business environment for the business community, which puts a particular business establishment at the top of the performance gauge without compromising any party’s stake and comfort. The book illustrates various practices and regimes that have been the recipe for some of American companies’ cause of success, and other practices and moves that have brought about downfall and crippling of some businesses beyond redemption.

Welch does not draw any strict lines in business and even continues to say that business is a game with a dynamic range of maneuvers and moves. The author insists that there are no definite governing principles in business, but principles that largely apply rationality and balance are most appropriate. Welch describes the techniques that an individual in business must adopt despite their seemingly contradicting nature. Welch outlines areas that require strict practice and those that require liberal thinking and flexibility (Welch and Suzy, 2).

The book emphasizes the importance of business ethics for business survival. In addition to ethics, the book shows the need for focus as an important accessory to all employees’ ethics in order to thrive. The author has succeeded in presenting a non-radical stance while engaging in highly effective competitive business practices. A mission statement coupled with a plan on how to achieve the objective of that mission is a crucial ingredient for realizing success.

Every company employee or an affiliate of the company should be subconsciously aware of the organizations targets and goals in order to chart a common route and direction to achievement. Customers as affiliates of the company should be treated in a liberal and free atmosphere in order to create a sense of belonging. Taking advantage of the customer’s vulnerability or difficult situation has been cited as the undoing of some companies resulting in their instability and eventual collapse.

Enron Corp and General Electric (GE) have been discussed as examples of companies that through contrasting ethics realized different endings in their businesses. Quick profit making moves are not always the best and may not provide stable and lasting business architecture. However, practices such as candor are allowed to a moderate extent to facilitate success. This practice of being friendly to customers and business associates has an enigmatic ethical standing but is a necessary practice.

Although specialization has often been viewed as unfair, it has been recommended as a means of getting rid of business sectors that perform poorly, and encourage faster growth. Leadership is an important responsibility in a business organization according to the book.

Leaders are advised to have qualities such as openness, transparency, candor, ability to stand their ground however unpopular, and the courage to make unbiased decisions for the sake of the organization. Implementing new ideas is an advisable norm for managers. These ideas may be implemented from within the company, and require the managers to be more enterprising.

The hiring process, according to Welch, is a challenging task and a lot should be invested in it to ensure that those hired are of upright morals and have the required skills, knowledge and discipline. Human resource management is crucial to the success of any organization (Collings 5).The author continues to point out that new employees should be subjected to a fair system of management and should be motivated in order to get maximum value out of them.

Motivation can be achieved through techniques that are not necessarily monetary based (Lawler 60). The author advises that a serious approach should be applied in problem solving. Although a business manager should be optimistic, he or she should have an open mind concerning the possible outcomes of a crisis. Welch say that careful planning is always a good strategy for the business advancement.

Maximizing gains and limiting risks are important factors to consider in drawing out a healthy budget for the business. However, too much caution is discouraged as unhealthy and calculated investments are deemed important. Welch encourages people to find good jobs where they can fit in. This does not necessarily mean the most paying job, but the one, which fits the individual’s passion and ideal job model. The balance between life and work is encouraged by the book.

An individual should be assertive and able to work within the scope of his or her responsibilities. In addition, the author advises on how to get along with superiors. Good relationship with superiors, while maintaining satisfactory results at work and a balanced life, are necessary. The author of “winning” has also managed to lay down fundamental practices necessary for any business to succeed and accomplish its mission while maintaining clean moral and ethical record.

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