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Business plan for Star Fitness Center. Report (Assessment)

Executive Summary

Star Fitness Center is a facility that will offer fitness program. It will be equipped with modern technology and trained coaches to assist clients meet their fitness needs. It has specialized fitness programs for the different people of different ages with different needs.

Star Fitness Center will be located in California. Those living and working in the city will have the opportunity to use the facility that is equipped with the latest technology for body fitness. Star Fitness Center goal is to making fitness a lifestyle for the community.

The company has highly qualified trainers who assist the client gain fitness. They assist the client to use the facility to attain maximum benefit by assigning the best equipments. The programs are different and progress from one level to another.

Clients are assisted to gain cardiovascular fitness, balance, swiftness, flexibility, accuracy, strength, resistance, alertness and power. Basic training proceeds before the client is placed in a group. The client learns every time they come for the fitness program. The clients are supported to attain fitness, lose weight and build muscles.

The company will offer free training at parks, sponsor sports and join clubs in the community. The company will use the website for advertising, blogging and accessing interactive social networks. It will advertise on bill boards and make flyers. The website will be used to inform members and others on services available and allow on line booking. The company has daily, monthly and annual packages as well as discount for the companies.

The company management will be hierarchical. All employees must be trained and certified. More employees will be hired as the company experiences growth. Ethics will be followed. The company wishes to get credit to purchase the facility and equipment. The credit will be settled in four years. The company targets a membership of 70 clients by the end of the first year and 400 clients at the end of six years.

Star Fitness Center will register with the secretary of state and have a confidentiality agreement with the partners. The company plans to open other centers and expand the facilities to neighboring states.


According to Schwimmer et al (2003, p. 1814), the number of people suffering from fitness related illnesses has increased. A large number of them have been advised to engage in fitness activities. The cost of treating the illnesses is high and can be prevented. More and more people have gained interest in fitness activities. Singh and McMahan (2006, p. 209) argue that people are likely to perform well if they engage in fitness activities.

People who are likely to join are young adults and the working class. Others who are likely to use the facilities are the residents. The special groups are the pregnant mothers and people with medical problems like heart problems. The fitness program will also appeal to the youth and young children to join. Training for different groups depending on age and needs will be offered.

The main focus of the company is to ensure that the services offered have an impact on the clients. The experienced expertise train on fitness in the following areas: balance, cardiovascular fitness, accuracy, swiftness, resistance, flexibility, alertness, strength and power.

Depending on health and desire, clients will move from simple to more complex exercises. Besides assisting the clients meet their needs in the gym, Star Fitness Center will encourage the clients to make fitness a lifestyle and make it enjoyable.

The owners of the company have a passion for fitness. Besides the desire to make an income from the facility, the owners are committed to ensuring that the facility is of great help to the neighboring community. They will ensure that the company shares adequate dividends and pays off the loan within the stated period.

California has a number of competitors. The competitors include San Simeon California Gym, California WOE Xperince, California Fitness Hong Kong among others. The competitors have established their businesses and have a wide range of services that can be classified as generalized. Star Fitness Center aims at making the fitness program individualized and specialized for groups.

The goal of Star Fitness Center is to enable the community make fitness a lifestyle. The objective of the company is to increase its membership by around 70 members in a year and have a membership of 400 clients in six years. The company plans to begin operation in January, 2012.

Company and product plan

Star Fitness Center is a centre for comprehensive fitness for diverse people. The company program will cover the needs of growing children, youths and the old people. The program has services for the special groups like antenatal and postnatal mothers and patients with special needs. Fitness based on exercise will be achieved with the use of expertise and the latest modern technology. This company will be located in California.

Star Fitness Center has designed fitness program that will enable different individuals to attain fitness. The program involves highly qualified and experienced coaches and modern equipment. The program has different sessions at a convenient time for different clients. Moreover, special programs are offered according to individual needs.

Star Fitness Center groups individuals so that they can exercise as teams and make the exercise enjoyable. The groups encourage social relationships which in turn make the participants exercise on daily basis.

Training can be given at different levels. Training on the appropriate diet, strategies on weight loss, building muscles and on injuries will be made available. Depending on the goals, the individual will be assisted to attain fitness.

