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The Genesis Fitness Club Report (Assessment)



The Genesis Fitness Club was started back some years ago in Melbourne with a vision of providing honest and professional services which are superior to other fitness clubs around the country.

Their mission is to offer fitness solutions that are fun, easy, and rewarding in order to achieve the desired results. In its existence, the club has always worked at maintaining a community based culture by supporting the local schools and kindergartens as well as businesses and this has been a pivot towards its growth (Genesis Fitness Club 2011).

A knowledge management system is defined as the way in which a company collects its data, organizes it before distributing it to the reliable parties.

The idea behind a successful knowledge management system is the assumption that each employee, member or a customer from a company should have easy and ready access to the operation details as well as the possible solutions to the problems that may arise (Newman & Conrad 1999). For example a customer should know who to contact when a certain problem arises or when he or she is in need of certain services.

There exists four types of knowledge management systems which are classified according to their characteristics and they are: fragmented, content based, process based and finally the capability based system. Nowadays, companies prefer an integrated knowledge management system due to the advantage that it provides timely solutions for all sorts of problem either emergency or day to day problems (Uriarte 2008).

The Genesis Fitness Club uses the content based knowledge management system whereby, any relevant information that a customer, employee or member may require is easily accessed through the internet in their websites.

With the General Fitness Club having many subsidiaries across every state in Australia, they have developed a website whereby one can easily access the information of any of the General Fitness Clubs around or near him or her. These websites are equipped with any information the customer may require from the attendance charges, membership fees to the different packages offered by the clubs.

This system serves as an advantage to the club since with all information being easily accessible; it is easier for the clients to contact the General Fitness clubs headquarters armed with information about the enquiry as well as detailed information of what was not covered in their websites.

The use of the website for information management also serve as an advantage since the company expenses due to the reduced number of personnel required as well as expenses required for stationeries and this in return gives the company a chance to provide the services at more friendly rates compared to other competitors in the industry (Donnellan & Bruss 2004).

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis usually provides us with an opportunity in understanding the strongholds of a company, the promising opportunities where the company might increase their investments to gain more revenue. It also show how the company needs to mitigate the effects of the threat from competitors as well work on the weaknesses and change them to strongholds for the club to prosper.


The company works through a results orientated approach by attracting and maintaining customers, this has been done by sometimes offering a 10 day free membership offers: this ensures that the clubs remain operating since revenues are guaranteed from the members who have shown continued loyalty to the club (General Fitness Club Prahran 2011).

Genesis Fitness Club are also armed with a detailed nutrition program where they provide the best eating guidelines for their members to ensure that with a correct meal and the exercises, clients achieve their objectives within the shortest time possible.

They have well trained staffs: The General fitness Stores have staffs that are professionally trained and have a true passion of training the kids, business as well as kids’ needs for their members. By providing all the trained professionals, Green Fitness Centres have proved that they can go way well above in order to ensure their clients are well satisfied (Australian Sports Club 2008).

With the company offering its services through the internet, the company’s online presence gives its members and new customers access to the services they are offering, how much they are charging, the schedules and also the fitness progress. Thus, one does not have to walk to the club centres or make calls since information is easily accessible through the internet (General Fitness Club 2011).

The atmosphere in the General fitness Centres provides fun for all family members since our facilities are best suited for any age bracket irrespective of how fit or how old they are. And finally, the Companies clear vision of providing an honest and professional services superior to other fitness clubs is a clear indication that the company main goal is satisfying the customers to the fullest (McMahon 2011).


There are usually high costs which are associated with customized and personalized services as well as the capital required to purchase the modern equipments and thus the high fees may be a hindrance towards providing our services to those who cannot afford.

There is also the inability by Group Fitness Centres to work on high volume businesses since personal attention is required and investing time on a particular client reduces the time that could be available to serve more people. There are also costs involved in attracting large corporate clients such as employees of a certain company. Such venture would require investing heavily in promotion services.


Benefits Issues
Continued participation with the increasing market growth In the last few years, there has been increased interest by people in joining fitness clubs. The increased appreciation is an opportunity since it will lead to an increased market share resulting in increased revenues.
Internet possibilities With the club websites remaining updated, the club can expand its online stores by offering more services through the internet.
Bonds created by group workouts The clubs offer programs where customers are trained together. In normal circumstances, there will be likelihood for the members of that group to be close and work towards helping each other gaining full fitness thus helping in creating of stronger social bonds (Genesis Fitness Centre 2011).


Increased living standards: With the costs of living rising, there is a likelihood of people being conservative with how they spend their money and this will reduce the revenues the company is gaining from its members.

There is also the threat from other upcoming fitness centres as well as copycat training services centre which might decide to copy the services being offered by General Fitness Centres. This is a major threat to the company but with the national reputation the centres have amassed through out Australia, this effect will not be felt.

Societal transformation where people are likely to be more health sensitive leading to fewer visits to the gym facilities is another major factor that will lead to a decline in revenues gained.

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