There will be levels of training depending on the needs. The beginners will be given basic training and then progress with complex levels. The fitness programs will help people live healthily, reduce weight and build muscles. Moreover, it will also be a social place where people can interact and share experiences after they are grouped.

Health is important and even before engaging in some of the fitness program the client will provide a medical certificate. The certificate will enable the coaches to choose together with the client the appropriate program. The certificate is compulsory for the antenatal mothers to avoid any complication during training. The client will be encouraged to learn every time they come to do exercise.

The clients will have individualized training with the qualified coaches. The training will go on from one level to another as long as the client is comfortable. Only after learning and being comfortable with the exercises with the individualized training will the client join a group.

Staffing Plan

The company will adopt a hierarchical order of the organization structure. Mr. Shake and Dr. Matthew will be president and the vice president respectively. Ms. Sherry and Mr. Rom will be in charge of the facility.

The company will have additional management staff after three years or after gaining a membership of 250 clients. The additional staff will assists in marketing, expenditure, exercise among other department that will emerge after growth of the company. There will be permanent employees and employees on contract.

All employees will be required to have the highest level of training. Those who join without will be required to be certified before the end of the first year. The management and the owner will make payments to employees.

The recruitment will be conducted by an external human resource developer. The company seeks to employ both experienced and fairly experienced coaches. Since the coaches are important in providing the services, the company will receive refresher courses from time to time. The company plans to train inexperienced coaches and hire them after they have passed the test.

The company also plans to compensate employees in time and make necessary arrangements that will enable them perform their duties without destructions. The employees will be expected to uphold morals and observe the code of conduct. Disciplinary measures will be taken where the code of conduct and morals are not adhered to.

Marketing strategy

To attract participation, free training will be given in nearby parks for a period of one month. Moreover, corporate organizations that register more than six employees will be given a discount on their first year. Registration for the training will be free for six months. The free training and the discount will be an appropriate avenue to demonstrate the services offered and to spark the interest of more clients.

The company will advertise on the websites. The members of the community will interact in an online blog. They will express their experiences and attract more members. It will also make use of social networks such as twitter and face book to make.

The client will be allowed to choose one of the different modes of training packages. The client can pay daily. The mode is convenient for those who are visiting or working in the city for a few days. The client can choose a monthly package or an annual package.

The company will ensure that the company will constantly have internet access. The clients can learn and register for the ongoing and forthcoming programs. The company can communicate to clients and possible clients via emails on the programs. To win new clients, the company will hold free training in the parks.

The company will take part in charity work and sponsor sport and athletics. The company will also be involved in the local clubs and acquire membership. The company will advertise on bill boards and newspapers. Flyers will be used to circulate information to neighboring colleges and companies.

The clients who choose to have a longer package will have a large discount than those who chose to subscribe to the monthly package. While most of the competitors offer fitness services for a certain time, Star Fitness Center offers individualized training programs for a one time monthly fee of unlimited training. Paying a onetime fee encourages the client to make fitness a lifestyle.

The fitness program takes care of the physical and mental health. The programs guarantee comprehensive exercise for the whole body. They are designed for people of different age groups and patients with diverse health needs. The experiences are varied and are exiting.

The coaching team will be composed of well trained individuals who have experience. The company is interested in coaches who are interested in research. Moreover, coaches are encouraged to keep track of developments in the fitness area. They make a judgment of the safe equipments that can be used. They are also responsible for prescribing the best equipment to meet individual needs.

Special programs will attract different groups. The fitness program for loss of weight will be ideal for women of 25 years old and above who struggle to maintain weight and keep fit. Men can have additional athletics program since many demonstrate interest.

Women enjoy exploring and trying fresh ideas. Women individualized fitness progress will also attract them since the services will be offered at the same price. Women have a tendency to enjoy company are have no problem if they are unable to try out new ideas.

The one year package will encourage many to register and obtain unlimited individualized training. An additional of 70- 100 clients every year will be sufficient to sustain and develop the facility. Our research reveals that many people are interested in fitness.

Some have registered and others are willing to register. Others practice in their homes and have been unable to have tangible outcomes. Consequently, training with professionals and within a group is likely to cause a positive impact on the individual’s health.

Star Fitness Center emphasize on quality of services. The fitness centre will meet the modern standards of practice and equipment. The equipment will be assessed so that they are used appropriately. The client gets to utilize the best equipment in the market to attain and maintain fitness. The company will review the existing equipments to ensure that they are the best and replace them whenever there is a need.

The use of the website will enable clients to communicate effectively with the company. The client will be able to make arrangements for training and choose the best program that suits them. They will also make use of the information available and be able to make appropriate choices.

Star Fitness Center seeks to assist people to overcome the challenges that make people withdraw from going for fitness program after enrolling. The website will make people feel like they are in a large group and give them a sense of belonging.

It will encourage social groups who will play an important role of encouragement and following up. The company will make each program a learning process even for those who have continuously attended to maintain their motivation.

The company is new and may take a while before it becomes a household name. The company plans to give quality services and maintain good relations with the clients. The services are going to be quality and will target people with an income.

The prices are cheaper when compared with private coaching. The challenge is that the market is flooded with competitors who have already been established. The company will insist on making the fitness program exiting and useful.

Fitness practices have shifted from ordinary workouts to group programs. Companies have also initiated fitness programs for their employees. As a result more people can have access and have developed interest to join and practice fitness in a group.

Imitation of programs offered poses a threat to the company. The company recognizes that the economy is deteriorating and clients may be careful with their spending. The company will give affordable prices to clients.

The staff is knowledgeable and is gracious when dealing with the clients. They ensure that the client gains what they desire and devote their energy to give more than the client required. They are full time employees who are devoted to give training at a pace that the client is comfortable with.

Funding strategy

The Star Fitness Center will require $80, 000 credits to purchase the facility. The amount will be enough acquire the equipment and meet advertisement costs. The remaining amount will be used to meet the costs before the company realizes its revenue. The credit will be refunded by the end of four years.

The company target to have 50 clients after six months and 100 clients at the end of the year. The revenue targeted will be $130,000. The target clients are 400 after six years. The company will strive to observe business practices and make a steady growth. The business model seeks to maintain the revenue in forthcoming six years.

Legal and IP strategy

The company will register with the Secretary of State in California. The company will be registered as Star Fitness Center as a limited liability corporation. The company has conducted research on the existing services in the fitness companies to ensure that it is in line with the law concerning IP rights.

The company seeks to conduct an Intellectual Property (IP) audit with an aim of identifying the most important assets of the company. The creative ideas and information will not be shared. The company will monitor the company creative ideas and information to avoid infringement.

The company will contact a lawyer if the IP rights are breached. In case there is partnership in carrying out field research with another company, the ownership of IP will be clearly stated. The company has also made arrangements with its partners to ensure that secrets are not exposed.

The partners have signed a confidentiality agreement. The company plans to patent before the ideas are taken over by a competitor. The company has also ensured the trademark and its name are unique. The company owners are Mr. J. Peterson and Mrs. R. C. Pluto.

Growth strategy

The company has made plans to encourage the participation of those working and living in the area. The company targets a membership of 400 clients in four years. The company will extend the discounts to people who register for the fitness training programs as a group.

Star Fitness Center plans to open another facility in other areas to meet the the growing needs. The aim is to bring the facility to a closer location. The company has plans to train tutors and is doing a research in the area. The training will cover fitness program, physical exercises and sports.

Other plans include collaborating with other organizations to offer programs where needed. For instance, a company can contract the services of the tutor to assist them in fitness programs carried on in their organization. Moreover, the company is seeking to become a consultant for fitness program.


Star Fitness Center will reach out to the population living in different locations far away from California. Using the website will help feature the services offered. The company plans to make annual seminars with different themes. The themes will go hand in hand with programs offered like nutrition, workout, physical exercise, weight loss and building muscles. The growth will largely depend on the amount of revenue collected.

Reference List

Schwimmer, J. B., Burwinkle, T. M., and Varni, J. W. 2003. ‘Health-related quality of life of severely obese children and adolescents’. Journal of American Medical Association, 289, 1813-1819.

Singh, S. and McMahan, S. 2006. ‘An Evaluation of the Relationship between Academic Performance and Physical Fitness Measures in California Schools’. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 4, 2, 207-221.

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